Monday, April 20, 2015

British Moral Decay Provides A Haven For Foreign Degenerates

It seems strange that political activists who are passionate about their cause travel half way around the world to impose their agenda on the British people before putting their own house in order first.

My guess is that its isolated position in the southern hemisphere has kept Australia far enough away from the malign influence of  western 'progressivism' that it has managed to hang on, at least in part, to its Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values.

Great Britain's Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values have been gradually eroded away after years of invasive 'progressivism' to the point where every degenerate from Pakistan to Perth feels comfortable enough to push their sexual agenda and indulge in once taboo sexual practices without shame.

'Progressivism' spreads like weeds in a flower bed; if they aren't regularly dug up by the roots and destroyed they will flourish and eventually take over, choking off any flowers that try to bloom.

Great Britain is now an old flower bed where only weeds flourish, where every native flower is strangled from seed and allowed to wither and die.

It's during this current election campaign that Green Party leader, Australian Natalie Bennett, has become a public figure and the extent of her lunacy become more widely known.

Watching her public performances and reading about the policies she wants the British people to adopt one cannot help but form the opinion that this lady is not just slightly unhinged but totally bat shit crazy.
(See her famous car crash BBC interview here)

Watching her public performances holds a morbid fascination akin to that of nineteenth century Londoners who considered watching the ravings of lunatics incarcerated in Bedlam as entertainment.

With hindsight, the recent revelations that her partner, Jim Jepps, holds depraved sexual fantasies should come as no surprise, and it is not a mystery why this lady traveled half way around the world to pursue her delusions on a tiny windswept island in the North Atlantic.

Likewise her fellow antipodean, Patricia Hewitt; she made the long voyage to Great Britain to pursue her deviant sexual agenda which included child sex. She gave her support to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) who campaigned for incest to be decriminalised and the age of consent for sex between adults and children lowered to children as young as ten.

After having been found out she now claims her advocacy for PIE was in error and naive; this stinks of political expediency. Holding the view that "there is no proof that sex between adults and children causes no harm" suggests conviction not error or naivety, as does the claim that 'innocent adults are seduced by children'.

Hewitt took over the safe Labour held constituency of serial child abuser, Greville Janner, who remains in the House of Lords to this day. She made it to the upper echelons of the Labour Party, including Secretary of State for Health. Her career went rapidly downhill when it was revealed she was an expenses cheat and embroiled in corruption via a cash-for-access scheme. This earned her a five year ban from the House of Commons to go along with her ill gotten gains.

No comment about degenerates travelling half way around the world in order to degrade the moral values of Great Britain would be complete without a mention of Australian draft dodger and militant homosexual Peter Tatchell.

Twice selected as a Labour Party candidate for Parliament and twice rejected by the electorate, Tatchell joined his fellow Aussie in the Green Party. He also has campaigned for lowering the age of consent for sex between adults and children.

It is highly likely that these degenerates and their filth would be given short shrift in their native Australia but knew they would be welcome in 'progressive' Great Britain.

Since the 'progressive' movement succeeded in submerging Great Britain's moral compass into a cesspit of vileness and corruption it has become the country of choice for perverts, paedophiles and organised prostitution gangs.

Muslim paedophile gangs, mainly Pakistani, have been allowed to groom, gang rape and then traffic under age white girls with impunity. Paedophiles led by celebrity sub human, Jimmy Savile, abused children on an industrial scale at the BBC and in hospitals across the country with the full knowledge of the authorities.

Eastern European gangs run organised prostitution rackets in Great Britain including child prostitution and people trafficking, also with impunity.

Even the Westminster Parliament is embroiled in a paedophile scandal that is being desperately covered up by the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat establishment to protect their own.

It would be foolish to pretend that Great Britain didn't have minor problems with immorality and sexual promiscuity before the descent into degeneracy but the scale of it today would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago.

The rise of 'progressivism' resulted in the fall of morality and the degradation of standards that had evolved over centuries. Now Great Britain is a magnet for the likes of Bennett, Hewitt, Tatchell, Muslim paedophile gangs and East European prostitute rackets who are prepared to traverse the planet not only to impose their agenda on others but to live out their fantasies in real life.    

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Black Anti Immigrant Violence In South Africa - Multi-Culti Epic Fail

Despite its disastrous effect on every aspect of peoples lives, anyone who merely questions the British government's policy on immigration is immediately smeared with labels such as racist, bigot or xenophobe - with Fascist and Nazi sometimes thrown in for good measure.

However despicable, this is a tactic used by the government and its supporters in their effort to impose a so called 'multi-cultural society' on the British people at the behest of the UN/EU.

With the anti-immigrant rioting by black people in South Africa getting ever more bloody this tactic has become somewhat hypocritical, not that this will bother a shameless political class. More importantly their failure to condemn the rioters using the same labeling blows their self adopted moral superiority clean out of the water.  

Nobody with a grasp of world events over the past half century will be surprised that the predictions of all the non-'progressive' political commentators on the planet have been proved right and the self appointed guardians of morality proved wrong.

When the Marxist orientated political activists and their army of bureaucrats at the United Nations appointed themselves the de facto world government, the well being of the global population would always take second place to their political ideology.

This was no more apparent than in Africa. The world government in New York dictated that white governments were to be replaced by black governments despite the warnings that this would spell disaster for the people.

They wouldn't countenance a  program of educating, and subsequently integrating, suitable people into government over a long period of time, decolonisation had to be achieved at the earliest in order to satisfy their political bigotry.

The UN remained unmoved when the predicted disasters - which included famine, civil wars and other human catastrophes -  blighted millions of people when the British and other European colonists were ordered to give up their African possessions.

Their appointment of a psychopathic Marxist dictator, Robert Mugabe, in neighbouring Zimbabwe who, as predicted, proceeded to slaughter tens of thousands of his own people then turn the bread basket of Africa into a famine zone, didn't prevent them from repeating the exercise in South Africa.

(It's worth reminding ourselves that they are unable to acknowledge their failure in Zimbabwe and as a consequence Butcher Bob Mugabe is still there today some twenty eight years after starting his bloody reign of terror, looting and murdering with little or no sanction from the UN)

The one thing the UN ideologues did learn was to accompany their diktats to hand over power with a massive propaganda campaign based on a moral basis for their demands while painting a Utopian picture of a future 'multi-cultural society'.

Despite all the gory images coming out of South Africa, they are unable to accept the utter failure of their multi-cultural project. They persist in projecting South Africa as the Rainbow Nation where racial discrimination is a thing of the past and all the people, regardless of race, religion or skin colour, live side by side in perfect harmony each respecting the other.

It's worth noting also that all the morally superior activists, including politicians, sports people and publicity hungry celebrities who were most vociferous in their condemnation of white South Africans have gone silent as their non white client group goes on a blood soaked rampage based on immigration.

These same activists who continue to smear ordinary decent people in Great Britain as racists, Fascists and Nazis for having the temerity to peacefully question mass immigration are duty bound to voice a similar opinion on their black brothers and sisters in South Africa who killing over the same issue.

What is happening in South Africa is a clear demonstration that:

a) there is no such thing as a 'multi-cultural society", it is the figment of the imagination of political ideologues.

b) imposing 'multi-culturalism' on a reluctant people without their consent will end in violence and bloodshed.

c) politicians can not legislate for people to love each other and get along.

d) the UN is no longer fit for purpose and should be replaced with a non-political organisation dedicated to achieving peace through good governance and protecting individual liberty.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Deceiving Dumb Voters With Choreographed PR Stunts Works

News that the meeting between Hillary Clinton and ordinary Iowans for a chat over coffee was a phony set-up should come as no surprise to the politically astute. The expensively hired teams of PR men, media managers, marketing executives and image consultants that now run election campaigns have done their homework and learned from the previous mistakes of others.

As control over political candidates by these professional image creators becomes absolute, contact with real people in real situations cease.

Interaction between political candidates and the electorate is now seen as hazardous for the simple reason that the truth is want to slip out and the real person behind the manufactured image is exposed.

This can undo months, even years, of carefully constructed image creation putting an election campaign in jeopardy as a result.

What the public see in the media are the fake smiles and the well rehearsed ability to read a prepared speech, but by all accounts - including those of some close associates, former employees and the Secret Service - the real Hillary Clinton is a nasty piece of work, combining a lack of manners with a volatile temper and an all consuming sense of entitlement.

As candidate Obama found to his cost when he revealed his socialist wealth redistribution agenda to Joe the Plumber, any deviation from the prepared script will be mercilessly exploited by political opponents to the detriment of the campaign.

Fortunately for Obama, he was able to recover and go on to win the Presidency due to the damage limitation skills of his PR team combined with a bought-and-paid-for media and a gullible, star struck electorate.

In Hillary's case, allowing contact between this perfectly schooled machine politician and ordinary human beings could make for disastrous optics and consequently it is avoided at all costs.

Tony Blair was a consummate performer in front of the media and is credited with bringing the dark arts of spin into the heart of British political life. It's a sad fact that once one political party indulges in this kind of phony campaigning, all others must follow suit with slick media campaigns of their own or appear to be amateur and out of touch.

Like Barack Obama, Tony Blair and David Cameron are the creations of PR men as are the other legacy party leaders in Great Britain's forthcoming election. They were plucked from remote obscurity on account of their photogenicy and schooled over many years to perform in public.

One can see their discomfort when they are required to step into the real world and perform stunts in order to falsely identify with ordinary people. Even giving alms to a beggar is beyond some of them.

Identifying and having empathy with ordinary human beings is problematic for remote elitists who have had little or no contact outside of their own like minded community. Consequently, political candidates need to create a legend of humble beginnings - a log cabin story as they call it in the USA - in order to form a some kind of bond with the electorate.

As directed her PR team, Hillary Clinton claims she was broke when she left the White House, also that she is primarily a grandmother with her own grandparents being poor immigrants into the USA..

It's all bull of course and almost as outrageous as her fellow Democrat, Elizabeth Warren claiming native American ancestry on account her mother noting high cheekbones on a picture of Papaw; who it is assumed is her grandfather.

Any PR team worth their salt can spot the potential for a disastrous photo op and protect their charge accordingly. It must be said that Prime Minister Gordon Brown's team were right on the money when they prevented him from being photographed sitting down as he sold the British people down the river by signing the Lisbon Treaty.

They had him sneak over to Brussels then quickly sign the treacherous document standing up before rapidly departing the scene with the minimum of public ceremony.

It's a sad fact that the unreal images manufactured by these teams of PR professionals are taken in by an undiscerning public who don't have the skills to see through the bull and demand honesty. The political class are aided and abetted by a compliant media who propagate these images because they themselves are part of the machine.

This dishonesty will only end and the truth prevail when the public finally acquire the skills to spot the fake images and lies, then develop a healthy cynicism toward a corrupt political class that consider deceit as an acceptable part of the democratic process.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

He's Not An ISIS Killer He's Just A Very Naughty Boy

It was only eight months ago that British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was being praised to the heavens for his tough response to the beheading of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff by a British documented sub human known as Jihadi John.

Those of us who know Cameron's modus operandi warned at the time that this public performance was choreographed by his well oiled spin machine for PR purposes and that nothing would come of any action he proposed.

To remind ourselves of some of the tough measures Cameron promised:

A common sense and popular measure to strip British documented Muslims who are fighting jihad in foreign countries of their passports and citizenship to prevent their return.

Clamp down on preachers of hate.

Teach British values in schools etc.etc.

At time of writing, no jihadi has had the their passport removed or citizenship revoked as the return of Waheed Ahmed demonstrates; on the contrary they are returning from the killing fields with impunity.

Preachers of hate continue to shout their litany of hate and death unhindered, however, new rules put in place by Cameron's government will treat criticism of Muslims as a hate crime +1.

True to their Marxist principles, teachers' union leaders have instructed their members to ignore the rules on promoting British values in schools on the grounds that they may be misinterpreted by a 'future right wing government'.

The case of Waheed Ahmed raises several important issues that will be studiously ignored by Cameron and the political class as they seek to protect their Muslim clients along with their 'multi-cultural' agenda.

As is the case with every other British documented Muslim who has joined ISIS to become a jihadi bride or to commit murder and mayhem, it is being claimed that nobody, including his politician father, Shakil Ahmed, had the slightest inkling that Waheed Ahmed was an ISIS supporting radical.

The British people are being led to believe that he was always a good kid who was popular at school and enjoyed the same things that every other British kid enjoyed.

According to Ahmed's father he was a 'good Muslim' who was attending Manchester University with a bright future in front of him. Obviously not a bright enough to compare with a future of beheading, rape and gratuitous violence on behalf of Allah.

David Cameron and the parents of the Dewsbury jihadis would have us believe that they were just "ordinary Yorkshire lads" who were self radicalised or led astray. They fail to mention that the Savile Town area of Dewsbury from whence they came is 98.7% Asian and has been described as the most segregated area of Britain.

The Deobandi school of Islam, which opposes western culture, dominates this particular ghetto.

One of the Dewsbury jihadis is the grandson of so called 'Islamic scholar' Yakub Munshi who created Dewsbury's sharia court.

Incidentally, in my experience "ordinary Yorkshire lads" enjoy their cricket, their football and their beer; they are also not immune to a bacon sandwich or a traditional roast pork Sunday dinner.

The press and the politicians churn out this butter-wouldn't-melt nonsense every time a jihadi fighter goes on line to proclaim his or her love of Islam or their intention to kill for their Caliphate. They are content to blame the Internet for radicalisation as opposed to the thousands of mosques, madarassas and preachers of hate; not to mention the brainwashing from birth by parents and grandparents such as Grampa Munshi.

It must also be noted that if nobody, including close family and friends, had an inkling that these people were radical Muslims who support a medieval death cult such as ISIS, how many other members of the 2.7 million British documented Muslim community hold similar views?

A fifth column comprising hundreds of thousands of radical Muslims is not beyond the realms of possibility.

The British people are aghast that Cameron and his administration are not only preventing jihadi's from leaving but are bringing them back into the country when they are apprehended en route.

His commitment to the imposition of a so called 'multi-cultural society', as demanded by the international 'progressive' elite based at the UN/EU, prevents Cameron from taking effective action in the fight against radical Islam in Great Britain.

His master plan for young jihadis is confined to de-radicalisation. If the human rights judiciary approve, this will consist of cultural awareness training, internal exile and a requirement to report to the police periodically.

This inadequate program is akin to saying that Waheed Ahmed is not a prospective killer he's just a very naughty boy. A good finger wagging and a sit on the naughty step and he'll be free to pick up where he left off.

In reality, the thousands of segregated Muslim ghettos such as Savile Town, Dewsbury where children are radicalised from birth, will continue to flourish and grow without let or hindrance from David Cameron or the political elite. Mosque and madrassa building will continue apace and preachers of hate will continue to spout their filth unhindered.

The British people face a clear and present danger from home grown radicalised Muslims and the government is most definitely not on their side.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Red Ed Miliband Great Britain's First Jewish Prime Minister

There's more bullsh*t dumped on the campaign trail than there was on the Chisolm Trail during the cattle herding days of yesteryear. As the public get tired of the usual diet of false promises, mudslinging and choreographed public appearances, the candidates get ever more desperate for a gimmick that will differentiate them from their opposition.

With the British general election drawing ever closer, the mandatory photo opportunities with babies, schoolkids and ethnic minorities are getting tedious in the extreme. Watching the three establishment party leaders David Cameron, Nick Clegg and David Miliband pretending to enjoy a pint of ale in a pub, visiting workers on the factory floor or visiting an old peoples home is laughable.

Their awkwardness is obvious as they attempt to switch from a remote, machine politician to an ordinary human being even for the short time it takes for a photo op.

The biggest laugh can be had watching these so called serious politicians make complete fools of themselves by donning turbans in order to win the ethnic vote.

One would have thought that in the interests of cultural sensitivity and respect, self confessed atheists such as Miliband and Clegg would not despoil the sanctity of any house of worship by entering inside, but when there's votes to be had nothing is sacred.

The fact is that the three establishment parties have hired professional spin doctors and media managers to organise and run their respective campaigns, they use the same formula with the MSM which results in a common mediocrity.

With three identical politicians from identical exclusive backgrounds who look the same, sound the same and champion the same 'progressive' policies, it's a difficult task for the spin doctors to find that one gimmick that will set their man apart from the others.

It would appear that Ed Miliband's expensively hired American spin merchant, David Axelrod, thinks he has found the answer.

Despite being a Marxist and an avowed atheist, Red Ed is being touted as Great Britain's first Jewish Prime Minister. At first glance it would appear to be a spin doctor's gift from heaven but on reflection it exposes some embarrassing realities that perhaps would have been better kept out of the public eye.

As every pre- comprehensive school history student knows, Benjamin Disraeli was Great Britain's first Jewish Prime Minister as well as one of its most renown.

It is argued that he is disqualified because he converted to Anglicanism but history confirms that this was the result of political expediency. Had he not converted he would have been illegible for Parliament because Jewish Members were forbidden at the time. Disraeli was a proud Jew and used the fact in political debate.

In one noted exchange he is quoted as saying: "Yes, I am a Jew, and when the ancestors of the right honourable gentleman were brutal savages on an unknown island, mine were priests in the Temple of Solomon"

David Axelrod is a foreigner therefore his ignorance of British history can be excused but Ed Miliband has no such excuse.....or has he?

The truth is that Red Ed is a first generation immigrant with no roots in Great Britain. His father, Adolph, was a Marxist fanatic from Belgium who held a special hatred for Great Britain along with its institutions and its people.

He despised the Monarchy, Parliament, the Church of England and most of all the patriotism of the British people. He plotted all his life to bring it down and install a Soviet style communist system in its place.

It should be obvious even to the most detached observer that Ed Miliband is a chip off the old block who's loyalty is to Marxism, not to Great Britain or Judaism. He is committed to a borderless, centrally controlled federal European Union ruled by appointed bureaucrats in Brussels as opposed to democratically elected representatives in Westminster.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that Axelrod is using Ed's tenuous link to Judaism as an attempt to align him with the tough, uncompromising Prime Minister of Israel.

Unfortunately for Axelrod, when Ed was studying Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto, Benyamin Netanyahu was hunting down and killing the Palestinian terrorists to which Ed's Labour Party gives succour.

In reality, one cannot be a Jew and not believe in God just as one cannot be a Muslim and not believe in Allah. Much to the consternation of David Axelrod, it turns out that Ed Miliband is as Jewish as the Pope so it's back to the drawing board in search of another gimmick.

Ed Miliband is short of noteworthy accomplishments to champion so to assist Axelrod in his search he might consider touting Red Ed as the fastest Rubik Cube solving Prime Minister.

The first openly Marxist Prime Minister

The first atheist Prime Minister

The first British Prime Minister unable to handle a cup of tea

Most noteworthy is the fact that Ed Miliband, at the behest of the trade unions barons, stabbed his brother David in the back to seize the leadership of the Labour Party from under his nose, therefore Ed could be touted as the first fratricidal Prime Minister.

Due to millions of undiscerning, low information voters, the odds are good that on May 8th, as useless and incompetent as he is, Ed Miliband will indeed be Great Britain's Prime Minister and may the Lord have mercy on us all.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Kanye West Leaving Racist America While African Immigrants Excel

Listening to the outpouring of bile by the African-American celebrity community one would be forgiven for thinking that the USA is populated by a pitiless elite of white despots who's only pleasure in life is keeping their saintly black victims in a permanent state of servitude based purely on skin colour.

Listening to the leaders and icons of the African-American community one would also be forgiven for thinking that nobody with a non-white skin has ever risen above the level peasant let alone possess more than two cents to rub together.

The evil purveyors of these falsehoods are not short of a buck or two themselves and have a vested interest in prolonging the myth of victimhood that is holding back the black communities and causing such appalling misery, violence and death.

They ignore the fact that African-Americans have held the highest offices in the land including Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, State Governors, Congressmen of both House and Senate, not to mention President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

African-Americans comprise some of the richest people in the USA and are represented in all walks of life including Wall Street, Industry, Sport, Media, and Entertainment.

One among this number is Kanye West who is not only a highly successful, wealthy African-American he is also an icon of the black community but who continually puts down the country that facilitated his success.

For those who enjoy Kanye West's type of entertainment he is obviously a very talented individual and he must be an astute businessman to hold on to his accumulated wealth. It must be understood however that his middle class upbringing and subsequent wealthy lifestyle prohibits him from claiming the victim status that is promoted by the black vested interests that seek to prolong it.

No sensible person can deny that racism exists and that includes the black on white racism of vile organisations such as the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam who's mission is to undo the advances in civil rights and return America to the era of segregation.

If the anti-American rhetoric of the race baiters and self loathers like Kanye West were to be believed then America is rife with black oppression where opportunity is denied to black people who are confined to ghettos of poverty and violent crime.

Apparently racism is so bad in America that Kanye West has threatened to uproot his family and leave for a more accommodating environment. Where this Utopia is remains a mystery as is his wife's view on her re-location. There can't be many places on the planet where a lady with little acknowledged talent can make millions simply by being an old acquaintance of hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

If Kanye West is to be believed then no African migrant in his right mind would risk leaving their homeland to embark on a life threatening journey to the New World only to end up as a gang banger, high on drugs in a black ghetto with his pants hanging down below his a*se while being oppressed by the evil white man.

The reality is somewhat different to the false impression given by Kanye West and the race baiters who have, after all, got a living to make.

Despite the attempts to downgrade America by the Obama administration, along with every self loathing socialist, multi-millionaire celebrity and hand wringing, bleeding heart liberal - in other words those that go around calling themselves 'progressives' - it remains the land of opportunity where the American dream still lives for those who ignore the likes of Kanye West and his affluent ilk and have the determination to succeed.

Let me introduce Harold Ekeh, an immigrant from Nigeria who overcame adversity, worked hard like his parents and has been accepted by all eight Ivy League schools.

Victor Agbafi the son of Nigerian immigrants has also been accepted by Ivy League schools, as have Munira Khalif of Somalian parentage, Kwasi Enin of Ghana parentage and Stefan Stoykov of Bulgarian parentage. All are first generation immigrants who ignored the likes of Kanye West, took advantage of the opportunity afforded to them and achieved the American dream.

I would suggest that those who indulge in the ghetto gangsta culture choose new leaders and stop listening to the race hate rhetoric of the race hustlers and losers and listen instead to winners like Harold, Victor, Munira, Kwasi and Stefan.

I would also suggest that Kanye West is an ingrate and hypocrite of the very highest order who doesn't deserve the opportunity he has been afforded by the United States of America. Perhaps he should re-locate his family to Nigeria, Somalia or Ghana where he would be among his own and where racism, in theory, doesn't exist.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Political Class Insult A Fallen Hero To Protect Their Political Agenda

With spin and obfuscation being the normal medium of communication during election time, anyone who listens to political discourse with any regularity will be hard pressed to understand what exactly the politicians have in store for we the people. Pre-election promises evaporate into thin air as soon as the votes are counted while the politicians carry on where they left off before the campaign.

For the short term, the usual diet of false promises and bribery can be taken for granted but it takes more detailed observation to understand their intentions for the longer term. In fact the political class go to extraordinary lengths to keep their true intentions away from the people for fear of an electoral backlash.

History has taught us to our cost that long term agendas can take a decade or more to fully implement and in the case of the federal European State, several generations. (In the case of the USA, fundamental transformation from free enterprise prosperity to third world socialist mediocrity is into its seventh year)

It is unlikely that Great Britain would be in the appalling state it's in today if during his election campaign candidate Tony Blair had declared his intention to alter the demographic and cultural balance of the country using open border mass immigration; nor did he declare his intention to move the economy away from individual prosperity and self reliance to one of taxpayer funded government dependency using extended welfare entitlements.

He wouldn't have stood a cat in hell's chance had he been honest with the people and declared his intention to increase taxes and impose a further one hundred new taxes to finance his dependent client groups and new voter base.

One has to look closely and analyse every word and action to get at the truth of what their long term agenda is and it's sad to say that the majority of prospective voters don't have the patience for such scrutiny. Instead they rely on the mainstream media for guidance which, as we know, is controlled by the political establishment and the party spin machines.

Governments of all colours, along with the establishment, vehemently deny that they are using Islam and its adherents as the weapon of choice to impose a so called 'multi-cultural society', however their words and actions demonstrate their absolute determination to see this transformation through to its conclusion.

Islam and its adherents are above reproach and it is clear that there is no depth to which the political class will not plummet in order to protect their cultural and religious cannon fodder and by extension, their 'multi-cultural' agenda.

In 1975, twenty two year old police officer Stephen Tibble, was fatally shot while apprehending an Irish terrorist on a London street. A memorial was unveiled at the location in honour of his sacrifice.

In 1984, twenty six year old police officer Yvonne Fletcher was fatally shot while policing a demonstration by anti-Gaddafi's dissidents outside the Libyan Embassy in London. A memorial was unveiled at the location in honour of her sacrifice.

In 1993, nineteen year old black teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered on a London street in a racist attack. Due to the racial element this particular murder was seized upon by the political class to accuse the police, and by inference British society as whole, as institutionally racist. This was also seized upon by the self loathing community who turned the tragic death of a teenager into a celebrity cause. Stephen got two memorials and his mother was made a Peer Of The Realm entitled to sit in the House of Lords.

Memorials were unveiled for murdered politician Airey Neave and those killed in the assassination attempt on Margaret Thatcher in Brighton 1984. Both crimes were committed by Irish terrorists.

In 2013, twenty five year old British soldier Lee Rigby was brutally murdered by Muslim terrorists on a London street in broad daylight. Despite public demand no memorial will be unveiled in honour of his sacrifice. Despite attempts by the political class to bury this decision with weasel words and excuses, it turns out that the real reason is for fear of offending Muslims.

This appalling decision must be coupled with the recent announcement that actions against the Muslim population in Great Britain will be treated as a hate crime + 1, an extra bad hate crime. This can be put down to shameless trolling for the Muslim vote, but the continual grovelling appeasement of the Muslim population, which includes hate preachers, ISIS supporters and prospective jihadis, will not be found in any election campaign manifesto. Any questions about it will be greeted with the usual smears including the standard insults of racist, bigot and Islamophobe.

The political class and the establishment will not be enlightening the people during this election campaign as to what their long term agenda for the country is. Missing from any manifesto or election material will be anything relating to their true agenda of imposed multi-culturalism, cultural and religious relativity or taxpayer funded government dependency for their imported welfare colonists.

There is no craven act they will not commit nor any depth to which they will not sink in order to impose their political agenda and that includes insulting the memory of a hero murdered on the streets of the capital city of a once great country.