Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Massive EU Corruption Exposed - Taxpayers Robbed, No Arrests, Political Crooks Go Free

There is a glaring double standard in the law enforcement and the criminal justice communities when it comes to embezzlement of public money.  On the one hand the Director of Public Prosecutions is calling for tougher prison sentences for those who claim taxpayer funded welfare benefits that they are not entitled to, while on the other hand he is silent about the billions of taxpayer money that has disappeared from the European Union Treasury.

For the nineteenth consecutive year the auditors have refused to sign off the EU accounts due to irregularities and unaccountable spending.  In the real world outside the remote political elite, heads would have rolled, jobs would have been lost and the guilty parties would be taking care not to drop the soap in the prison showers.

Politicians and their attendant armies of career bureaucrats, never have to live by the same rules and regulations that they legislate for the rest of the people to live by.  In the case of the European Union they are getting away unpunished with corruption on such a massive scale it makes Nigeria look like a paragon of probity.

The latest audit of the EU finances is so shocking it should be mandatory reading for every taxpayer across the continent.  Nine point six billion USD of taxpayer money disappeared on fraudulent, illegal and ineligible spending projects.  That is an incredible five percent of the total EU budget.

The EU Department for Foreign Affairs and Security, which is run by the unelected, professional bureaucrat, Baroness Ashton, had an error rate of over three percent or $270,000,000 out of an $8 billion budget.

A good example of the endemic waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer money is the $22,400,000 that was spent on support for female teachers in rural Bangladesh;  half of it was handed over with no documentation.  In other words it was stolen.  Surely the person responsible for handing over this money can be traced and prosecuted.  If not, then Ashton herself should be held responsible and relieved of her post, together with her gold plated, taxpayer funded pension.

Incidentally, this particular example of corruption raises two points:

a) I can't imagine there being many female teachers in Muslim dominated rural Bangladesh, what was the money allocated for and where did it go?

b) Why is British taxpayer money being given to female teachers in rural Bangladesh when they already pay a Kings ransom in development aid through their own foreign aid programme?

The British taxpayers alone are liable for $1.3 billion to cover this EU theft and corruption.

It has become a painful reality for the hard pressed taxpayers of Great Britain and Europe that there is an insatiable appetite for their money by the EU politicians and their army of professional bureaucrats.  Even bankrupt countries such as Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain are being asked for increased contributions year on year.

Despite annual increases in the EU budget, they still overspend and go on to demand additional cash to cover the shortfall.  The politicians and bureaucrats call it a budget amendment, whereas most people would call it additional theft.

One would have thought that this being the nineteenth consecutive failed audit, the error rate would decrease as the criminals and fraudsters were rooted out and prosecuted, but alas no, to their eternal shame the error rate has increased by a an incredible twenty three percent.

This tells us that criminal behavior and corruption within the EU is increasing at an alarming rate as more and more politicians and bureaucrats get their hands on taxpayer money.  It also tells us that criminals and fraudsters have been stealing from EU taxpayers with impunity for almost two decades.

Criminality on this scale in any other walk of life would have been relentlessly pursued and the perpetrators brought to justice.  One cannot imagine any business, big or small getting away with looting their own private money, let alone taxpayers money, on such a scale and free of any consequences to boot.

It must be noted that while no corrupt official or criminal bureaucrat has been prosecuted for this monumental theft of taxpayer money, one hundred and thirty thousand (130,000) British citizens were prosecuted last year for having the temerity to watch television without a licence.

It remains painfully obvious that the EU leadership have no intention of investigating, let alone eliminating, this corruption and criminal behavior.  The Belgian totalitarian and unelected EU President, Herman von Rompuy, demonstrates his contempt for the taxpayer and the rule of law by failing to tackle this criminal behavior; instead he orders the auditors to tone down their criticism of EU spending to avoid negative press coverage and to promote a positive image of the EU.

As for the long suffering British people, the majority of whom want out of this criminal enterprise, their PR trained Prime Minister, David Cameron, a self confessed Europhile, is going to re-negotiate the terms of membership and secure them a better deal.

To this end he has appointed Ivan Rogers, a professional bureaucrat and fanatical supporter of the United States of Europe, to represent Great Britain in Europe. (Cameron obviously thinks no one will notice this appointment).

As for the British people who are trying to wrest control of their country back from the corrupt cabal of Brussels bureaucrats, Herman von Rompuy and his sidekick Jose Manuel Barrosso, have sounded a second warning.  On the first occasion they threatened war but this engendered a 'bring it on' response from the people; they are now warning the British people that they will pay financially for their freedom.

These two people more than anyone, are responsible for one of the biggest criminal enterprises on the planet and it doesn't behold a British Prime Minister to be tugging a forelock let alone groveling on his knees to these crooks.

By doing nothing to bring the criminals in the EU to justice and by handing over more taxpayer money every year, David 'Vichy' Cameron, together with his cronies, are accessories to these crimes against the British people.

When the day of reckoning comes and they are called to answer for their actions before the courts and the people, these crimes will be added to the crime of treason which they have clearly committed; and for the misery they have caused millions of people, I hope they are shown no mercy.

Update: Here is the best example yet of the EU flushing taxpayers money down the toilet.


  1. When one adds the wastage, the fraudulent spending and the criminal embezzlement of taxpayer money by Westminster and the UN to that by the EU, the average Brit, and citizen of other Western "democracies", is being sucked dry. Even if one manages to create some wealth to fund one's retirement, the ineptitude of those who make decisions results in the need to inflate away their spending deficits.... and the nest egg needed to survive old age. Each and every way we are being screwed by our "representatives". They lie, they are corrupt and they are incompetent, and they use our money to buy votes from people who have not and will never contribute.

  2. You are so right. You have articulated the issue of corruption and outright theft by politicians perfectly.

    Those who made the right decision by working hard and providing for their retirement are being shafted for the benefit of those who didn't.

    These political shysters have got a lot to answer for and hopefully one day they will.

  3. As long as the MSM are willing to cover-up the true picture, this'll carry on.

    1. The MSM, especially the BBC, are an integral part of the 'progressive' machine.

      Their job is to publicise and help implement the transformation agenda.

      They are just as guilty as the politicians

  4. When speaking of the dissolution of both nations and nation states in Europe, just two words suffice: controlled demolition. That's right, it was all planned. A slow, bloodless genocide coupled with the theft of national sovereignty brings the whole lot down. Not just the crime of the century, the crime of the millenia.

    The really clever bit is they make you to pay for your own demise through your taxes.


    1. That is my view also Steve, the demolition of Great Britain was pre-planned by an elite, in secret.

      Making the people pay for their own demise is more than clever, it's genius...evil genius would be more accurate.