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Immigration, Gay Marriage, Foreign Aid - Politicians' War Against The People

Arrogant, greedy, corrupt, self serving and out-of-touch are words and phrases that are frequently employed whenever anyone is asked to give an opinion on the current crop of politicians. To say that there is a disconnect between the people and their representatives would the understatement of the century and it is worth exploring this a little further.

The relationship between governments and the people has, over several decades, altered to the point where politicians and their armies of bureaucrats believe that the people are subject to them and they consider it impertinence and downright insubordination whenever the people question their actions or behavior.

By their collective ignorance, intellectual laziness and predictable voting habits, the people have brought this down upon their own heads but fortunately the wind of change is blowing across the political landscape and the people are slowly awaking from their decades long slumber.

It can be said without fear of contradiction that a political class has arisen across the entire civilised world and embarked upon a transformational agenda of such magnitude they know that people will not give their consent.

This agenda is designed to re-order the nations of the world and engineer the equality of nations, together with giving moral equivalence to cultures, religions and ethnic groups regardless of their evolutionary stage..

This cannot be achieved by raising undeveloped, uncivilized cultures, religions and ethnic groups up to level of the developed world, therefore it is being achieved by deliberately down grading the civilized world to the lowest common denominator of nations.

This will include the redistribution of wealth using any excuse possible, including increasing foreign aid to a percentage of GDP, the transferring industry and technology under the auspices of the UN, to the perverting of science in the name of combating climate change.

If anyone thinks this is an exercise in exaggeration or hyperbole then I challenge them to visit, as an educational example, some of the transformed areas of England, such as Tower Hamlets, Brick Lane or Bethnal Green in the East End of London, the St. Pauls area of Bristol, the Mosside area of Manchester along with any number of towns and villages that are unrecognizable as anything other than the third world.

As far as my research goes, this downgrading is not unique to Great Britain and is occurring right across the developed, civilized world, including the USA, Canada and Australia.

I will, however, restrict this article to Great Britain for reasons of familiarity and take it as read that I am correct in my other assertion unless proved otherwise.

The current Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, is part of the global elite that has been chosen and groomed to impose the transformational agenda on the British people and he is as determined as he is unrepentant.

When he makes a speech or offers a comment on any subject, his view is always in opposition to the will of the people; it is as if he is openly showing his allegiance to the global elite and his utter contempt for the plebeians that inhabit the British Isles.

David Cameron has a sophisticated political machinery at his disposal and this contains some of the most accurate pollsters and political scientists in the game, this includes Lord Ashcroft from his own conservative party. He is well aware of the issues that are of most concern to the British people together with where they stand with reference to them.

On the issue of foreign aid, the British people are as unanimous as it is possible to be. When the country is borrowing over one hundred billion pounds per year and people are struggling to pay their bills, they don't want their money given to China or to space age India or to nuclear armed Pakistan or to kleptocrat African despots.

They also don't want half a billion pounds of their money given to multi-millionaire professionals from the burgeoning foreign aid industry.

Cameron is well aware of this but displays his contempt for the British people by announcing that his biggest single achievement since taking office is the doubling of foreign aid. He is also sending a signal to his colleagues in the global elite that he is meeting their target of 0.7% of GDP.

The British people did not want traditional marriage to be abolished but the global elite were adamant that it should be. Cameron was only too happy to oblige, and in a calculated insult he planned to send his legislators to around the world to help other countries impose homosexual marriage on their people.

And so it goes on, his contempt for the British people and his allegiance to the trendy 'progressive' elite is on display with issues such as 'combating climate change'. He knows the people have woken up to the scam but he continues imposing hardship on the people and wrecking the British economy in the process.

On the issue of surrendering sovereignty to the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable bureaucrats of the European Union he is again at odds with the people.

Despite describing himself as Eurosceptic, Cameron "firmly believes" that Britain should remain shackled to this failing corrupt abomination that was conceived by bureaucrats, in the interests of bureaucrats and for the benefit of bureaucrats.

The latest in a long line of corruption scandals in the British Parliament has demonstrated Cameron's willingness to set aside the rule of law in order to protect one of his own. Maria Miller, the Secretary of State at the Orwellian Department of Culture, Media and Sport, willfully stole from the British public to line her own pocket.

Despite calls for her sacking by the vast majority of the British people, Cameron is giving her his "warm support".

Apart from a minority of 'progressives' and self loathers the British people are against the pernicious human rights laws that are preventing the removal of undesirables from the country no matter how heinous their crimes. The politicians know this is the case but refuse to act in the interests of the people but acquiesce instead to the global elite.

The one issue that unites the majority of the British in opposition to the political class is open border mass immigration. This is the issue that has caused so much damage to Great Britain, its economy, its communities and its way of life.

This is also the issue that the political class are determined to persevere with in order to meet their obligation of downgrading Great Britain to third world status.

This is the issue where politicians spin, obfuscate, lie, smear, threaten with prosecution and generally browbeat the people with political correctness into submission.

Being the calculating liars that politicians are, they paint a picture of Great Britain as a peaceful, multi-cultural nirvana, where all the different cultures and ethnic groups live side by side in perfect harmony with mutual respect for each other.

If there is any animosity then it is blamed on the white indigenous people, who are painted as nothing more than intolerant bigots who display an inherent capacity for racism.

The reality is somewhat different and it is on display for all to see should they follow the news or take the time to go and look for themselves.

Great Britain is divided into semi-autonomous, mono-cultural, welfare addicted, crime ridden ghettos where, as in some areas, the Queens writ no longer applies. The law is applied selectively or ignored entirely depending on cultural requirements, except in areas populated by the indigenous people.

The leaders of the three legacy parties, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Red Ed Miliband speak as one in support of mass immigration and never miss an opportunity to proclaim the economic benefits of this disaster or the enrichment it has brought to their lives.

None of these three live in the areas that are blighted by Muslim paedophile gangs, Islamic Jihadi's, Jamaican Yardie gangs, Chinese Triads, East European street gangs, Romanian gypsies, drug gangs, turf wars, beggars, pickpockets, burglars, foreign rapists and murderers, yet they expect the British to endure this without complaint and consider it to be culturally enriching.

As mentioned earlier the British people are slowly awakening from their slumber and they are starting to hold the political class to account. The rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is spreading panic among the Westminster bubble and those that facilitate the corruption and criminality that passes for politics in Great Britain.

With elections imminent the smear machines are cranking up to full speed and the insults are flowing thick and fast. Cameron himself has previously insulted millions of supporters, including the thousands who have switched their allegiance from his supposedly detoxified conservative party to UKIP, by referring to them as "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists".

His party has further alienated the British people, and further marginalized the Muslim community, when the insult was repeated by the over promoted and utterly useless, Baroness Warsi.

She lumbers under the title of Minister for Faith and Communities and must realize that she is in government not because of any skills or achievements but because she is not white, a woman and a Muslim.

Warsi has a habit of using the smear "far right" when anyone has the temerity to question open border mass immigration or the myth of a multi-cultural society.

The reaction to the two televised debates between UKIP leader Nigel Farage and the Liberal Democrat party leader, Nick Clegg, demonstrated convincingly that the British people are on the march toward wresting their country back from the career politicians and bureaucrats who have done so much damage to the people and the British way of life.

Mr Farage demolished the arguments of the man who people now acknowledge is a potty trained European Union fanatic. Great Britain hater, Nick Clegg, represents all that is deceitful in a political order that hails from a tiny elite of professional like minded 'progressives' that believe their world view is the one that should be imposed on the people whether they agree or not. .

Hopefully along with Cameron, Red Ed Miliband and the rest of the political elite, Clegg will be unceremoniously dispatched by the people of Sheffield Hallam, into the dustbin of history where he so rightly belongs.


I am off on a mini tour around South Wales to see the lie of the political landscape and maybe, at great risk to myself, indulge in a little electioneering for any anti-socialist, pro-British causes.

Blogging may possibly be sporadic but I hope to update Facebook where I can. I will also be visiting Middlesex and Surrey to imbibe some of the worlds best ales.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mammoth EU-Africa Summit - Failed Superstate's Desperate Attempt To Stop China

The one thing that politicians and bureaucrats love most of all is a summit meeting; topics are irrelevant so long as the world's media are present and the taxpayers are picking up the bill.  If ever a politician or a bureaucrat goes missing the chances are they'll be found in some expensive location attending a summit.

The sheer number of summits for our representatives to attend is mind boggling.  There's the UN, NATO, G20, G8, Commonwealth Heads of Government, WTO from Doha to Cancun,  EU Foreign Ministers, The Earth summit, Climate Change summits, Bilderberg conferences, to name but a few.

Apart from dining on the best cuisine our money can buy, what goes on at these summits is a mystery. All the taxpaying public get for their money is a photo opportunity, where publicity conscious politicians elbow each other to stand next to President Obama or Angela Merkel, and a joint communique which says nothing of consequence.

Life carries on after a summit meeting much as it did before, the only difference appears to be a few extra pounds added to the weight of each attendee and a few extra pounds subtracted from the purses and wallets of the hard pressed taxpayers.

One also has to bear in mind that prior to these summits, lesser politicians and bureaucrats from participant countries have met up multiple times, at great cost to the taxpayer, in order to set up the whole jamboree in the first place.

One of the biggest summit meetings in history is taking place at the moment in Brussels, where some seventy politicians and bureaucrats will attend the mammoth European Union-Africa summit. This has supposedly been convened to improve political and economic ties between the EU and Africa with an emphasis on development aid, climate change and migration.

In reality this particular summit is a desperate attempt by the EU bureaucrats to stop dynamic countries with growing economies such as China, India and Brazil from replacing the collapsing economies of the stagnant, out of date EU with respect to development in Africa.

Incidentally, an agenda like this should send shivers down the spine of every taxpayer in Great Britain and Germany as this is the sort of trendy, ego massaging nonsense that the politicians love to wallow in, especially when it involves publicly promising to give away more taxpayers money. (The rest of the EU countries are too bankrupt to make a meaningful contribution)

The summit itself didn't get off to a very good start when Zimbabwe's long time tyrant, Robert Mugabe, suggested a boycott which didn't materialize - he failed to attend anyway because his notorious shopaholic wife Grace was refused a visa.

South Africa's erratic corruptocrat, Jacob Zuma, also refused to attend using the excuse that he was too busy. It would appear that looting the Treasury and stealing money destined for development aid in order to renovate his personal mansion, is obviously a time consuming business.

Also in non attendance was Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir on account that he is wanted for war crimes and would be liable to arrest the moment he steps off the plane.

Among those who are attending the summit are Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta, who us currently under indictment at the International Criminal Court.

Also in attendance are Nigerian corruptocrat Goodluck Jonathan, the long term Ugandan despot and gay hater, Yoweri  Museveni and a boat load of other unsavoury characters who routinely loot, pillage, starve and generally oppress the unfortunate people of Africa.

More attendees here.

Why UN Secretary General, Ban Ki moon is attending is a mystery for the simple reason that his organization is crippled by inefficiency, incompetence, anti semitism and corruption.

The sole function of the UN at this point in its history is to provide a platform for every anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist totalitarian nut case on the planet.

The reason that African leaders love the UN so much cannot be based on its performance with respect to their continent. It has spectacularly failed to stop  wars, including civil wars, genocide, famine, mutilations, torture, rape, murder, kidnapping for child soldiers, together with the widespread looting of aid money and natural resources.

Apart from indulging in another taxpayer funded junket and taking the opportunity to polish their 'progressive' compassionate credentials on the world stage, the stark fact is that despite the outpouring of positive propaganda, the European Union is a complete and utter failure.

The Soviet Union type command and control of all aspects of political, economic and personal life by a bloated unaccountable bureaucracy is out of date. The EU today is stuffed to the gunwales with time expired politicians and career bureaucrats who's only function is to churn out ever increasing amounts of regulations that strangle economic growth and job creation.

Due to the inbuilt inefficiencies and corruption of self serving bureaucracies, they require ever increasing amounts of money just to service themselves. There is no extra benefit to the taxpayer for the ever increasing contributions, only more regulations requiring more bureaucrats.

Using free enterprise principles, the dynamic economies of China, India and Brazil are catching up and overtaking the moribund EU and slowly replacing it as a dominant force on the geopolitical stage. Africa is in the process of disengaging from its former colonial masters and realigning itself with the up and coming power houses of Asia and Brazil.

In a 2012 paper, the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) was forced to admit that the relationship between Africa and the EU is changing, noting that Africa is on the rise while the EU is on the wane.

This paper highlights the outdated attitudes of the EU towards Africa and the changing attitude of Africans to development, they are now focusing on trade and investment instead of monetary aid.

Informed people have been warning for decades that pouring endless sums of aid money into Africa will not cure the problems that have blighted the continent since the end of the colonial era.

Trillions have been pumped into Africa in the decades since de-colonization and the situation of the people has got increasingly worse.

Award winning Zambian economist, Dambisa Moyo will know more about the damage aid does to the African people than any European Union bureaucrat, publicity seeking Hollywood actor or ageing celebrity rock star.

She explains it all in her book Dead Aid.

Dambisa Moyo also accurately predicted America's descent into socialism.

Unscrupulous vested interests that benefit from the aid industry have always framed the debate on development aid including the use of harrowing images of starving children to ensure that emotion and hand wringing replaces common sense and logic.

The multi-millionaire aid industry professionals, along with publicity seeking celebrities and agenda driven politicians, are responsible for prolonging misery, disease and death across the African continent, either to appease their white mans guilt or to further their own selfish ends.

It's worth quoting from this report as it not only highlights the changing attitudes of African nations  to development through investment and trade as opposed to monetary aid, but it also exposes the real reason for this mammoth summit.

With reference to the EU and Africa:

"The marked reversal of roles between the two continents is a good starting point. Many African countries are experiencing unprecedented economic growth, with a booming natural resources sector and growing markets. Europe meanwhile, is struggling with financial crisis, soaring debt, budget cuts and widespread euro-skepticism".

The wind of change is blowing across Africa but the mindset of the out of date Brussels bureaucrats is too fixed in their anachronistic ideology to understand and adjust accordingly.

"This trend is reinforced by new development partners, such as India, China and Brazil, promoting new kinds of relationships that prioritise trade, investment and geopolitics over official development assistance (ODA)."

This quote confirms what the realists have been saying for years only for them to be derided and smeared with accusations of cruelty, racism and lack of compassion.

"Many African countries' attitudes towards development assistance have changed as well. Rather than relying on ODA, African countries are actively developing other policies and methods to insure economic growth.  Domestic resource mobilization, innovative ways to secure national and regional financing and utilization of the resource boom for wider development are examples of new ideas that call for rethinking the role of aid."

EU politicians and bureaucrats are unable to rethink the role of aid because they have committed themselves to giving away 0.7% of GDP whether recipient countries need it or not.

"The game has thus truly changed.
...West African countries led by Nigeria refused to open their economies to free trade with the European Union.
One report says negotiations over the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) stalled two years ago after countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) resisted lifting tariff barriers over fears they could crush nascent industries unable to cope with European imports."

The Eurocrats still maintain that using collective bargaining clout to secure global trade deals is an advantage of EU membership. Obviously not in the case of ECOWAS. Great Britain could have secured an independent trade deal had it not been shackled to the EU dead horse.

"The EU should learn from this episode.  The bloc, on the other hand, should disabuse itself of delusions of grandeur, because it's greatness is well and truly gone and the wealth accumulated by theft and plunder is fast diminishing.   (Ouch! That's a home truth).

"Europe can only be poorer; less powerful.  The other point concerns the shifting power and economic dynamics with the rise of new players fronted by China."

The truth is there for all to see but the Eurocrats dedication to the United States of Europe project will always take priority over reality and the well being of the peoples of Europe.

"Statistics indicate that China's trade with Africa jumped from US$10 billion in 2000 to an estimated US$200 billion in 2013 and in the process overtook the United States as Africa's largest trading partner."

The rest of this eye opening article is here.

It should be accepted that it's all over for European Union and no amount of summit meetings with their promises of ever bigger sums of taxpayer money will alter the fact. The colonial age and its aftermath is over and done with.  Africa is moving on and realigning itself with dynamic countries and their growing economies; the EU bureaucracy had better get used to it.

As the western countries concentrate on imposing their Marxist inspired 'progressive' agendas on their reluctant populations, Africa and the developing world are moving on and it won't be too long before their global positions are reversed.

If events carry on as they are, anyone with an imagination will have some idea of how history will progress from this point.

Resource rich African states using free enterprise principles, and guided by China, India and Brazil, will realize their potential and prosper; they will continue to develop and eventually overtake the current developed world.

The so called developed world, including the USA, will continue its descent into self imposed mediocrity where inequality has been erased and everyone will be equally poor and miserable.

While African states and the developing world starts to move ahead, western politicians will continue fiddling their expenses and obsessing about gender neutrality, sexuality, gay rights, women's rights, minority rights, animal's rights, abortion, diversity, community cohesion, cultural sensitivity, multi-culturalism, combating climate change and redistribution of what little wealth there is left.

In conclusion, it must be admitted that the EU is time expired, inefficient, corrupt and totally moribund. A self serving, unelected, bloated bureaucracy stuffed with inexperienced career bureaucrats and retired politicians dedicated to outdated ideologies cannot compete in the new dynamic world.

It is in the peoples interests to bring this monster down and enjoy the blessings that are inherent in freedom and liberty.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Great Britain's Slow Surrender To Islam - Descent Into Oblivion Continues

The adoption of some aspects of Islamic law into its legal system is just one of a multitude of methods employed by the political establishment to reduce Great Britain from one of history's greatest superpowers, who's contribution to civilization is inestimable, into an upper class version of a third world country.

In order to better understand this issue one must first look at the type of person that masquerades as a politician these days together with their Modus Operandi.

Parliamentary representatives and their attendant bureaucrats no longer come from a broad spectrum of people who have spent a lifetime in the real world and who then went on to use that experience for the benefit of society with a period of public service.

Today's political elite hail from the same flawed gene pool who exiled themselves from the real world when they entered party politics straight from school. Regardless of party, they look the same, they talk the same and they all communicate with the public by using centrally issued slogans and sound bites.

As a political class they are indistinguishable from each other and when it comes to the major issues that are of most concern to the British people; they share the same agenda.

All the party leaders and their senior officers are Europhiles who are committed to handing over British sovereignty to the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels and they are all committed to the destruction of the British way of life in favour of a mythical 'multi-cultural society'

In an attempt to make this a fait accompli, the President of the Law society, a Mr. Nicholas Fluck, talks as if its already here. He justified this assault on this historic mainstay of British life by stating that "we live in a diverse, multi-faith, multi-cultural society".

What Mr. Fluck failed to do was enter the multitude of Sharia controlled ghettos that blight our country and inform the Muslim minority of this fact.

The governments Modus Operandi consists of setting a precedent or point of law using spin, deceit, obfuscation and lies.  Once the precedent is established they expand it and slowly increase its scope using stealth and more deceit.

The adoption of Islamic principles into British law is part of a long planned corruption of Great Britain's historic criminal justice system which, in turn, is part of the larger destruction agenda. It is being spun as a minor alteration of little significance but in truth the destructive consequences are enormous and should be resisted.

British law has evolved over centuries from Ethelred the Unready, Alfred the Great and the Magna Carta, to the blind folded Lady Justice with her scales and sword that we have today. Central to the British system is equality under the law for everyone regardless of gender or family status. This is not possible where Islam and its adherents are concerned.

Giving Islam cultural and moral equivalence to the British Judeo-Christian heritage is central to the ethnic cleansing agenda of the political establishment.  Anyone with an iota of intelligence can see that it isn't equivalent and never will be.

Looking at the violent events in today's world it is obvious that Islam and the majority of its adherents are incompatible with western civilization, particularly those civilisations with a Judeo-Christian heritage and moral code.

The majority of Muslims in Great Britain hail from Pakistan where the persecution and killing of Christians is embedded in their culture and legal system. It was the former President of Pakistan, General Musharraf, the supposed ally of the west, who extended the anti-Christian laws to include the death penalty.

Paedophilia is abhorrent in any civilised society but is an accepted practice in Islam. The police, the establishment and the criminal justice system have all ignored this barbaric practice supposedly in the interests of 'cultural sensitivity' and 'community cohesion'.

Great Britain's animal cruelty laws are routinely ignored to facilitate the provision of halal meat.

The political class are desperately trying to promote Islam as a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a few radicals, but this is a calculated deceit and one which doesn't stand up to the slightest scrutiny.

Here is a list of Muslim attacks on Christians around the world that the establishment would rather the British people didn't see.

According to the political establishment, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury,  the adoption of Islam and Sharia law is 'unavoidable' even though there are less than three million Muslims in a country of some sixty five million souls.

In desperation the government are using threats, intimidation, political correctness and the law to silence any critics of Islam and those that expose their policy to make it an acceptable, integral part of British life.

Unsurprisingly, the BBC, despite being publicly funded, acts as a mouthpiece for the government and willingly disseminates its pro Muslim propaganda.  There is no justifiable reason why a government propaganda department should be funded by the people under threat of prosecution and imprisonment.

In conclusion its worth noting that un-homogenizing, cultural replacement and multi-culturalism only travels in one direction, it only applies to the Angloshpere.

Multi-culturalism is touted as being 'progressive' and it is promoted as being desirable and a force for peace, if so then it should apply to all countries, including those in the Middle East and Africa together with China, Japan, Korea or the Indian sub continent.

It is time to redress the balance, therefore in the interests of fairness and reciprocation the British government, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Mr. Nicholas Fluck should insist that Christian legal protections be incorporated into the legal systems of the above mentioned countries.

All mosque building in Great Britain and the west should cease until the slaughter of non Muslims is stopped and churches are built in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Why the government uses Islam and its adherents as a front for their cultural replacement agenda is open to further debate but it must be recognized that if they get their way and continue on this destructive course, the Tigris will indeed flow with much blood.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Offended Immigrant Sues Jeremy Clarkson And Wants BBC To Drop Top Gear

One of the endearing characteristics of the long suffering British people is their placid acceptance of ingrates who have abandoned their home countries to enjoy the benefits of British hospitality then do nothing but complain about the host nation's way of life when it doesn't meet their expectations.

News that a little known Indian actress is suing Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC for a perceived insult to an ethnic group of which she does not belong should come as no surprise to anyone outside of the political correctness industry. It is also beyond obvious why this particular ingrate is taking the action that she is.

To say that Somi Guha's film career is non existent would be an understatement.  When the opportunity arose to make some easy money, and enhance her public profile in the process, she must have thought it was her birthday and Diwali rolled into one. The photograph that was used to front this lawsuit was hardly that of a grossly offended victim of bigotry but more of a failed actress using the best image in her portfolio to attract attention.

The lawsuit itself doesn't smell right. It claims that Ms. Guha has instructed lawyers at the trendy, 'right on' law firm Equal Justice, to sue Clarkson and the BBC for a million pounds.

Firstly, the alleged insult used the word 'slope' which refers to those of East Asian origin such as Japanese, Vietnamese or, as in this case, Burmese - she herself is an Indian therefore there are no grounds for her to be offended.

Secondly, where a little known actress gets the money to instigate a law suit is a mystery. She cannot possibly be offended to the point that she would risk her own treasure unless she was put up to it by a vested interest willing to fill her coffers and raise her public profile in order to censor Jeremy Clarkson.

For her information, Top Gear is one of the most popular programmes on the planet and Jeremy Clarkson one of the most popular presenters. The programme uses laddish or schoolboy humour and everyone knows it is irreverent and non politically correct.  If this is not to Ms. Guha's liking then she shouldn't watch it.

Switching off or changing channels is one of the benefits of living in a free country and it can be achieved using a remote control from the comfort of ones own armchair.

Immigrants demanding that the British people change their way of life and their attitudes in order to accommodate theirs has resulted in any Tom, Dick or Abdul taking action against the very people who gave them sanctuary and the opportunity to enjoy a better life than in their home country.

It is sad to note that oppressive political correctness, 'hate crime' laws and intimidation by organized smear units, prevents the majority of British people from revealing what they really think.  Being a dissenter I refuse to be intimidated by the establishment and I couldn't care less about being prosecuted.

However much I am vilified and accused of being a racist, I am not one;  I just happen to disagree with the current political class about open border mass immigration and I do not believe there is such a thing as a functioning multi-cultural society.

In the interests of community cohesion and cultural enrichment, I will try to help Ms. Guha, and other immigrants, to understand some of the harmless quirks of the British people that they should accept as guests. If they intend to settle in Great Britain they should adopt these little quirks and pass them on to future generations.

We British are self deprecating, we laugh and poke fun at each other, we call each other names and are not offended. We were brought up with a proverb which they should teach their own children:

"Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me".

If you plan to settle in Great Britain I suggest you get used to it - its what we do, its part of our national character, its who we are and no amount of litigation, legislation or whining will change it. If you can't accept it then maybe Great Britain is not the place for you.

Here is a list of names and cat calls where no malice is intended and no offence is taken until the PC police undertook to impose their multi-cultural agenda:

Scottish people - Jocks, Tartan Terrorists, Ginger Mingers, Wife beaters

English people - Limeys (also generic British when abroad), Whinging Poms (By Australians) Stick your f*cking chariots up your a*rse is a quaint Welsh rugby chant.

Welsh people - Taffy's, Pit Boys, Pit Ponies. Morlocks, and my particular favourite, Sheep Sh*ggers.( This is my own ethnic group, I have been called all of these names and worse and never taken offence)

North East English People - Geordies

Liverpool people - Scousers

Then there's Mancs, Brummies, Kentish Men and Men of Kent.

Irish people - Paddy's, Bog Hoppers, Leprechauns, Micks

American people - Yanks, Sceptics ( rhyming slang based on sceptic tank)

Jewish people - Yids or 4x2's ( Rhyming slang again)

Gypsies - Gypos, Pikies and Didicoys for the flower selling variety.

British people never go for a Chinese meal, they always go for a Chinky.

No ethnic group should be surprised or offended if the indigenous British people give them a nickname.

Sledging and name calling on the field of sport is legendary and some of it is hair curling stuff. Listening to what Mohamed Ali called his opponents would send the serially offended running to their lawyers in fits of apoplexy wanting financial compensation for their own hurt feelings.

There are also names, some unflattering, for tall people, short, fat, thin, fast, slow and so on.

One of the more irritating aspects of the serially offended community is their taking of offence on behalf of other people who are not themselves offended. This gives the said community blanket coverage to be permanently offended and therefore an opportunity to impose political correctness, Cultural Marxism to give it its proper name,  and in effect censor unorthodox opinions.

One would have thought that being an Indian, and an actress to boot, she would make sure that her own house was in order before entering someone else's demanding they change their ways.

Bollywood, the world famous Indian film industry is renown for offending and insulting minorities particularly Sikhs and Muslims with women being a particular target.

It is not racist of me to suggest that Ms.Guha return to her native land and sue her socks off to end discrimination against women, lower caste people and immigrants who, incidentally, are only trying to make a living.

One of the most discriminated against minorities are Christians who unjustly make up six percent of India's prison population.

Excuses for Ms.Guha to issue law suits are in abundance in India where discrimination on the basis of gender and caste is legendary. Offensive and insulting names such as Dalit and Harijan are in common usage - Gandhi himself objected to the names, Harijan and Untouchables, being used for his fellow Indian citizens.

Ms. Guha could be offended and sue on behalf of the African community in Mumbai who are on the receiving end of appalling abuse and discrimination. Read the story of Nigerian Sambo Davis here.

Incidentally, referring to an African gentleman as 'Sambo' is taboo and grounds for a law suit so please Ms. Guha, instruct your lawyers to sue away.

The fact is that according to The Hindu newspaper,  Somi Guha's home country is rife with racism, discrimination and name calling so with that in mind I will articulate what the majority of British people are thinking; before you start agitating on your own or a vested interests behalf to change the British people's way of life, you should go back to your own country and put that right first.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stephen Kinnock - Hereditary Socialists, Exclusion And Self Flagelation

Children who partake in destructive behavior toward themselves or others are usually diagnosed as having some disorder or other that requires medication to keep its symptoms under control. When whole communities numbering in the tens of thousands engage in similar destructive behavior there doesn't appear to be any pharmaceutical product on the market that could effect such a cure for so many.

Looking at the imposition of Stephen Kinnock as the next Member of Parliament for the people of Aberavon, one has to wonder what it will take for the people to alter their self harming behavior, even when some relatively minor alterations would have beneficial effects on their own and their children's future.

The circumstances surrounding the appointment of Stephen Kinnock, and the stench of political patronage it has left in its wake, deserves closer examination, as does the patronising attitude of the Labour party's political establishment toward the people of this constituency.

The people of Aberavon are obviously unaware of the destructive nature of their tribal voting habits and also the fact that by turning their constituency into a single party state they are effectively disenfranchising themselves.

The people need to understand that today's politicians are unscrupulous, unprincipled placemen who are trained in the black arts of media manipulation, spinning and lying. They have no interest in democracy or representing the people, their only interest is in their own agenda or that of the vested interest they represent.

Stephen Kinnock is a wealthy career bureaucrat who has achieved little in life using his own personal skills or resources. It would appear that he has trailed along on his parents coat tails benefiting from the power and influence they accumulated while in public office.

He may have been born in Wales but he was brought up in London, went to University in Cambridge then spent his formative years breathing the rarefied air of Brussels. He has had very little to do with Great Britain or its people and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Wales, Aberavon or the working class.

The people of Aberavon are being intellectually lazy by not educating themselves on the motives of the modern day Labour party, nor are they scrutinizing the man who is being dumped on them by an exclusive London based elite of millionaire socialists who have seized control of the Labour movement.

They are incorrectly assuming that this is the same Labour movement that was formed during the industrial revolution. This movement was created by working people with a view to improving the condition of the masses and it was based on the Christian principle of the brotherhood of man.

Today, only four percent of Labour MP's come from the working class with the rest hailing from a wealthy metropolitan elite who have replaced the Christian roots of the party and its mission with a trendy, international 'progressive' agenda.

The powerful inner circle of the working class movement is closed to outsiders, especially working class people, who are deliberately excluded. Any lingering members of the working class in Parliament are powerless curiosities who will be replaced at the next election with elitists such as Stephen Kinnock.

The determination of the current leadership to keep control of the movement in perpetuity can be illustrated by the dynastic attitude to 'safe' seats. The socialist distaste for the hereditary principle is conveniently sidelined as the ruling elite parachute family members into constituencies populated by undiscerning tribal voters.

Apart from the London centric Kinnock, the born and bred Londoner, Hillary Benn, is the fourth generation of the Benn family to become an MP when he was dumped on the undiscerning people of Leeds.

Born and bred Londoner, Jack Dromey, was dumped on the people of Birmingham despite the constituency having an all woman shortlist. Dromey is the husband of senior Labour party stalwart, Harriet Harman. Apparently, their son Harry is on the look out for some dumb voters to represent.

Essex born Jack Straw was dumped in Blackburn and now is son William is being lined up with a 'safe' seat Lancashire.

Welsh Born John Prescott's son David is on the list, as is Tony Blair's son Euan who, despite being born and bred in London, has decided he would like to represent the people of Coventry.

All these prospective candidates have several things in common:

They are all from a wealthy elite.

None of them has ever had a proper job that normal people would consider as work.

None of them know the first thing about the working class, their hopes or their aspirations.

None of them can identify with working class people.

None of them will know anything about the constituency they will be representing nor will they care.

As they pursue their personal agenda, they will maintain the status quo in the constituency. If it is a poor constituency, it will remain poor.

After the last disastrous Labour government left the country bankrupt and transformed beyond recognition, it's a mystery why electors would self flagellate and vote for more of the same.

The people of Aberavon should learn from other tribal voting areas that their loyalty (some have described it as bovine stupidity) will be abused and their interests will not be a priority for Kinnock. They only need to look at the behavior of his parents and the way they treated the people they were supposed to be representing.

The Kinnock family are notorious in British politics for being the first family of troughing - for the uninitiated that means they have a penchant for lining their pockets with tax payers money - and also for being two of the biggest practitioners of socialist hypocrisy on the planet.

The mother of the clan is Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead, formally known as Glenys Kinnock. In complete contradiction to the spin doctors image of a dutiful wife, mother, school teacher and tireless advocate for the poor, she is a ruthless socialist dedicated to spreading her ideology across the planet.

The truth about Glenys Kinnock here.

The patriarch of the clan is Lord Kinnock of Bedwellty, formally know as Neil Kinnock. He is a serial loser who has no qualifications or accomplishments, but through patronage and corruption he made it to the top of the European Union bureaucracy making himself a multi million pound fortune in the process.

It is worth noting that Neil Kinnock was a career socialist politician who never won a general election as leader of the Labour party, he has never held a position in government nor has he any accomplishments or experience in the wealth creating sector. His fortune is made up mostly of taxpayers money he accumulated from lucrative appointments in the EU, his appointment to the House of Lords and sinecures from other contacts he made while in public office.

The truth about Neil Kinnock here.

There must be something in the water in that neck of the woods that separates people from their common sense. In the neighbouring constituency of Neath and Port Talbot, they embarrassed the whole of Wales by electing and re-electing the biggest political charlatan of them all.

The South African coward Peter Hain ran away from his native land, abandoning his comrades to their fate and he now has the temerity to associate himself with the fall of apartheid.

The truth about tribal voting and Peter Hain here and here.

Another tribal voting post here.

The people of Aberavon and other tribal voting areas should do themselves and their country a favour, wake up, learn to think for yourselves and ignore the Labour party elite.

Choose your own candidate from among yourselves, surely there is someone from within your own community that can represent the interests of the people better than a remote elitist who knows nothing about Aberavon or its people and who's only interest is the agenda of the international elite and their vested interests.   

Saturday, March 22, 2014

For The European Union To Live Great Britain Must Die - The End Is Nigh Part III

It seems that whenever a British politician wants to get their name in the papers or their face on the television news bulletins all they have to do is propose something that is in the interest of the British people - they don't have to actually carry it out, just a mere mention is usually enough to trigger a chastising response from whatever European bureaucrat is policing British dissent that particular day.

These Eurocrats ought to know by now that all of these proposals are false promises that are made to appease the people's anger at the latest destructive EU diktat or a ploy to gain their votes at election time.

They should also know that the British political leadership are just as committed to 'ever closer union' and the federal superstate as they are, but it still makes them queasy when they see politicians reacting to the wishes of the people even though they know its all lies and bluster.

It's a measure of how much sovereignty the British political class has surrendered when not just the big hitters of the EU such as Angela Merkel, but political pygmies from any two penny nation feel they can lecture the British Prime Minister whenever he mentions anything that might be in the interests of the people he is supposed to be representing.

Who would have thought that a political pygmy named Herman von Rumpuy, an unheard of bureaucrat from a non entity of a country like Belgium, would tell the people of Great Britain that their country is finished as an independent nation state?

And who would have thought that Jose Manuel Barrosso, a self confessed Maoist from a bankrupt backwater like Portugal would threaten the British people with war if they left the EU?

Then there's Laszio Andros, a Hungarian communist apparatchik, who called the British people prejudiced and xenophobic because they don't want the services that they have paid for with their taxes, overrun by economic migrants from countries that were made destitute by Soviet communism.

Joining the queue to lecture the British people are Viviane Reding from tiny Luxembourg, Ollie Rhen from Finland, Mark Rutte from Holland and even some chap called Aligurdus Balevioius from Lithuania.

(See a previous post on these interfering nobody's here)

It is worth noting that all these bureaucrats  have two things in common:

a) None of them have been elected - they are all appointed by their fellow bureaucrats to positions of power and they cannot be removed by the people no matter how destructive they are or no matter what damage they may inflict.

b) They all want to see Great Britain de-homogenized and reduced to a multi-cultural province of the United States of Europe.

Any visitor or tourist to Great Britain will see that its culture and its unique way of life are being systematically destroyed at the behest of the supranational 'progressive' elite, led by these aforementioned bureaucrats of European Union and others from elsewhere, including the UN.

(This is undeniable as a visit to any village, town or city will attest - in some areas the indigenous population have been totally replaced and they are now unrecognizable as parts of Great Britain)

This raises a couple of questions upon which the survival of the British nation and its way of life now depends:

Great Britain has a population of some sixty two million, which is nothing compared to the EU population of over five hundred million, so why is it so important to the Eurocrats that Great Britain be destroyed in this manner? 

Notwithstanding the sixty million pounds of taxpayers money per day they purloin to finance their thievery and corruption, surely the EU would be better off without the destabilizing influence of the British, so why not let them go and rot on their tiny windswept island?

Looking at the recent events in Europe and taking into account British history, it doesn't require a great leap of imagination to understand why an independent, sovereign, homogeneous Great Britain poses such a threat to a post democratic United States of Europe.

The evidence is there for all to see - it cannot be denied that for the nations of Europe, excluding Germany, the EU has been an unmitigated disaster and for those in the Eurozone even more so. Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Ireland have lost their sovereignty altogether. Their right to self determination  has been removed and replaced by a government of appointed European bureaucrats.

Imagine what the effect would be on the poverty stricken unfortunates of the EU when they look at a prosperous people who are free from the stifling shackles of an immovable bureaucracy, enjoying the blessings of liberty just twenty two miles across the English Channel.

This would be destabilizing in the extreme and would invariably lead to liberation movements demanding a return of their sovereignty together with their democracies and their currencies.

The argument that the British people's well being depends on being shackled to a stifling Soviet style bureaucracy who's share of global prosperity is shrinking year on year, is complete and utter nonsense.

Bureaucracies by their very nature grow like an amoeba and spread like a disease until they have replaced individual liberty and decision making, this results in a degradation of every aspect of peoples lives.

Everything from energy usage, to rubbish collection to serving olive oil on restaurant tables is controlled by faceless EU bureaucrats who, incidentally, are some of the highest paid in the world.

The calculating despots and the anti-democratic dreamers who initiated the replacement of independent nation states with a federal superstate failed to take into account the nature and history of the British people.

Most of the countries that make up the EU have been conquered or dominated at some point in their recent histories;  despite numerous attempts, and sometimes against insurmountable odds, the British have not suffered such a setback since the Norman invasion of 1066. The British people do not like to be dominated in their native land and they cherish their freedom and independence.

Listening to some Europeans, German socialist leader Martin Schultz springs to mind, it is obvious that they harbor some envy and more than a little resentment at this history and the attitude it has begat. They would dearly love to see the British people taken down a peg or two for reasons of revenge as well as for the furthering of their federalist agenda.

I will agree with General de Gaulle who, when justifying his constant refusals to allow Great Britain to join the then Common Market, intimated correctly that British eyes cannot look inward to Europe, by their very nature they will always be looking across the wider oceans. Truer words were never spoken by a Frenchman.

An independent, free, prosperous nation trading with the world and at ease with itself will be too big a contrast to the miserable, impoverished citizens of a Soviet style superstate who's access to the freedom restoring instruments of democracy will have been removed.

For a United States of Europe to exist, Great Britain with its culture and its way of life must be destroyed, there cannot be both, it is one or the other. This is why every politician, every lobbyist and every charlatan with a vested interest clamps down hard the minute the British people stir from their slumber and force their politicians to make anti-EU noises.

At this point in history the Eurocrats are in the ascendancy and they have the ability to mobilise tremendous human and financial resources to fight for an end to British independence.

The people have the power to take their country back but whether they have the stamina and will to do so remains to be seen.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Putin v The West - The KGB v The PR Department. We Reap What We Sow

As events in the Ukraine and Crimea unfold it is becoming increasingly obvious that the western leaders are not just being out maneuvered by Russia's Vladimir Putin but they are being shown up for what they actually are, media created PR men with no experience in the real world in which we the people abide.

Just a tertiary glance at the backgrounds, experience and accomplishments of the current western leaders reveals weaknesses that any self respecting tyrant in search of his country's lost glory would be a fool to pass up.

It goes without saying that the fearsome reputation of the KGB is well deserved and therefore anyone who leads this organization is by nature ruthless and single minded - in addition, any KGB leader will be well versed in international affairs and a master of strategy.

Vladimir Putin meets these criteria in abundance and in addition he has acquired a degree of Public Relations and media management skills that matches those on which his western foes are totally reliant.

Here is the public face of Putin that the world sees, flip through and enjoy.

While a young Putin was honing his skills in the KGB, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was behaving like the upper class twit that he is by attending raves and wrecking restaurants as a member of the exclusive Bullington Club. After his exclusive education he spent a couple of years as a PR man for a failed television company before taking his leave of the real world by entering the closed, incestuous world of party politics.

His supposed successor, George Osborne, who is the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, was also an upper class Bullington Club twit but apparently he did gain some real world experience prior to entering party politics by enjoying cocaine fuelled sessions with dominatrix Natalie Rowe.

Here are the public faces of David Cameron and George Osborne. Please try not to laugh.

Here's George and Natalie.

Barack Obama, the current leader of the free world and Commander in Chief' of the mightiest military machine on the planet, spent his formative years smoking dope and spending his time with Marxist professors before taking up a career in community organizing. President Obama spent his formative years in Indonesia, Hawaii and the Peoples Republic of Chicago.

The last G8 was a classic example of  the mentality of Cameron and his PR men, the manufactured charade of a tieless, down to earth summit was so contrived and phony it was an embarrassment for the people of Great Britain.

One would think that the European Union which prides itself on having the political clout of nearly five hundred million people would have Putin quaking in his kerenky and scurrying back to Moscow.

Who wouldn't be worried with the EU's High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President if the European Union Commission beating a path to his door?

Vladimir Putin that's who. If the overtly pompous job title isn't enough to split ones side with laughter then the holder will most definitely cause a severe laceration.

The Right Honourable Baroness Ashton of Upholland is the official cover name for Cathy Ashton, a former hippy, serial supporter of left wing causes and the ultimate career bureaucrat. She has never held a proper job nor has she ever been elected to anything. She is one of the highest paid apparatchiks on earth and wields enormous political power, but sadly, in this new post democratic age, she has  been appointed and cannot be removed by the people no matter how destructive and incompetent she may be.

Here's the Baroness on the campaign trail.

One has to remember that Ashton was a Vice Chairperson and treasurer of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament which agitated for unilateral nuclear disarmament at the height of the Cold War. It is now coming to light that she accepted funding for her traitorous organization from the Soviet Union and they adopted the campaign slogan, "Better Red Than Dead".

More on the Baroness here.

Faced with this cast of characters and their priorities, is it any wonder that Vladimir Putin, who is desperate to return Russia to its former glory and influence, is behaving the way he is?

While Putin is running rampant around the globe and running rings around the western leaders, what exactly are their priorities?

State mandated equality and fairness is high on the agenda of both countries together with a plethora of trendy, bleeding heart, hand wringing, guilt ridden 'progressive' nonsense, designed to make the political class feel good about themselves and help them display their compassionate credentials on the world stage.

Other priorities include:

Minimum wage, soon to become Living wage.

Ensnaring more people into welfare dependency and entitlement addiction.

Imposing multi-culturalism via mass immigration and amnesty.

Downgrading the military and erasing their traditions and history. In the case of the USA, this includes feminizing as much as possible to ensure gender neutrality and gay friendliness.

Putting homosexuals on a pedestal, firstly with equal rights then with special rights and now with extra rights. This must be the most pampered minority group on earth bearing in mind their small numbers.

Wrecking traditional marriage and family life

Eradicating the western Judeo-Christian values and its moral compass and giving medieval death cults such as Islam, moral equivalence.

Impoverishing their respective peoples with spending, taxing, borrowing and debt for generations to come.

The list goes on and the longer it does the more Putin, and all the other enemies of the west, are emboldened. Unless something drastic happens and the people wake up to the danger, the west is doomed.

President Putin on western decline, read this and weep.

We the people are to blame - we've known for many years that the political class are out of control and treating us with contempt.

In Great Britain we know that the leaders of the three main parties share an identical agenda on the main issues. They are as one. We know that David Cameron, Nick Clegg and David Miliband hail from a remote elite with no affiliation with the people they are supposed to represent.

The same goes for President Obama.  Everyone knows he is a media created impostor and even when his first term turned out to be a disaster they fell for his spin a second time. The danger now is that like Great Britain, being lied to will be become a normal part of political discourse allowing politicians to get away with destructive policies and outright corruption.

As well as we the people, President Putin knows they are all media creations who are trained in the arts of media management, spin, deceit and lying and unlike Putin, we fall for their propaganda every time. The people are easily seduced with promises the politicians know they will not keep and we will lose our liberties and freedoms to become no better off than the unfortunates of Putin's prison states.

American blogger 90 Miles From Tyranny has put together a gallery of comparisons, well worth a look.

Netanyahu, Putin and Obama at age twenty three.

Vladimir Putin Vs Barack Obama - This is awesome.

Finally just for fun, guess the mystery world leader who would surely have sent Putin back to the Kremlin: Here and here.