Thursday, November 7, 2013

British Justice Hits A New Low - Victims Sacrificed On The Altar Of Progressivism

It is understandable how just a cursory glance at the daily newspapers is enough to make the blood of the calmest people boil with rage. Some of the headlines highlight outrageous stories that demonstrate the yawning chasm between the ruling establishment and the people they are elected to represent.

Free thinking bloggers are lucky in that they can remain calm and use their ability to wipe away the cobwebs of spin and deceit to get at the real motives of the people behind the headlines.

It is now an established fact that the political class across the Anglosphere, together with their attendant bureaucracies, are imposing a transformational "progressive" agenda at the behest of the UN/EU supranational cabal. This agenda is against the expressed wishes of the people they are supposed to be representing.

In Great Britain, it is also an established fact that all parts of the establishment have been stuffed to gunwales with like minded cronies who serve as the governments storm troopers in imposing this agenda, this includes demographic and cultural replacement.

There is no bigger part of the establishment that demonstrates this more than the bewigged, gin soaked imbeciles that masquerade as judges. They preside over a criminal justice system that is so corrupted by 'progressivism' that applying the law and establishing justice has been abandoned in favour of implementing their perverted agenda.

In the twisted minds of the 'progressives', criminals are deemed not to be bad people who do not act with malice aforethought; instead they are deemed to have been created by an uncaring society which does not pay enough attention to the wants and needs of some of their fellow citizens.

'Progressives' also believe that the British people's imperialist past is to blame for all the ills in the world and therefore they must be ethnically cleansed in order to prevent a possible repeat of their civilizing past.

They have also decided that the term 'ethnic cleansing' has too many negative connotations, therefore they use the more politically correct term, 'de-homogenising'.

This policy is continuing at a rapid pace and the latest figures show that the indigenous population are already a minority in Great Britain's largest cities, while the entire country will be past the tipping point by the year 2030.

It is safe to assume that as the political class and the establishment are aware of this fact, and because they are not taking any steps whatsoever to prevent it, they must agree with the policy of ethnic cleansing, de-homogenizing, cultural replacement or whatever fancy name they choose to call it.

Some of the bizarre judgments and sentences handed down by these misnamed guardians of justice reflect the fact that they are applying the law selectively to suit their agenda with an enthusiasm that exposes their own purpose.

The case of Lucy Walsh is a harrowing example of criminals getting preferential treatment while the victim and her family are studiously ignored. It also a clear demonstration of how low the British criminal justice system will sink in pursuit of its 'progressive' agenda.

Lucy was kidnapped then stripped, beaten and gang raped multiple times by three illegal Kurdish immigrants; they laughed among themselves as she cried out in pain. After they had finished their brutal attack, Lucy was dragged down the stairs by her hair and unceremoniously thrown into street.

Her internal injuries were so sever it was a full four days before she could be given a proper medical examination. Two of these savages were caught and the third is still on the run.

Any person who possesses even a minutest sense of justice would agree that hanging is too good for these sub-humans, but this is 'progressive' Britain, where immigrants have exalted status and the perpetrators of crime are the victims of society.

They were given indeterminate sentences but to an activist judge, who puts his 'progressive' agenda before justice or the victim's trauma, this was deemed to be too severe. He reduced their sentences on appeal to twelve years in the full knowledge they will out in six.

To add insult to injury, and to demonstrate the exalted status given to illegal immigrants, one of the savages was granted British citizenship while in prison awaiting trial.

Lucy and her family have expressed their disgust and lack of faith with the criminal justice system, while Lucy herself has emigrated for fear that the remaining rapist will track her down.

In another case, a gang of thugs severely beat and robbed a veteran of the Afghan war and this also serves to demonstrate how lenient 'progressive' judges are when dealing with people they deem to be 'victims of society'.

Five young thugs beat a soldier and continued to beat him until he was unconscious on the ground. The hero suffered multiple injuries including broken ribs and a damaged kidney.

The headline reads that the cowardly thugs were sentenced to twelve years in prison, but closer reading reveals that it was twelve years total for all of them, as opposed to twelve years each. Some of these thugs will be free in less than a year.

The case of triple killer Ian McLoughlin is a shocking example of judges putting 'progressive' politics before the interests of the people. This animal was originally jailed for killing his friend with a hammer. He was released and murdered a father of three, after which he was given a 'life' sentence.

While out on day release from this supposed 'life' sentence, he murdered a sixty six year old pensioner who caught him robbing his eighty six year old neighbor.

The presiding judge was unable to give McLoughlin a life sentence because, apparently, the unelected bureaucrats in EU deemed that this would be the killer.

Many consider these absurd rulings to be advisory and they are continually ignored by other EU countries. It would appear that British activist judges are only too happy to comply with their fellow 'progressives' from across the English Channel.

Before concluding, it's worth returning to the issue of politically active 'progressive' judges, legal and illegal immigrants and their own attitude to the long suffering British people.

Joland Giwa is a violent gang leader who arrived from Lagos in 1999 and claimed asylum; instead of being grateful to the British people for saving him from a miserable life in oil rich Nigeria, he embarked on a criminal career and was in trouble with the police by 2002. Despite this criminality, in act of contempt for the British people and in complete disregard for their safety, he was given 'leave to remain' in the country. This enabled him to continue his violent criminal career and he was subsequently jailed for robbery.

His deportation has been delayed by doubts about his country of origin and a judge has ordered that he be released onto the streets regardless of the police warning that Giwa "is a serious threat to the public with a clear propensity for violence".

The option of detaining him "at Her Majesty's Pleasure" has long been given up in favour of giving immigrants 'leave to remain' no matter how heinous their crime.  So as the option of putting him on a Nigeria Airlines flight back to Lagos from whence he came.

The case of Algerian immigrant, Aziz Lamari, is final proof, if any were needed, that British judges are either from another planet or they have total disregard for the British people while in pursuit of their political agenda.

Aziz Lamari arrived on British shores from the former French colony of Algeria and claimed asylum. Like Giwa before him, instead showing gratitude to the British people he rewarded their kindness by embarking on criminal career. He didn't waste any time and was jailed the following year for robbery.

Deportation proceedings were started but it turned out that Lamari was detained for twenty three days extra. He subsequently returned to Algeria but someone, somewhere, decided that he had been treated abominably and therefore deserves compensation from the British taxpayer, who's generosity he abused.

Instead of throwing the case out of court and saving the taxpayer some hard earned money, the judge agreed that the extra twenty three days in jail was the cause of mental problems for the poor soul and awarded the Algerian criminal $40,000 of taxpayer money. 

The pain and suffering of Lamari's victims or the much abused British people were obviously not a consideration for this so called defender of justice.

The question the British people need an urgent answer for is this: After his return to Algeria why wasn't this criminal just forgotten about? The case should have been over when he fastened his seat belt on the flight back to his homeland.

In conclusion it must be noted that there are almost four thousand foreign murderers, rapists and other criminals on the streets of Great Britain, including eight hundred who have been free for five years or more, because the judges will not allow the pathetically weak politicians to deport them.

It should come as no surprise as to who is picking up the tab for this nonsense, a tab which doesn't include the $88 million that it costs to keep fifteen hundred criminals in prison 'beyond their sentence' while awaiting deportation.

Reading though this, it is obvious that the political class, together their establishment, are more interested in showing off their 'progressive' credentials to the international elite that are blighting the lives of the British people, than doing the job that they are paid to do.


  1. So far as I can see, the justice system fails at step one - when the police get involved. On the one hand they prosecute minor offences, and on the other let henious crimes be brushed aside.

    Somebody I know who attended an organised firework display the other day, had a firework thrown at his child, by some thug. The firework exploded on the child and he caught fire.The thug got a fixed penalty notice. Come on!!! That's terrorism.

    I get very worried when the police/criminal justice system places so much emphasis on considering a suspect's ethnic origin. It should not enter the case. The law states that a certain act is an offence, and imo, the person whould be prosecuted *regardless* of their ethnic origin. Sadly, the general opinion of the public, is now that ethnic minorities get away a lot lighter than British/white suspects.

    How accurate this view is we are not being told. For a reason..... I suspect.

    The decent people of the UK are loathe to complain about their nation, and the ruling class know it, and subject the majority to their new progressiveness.

    If the truth were all told - be it the financial shenanigans rife within the EU at the moment, the unequal treatment of ethnic v British/white, the snouts in the taxpayers' pockets and the personal agendas of the career politicians....... what would happen here in the UK? Civil unrest? Riots? Or would the people just shrug their shoulders and carry on? It all matters how it's presented to them and the MSM have honed their ability to hide the truth. They are, after all, at the behest of their 'employer' - the Government.


    1. Thanks for writing this Pete, you have captured the issues perfectly.

      One of the saddest things about this is the politicizing of the police. They used to serve the community, now they impose the governments agenda. A penalty notice for setting a child alight is outrageous.

      You are correct again, the law should apply equally to everyone, ethnic origin should not enter into it. The fact that it does proves that there is racial bias against the indigenous population and this is part of cultural replacement agenda.

      The decent people of the UK had better start complaining about their nation or they won't have a nation left to complain about.

      Politicians, and the establishment that they have created ,are united in their plan to ethnically cleanse, or de-homogenize, Great Britain (England would be more accurate) and replace it with the multi-cultural utopia of their dreams.

      As is usual they and their spawn will be immune from the consequences.

  2. This will continue until the victims start putting bounty on these subhumans, in or out of prison, X thousand for their demise or serious and irreversible maiming. Only when there is the fear of punishment will this stop, at the moment prison is merely a well fed holiday; change that to a short stay before a permanent removal to the boneyard and things will pick up.

    1. Thanks for letting us know your solution Robert. I'm sure millions of others think as you do.

      The politicians have made it clear that they have no intention of dealing with these criminals. They are obviously a protected species.

      The criminals themselves are emboldened by the lack of punishment and will continue their chosen career until they are punished correctly.

      If the politicians refuse to act then they shouldn't be surprised if the public take care of it themselves.