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Welfare And Sham Marriage - They Go Together Like A Horse And Carriage



While the salaries, pensions and savings of the British people are continuing to shrink, one thing that never seems to shrink is the number of people rolling up to claim their welfare 'entitlements'. Whether they are legally entitled to other peoples money doesn't appear to bother their conscience in the slightest.

It doesn't seem to bother the collective conscience of Great Britain's inexperienced Prime Minister, David Cameron either or his equally inexperienced cronies in government.  But then again, when cultural replacement via open border mass immigration is the 'unofficial', official policy why should they care, they are achieving what they set out to do.

It goes without saying that Great Britain's welfare system is one of the most generous on planet.  It also goes without saying that it's purpose has been deliberately changed from a safety net, paid for by the sweat and toil of the British people, to a free for all for anyone who can sneak through the intentionally porous borders.

The then unelected President of the European Union, Herman von Rompuy, ordered David Cameron to make sure the British people's welfare 'entitlements' remain available to all EU citizens and illegal immigrants alike. This was to include the vilest of criminals, who cannot be deported under the EU's pernicious Human Rights law.

The rule of thumb for welfare colonists is this; once you have evaded the half asleep border guards, you've made it, you are in, and the chances are that you are in for good, then it's a free for all with British taxpayers money.

As a form of insurance, the illegal immigrant should knock up a local girl and father a child; that child will then act as an anchor baby.  Since the deliberate moral degradation of Great Britain there are plenty of willing old slappers who are only too happy to bear a child just for the extra child benefit allowance and the chance of a bigger council house.

Before the disastrous Blair government threw open the borders to all and sundry, getting access to the British peoples welfare entitlements was a tad more difficult.  Prospective economic migrants and welfare colonists would indulge in sham marriages with British women for a fee.  Once the marriage documents were secured, the couple separated and the immigrant disappeared into the underclass to carry on their chosen way of life, often criminal, financed by the British taxpayer.

These sham marriages were a trickle that turned into a raging flood after the Tony Blair government opened up the British people's welfare safety net to EU citizens.  When these are added to the child bride scandal of the Asian communities, marriage has become the access key to the British peoples welfare system for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of foreign people who have not paid into the system.

The child bride scandal involves young girls who hold British passports, being forced to marry older males, often relatives, from their ancestral village back in the home country; this entitles a whole new group of relatives to relocate to Great Britain and climb aboard the welfare gravy train.

The issue of sham marriages and the access of immigrants to welfare, and to all the other social services for that matter, became one of the biggest concerns of the British people.  These concerns would normally be studiously ignored by the political class but because they were having a negative effect on Cameron's re-election chances, he decided to make a few promises that he had no intention of keeping.

In October 2011 David Cameron announced he was listening to the British people and as a result he was going to tackle the issues and make it more difficult for sham and forced marriages to succeed as a gateway to the welfare system.

Cameron cited the example of a Pakistani man who obtained a spousal visa when he married a compatriot who had settled in Great Britain.  Once the visa was obtained he divorced the wife, returned to Pakistan where he remarried then applied for entry for his new spouse and her family.
(Story here)

This kind of abuse has been going on for decades and ignored by governments of all colours, therefore it should be apparent to all and sundry that he has been forced to act only because the issue was negatively affecting his re-election chances.

It must be reiterated that David Cameron is a career politician with absolutely no experience in the real world.  After a couple of years as a Public Relations executive for a failed television company he moved into party politics.

Apparently he was spotted as a potential leader while at University and groomed thereafter for leadership. Spotted and groomed by who is a mystery.  Whatever skills Cameron possessed after his 'grooming', it is obvious that telling the truth to the people wasn't one of them.  He is a consummate spinner, deceiver and outright liar.  Like Blair before him, everything he says has been calculated for the sole purpose of gaining political advantage.

Cameron announced his plan in October 2011; in October 2013 the situation is much worse.  One in five marriages are a sham and twenty percent of urban marriages are bogus.  Bearing in mind that legislation to deal with bogus marriages was first introduced in 2004, it is obvious that governments are not serious about ending it.
(Story here)

Previously, prospective economic migrants and welfare colonists had to find or bribe a British lady in order to gain access to the welfare gravy train; since the EU has ordered Cameron to keep the system available to all EU citizens this is no longer a requirement.

We now have a  Pakistani man marrying a Czech woman and a Pakistani man marrying a Latvian woman to gain access to the British peoples welfare system.
(Story here)

Then there is the Sri Lankan man marrying an Italian woman for the same reason.
(Story here)

In clear demonstration of the governments contempt for its own people, the men were detained for possible deportation, which experience tells us won't happen, and the women were released without charge. These attempts to defraud the taxpayer were premeditated crimes against the British people and they went unpunished.

The government now has a plan to introduce a small charge if foreigners use the British people's National Health Service but experts have issued warning that this will open the floodgates to criminal gangs.
(Story here)

These gangs already fly pregnant women from Africa to have their babies on the NHS. This is now such a big business it has been named 'the Lagos Shuttle' by health service staff.
(Story here)

If the government cannot put a stop to this flagrant abuse and govern in the interests of the British people, then this raises several important questions:

a) These are career politicians and bureaucrats, does their inexperience translate into incompetence?

b) Have they surrendered so much sovereignty to the European Union and the United Nations that they no longer have enough power to govern Great Britain in the interests of its people?

c) Are they consciously imposing an agenda dictated by these two foreign institutions?

d) Does this agenda include cultural replacement in Great Britain? (This is called de-homogenizing in UN/EU jargon)

Looking at the actions of the political class and their attendant army of career bureaucrats, the answer to all four questions is a resounding 'Yes' demonstrating once and for all that whatever they say, the politicians have no intention of ending welfare colonization or economic migration in general.

Update: Muslims can claim welfare benefits for four wives.
(Story here)

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