Monday, November 11, 2013

US And British Military Demise - Lions Led By Donkeys

On this day when, we give thanks to those who served in the US military and remember those British warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy our freedoms, stories still abound in the media about the lack of respect shown by the top brass who are supposedly in charge of our defence.

It has been mentioned on this site before that the military is there to guarantee our freedom and defence and therefore should be exempt from the usual games played by self serving politicians who's only concern is the implementation of their own agenda.

It has also been mentioned that the left has an ideological hatred of the military and this cannot be demonstrated more clearly than following the actions of President Obama with respect to the military machine of which he is the Commander in Chief.

As the world's foremost 'progressive',  the American military machine was always going to be the number one target of his promised 'fundamental transformation' of America. This agenda, combined with the obsession of 'progressives' with sexual orientation, has spelled disaster for the US military.

President Obama has been carrying out a purge of anyone among the military top brass who is deemed to oppose his administration's plans for a feminized or gender neutral military. There are reports that many of America's most experienced military top brass have been relieved of their duty for having the temerity to disagree with the career politicians of the White House administration.

The question that is being rightly asked is, how can an administration made up of career politicians led by a community organizer, possibly know what effects their meddling with the military will have on moral and its effectiveness as a fighting force?

The debacle over the new gender neutral hat for the US Marines is a classic example of bringing sexuality politics where it doesn't belong. This is being done not to improve moral and make the US Marines a better fighting force but to satisfy their perverted ideology.

Things are no better across the Atlantic where Great Britain's media created Prime Minister, David Cameron, is busy demolishing the once mighty British military machine.

The Royal Navy has been reduced to a handful of boats including a single aircraft carrier that is incapable of launching strike aircraft. The historic shipyards at Portsmouth are being closed as a political sop to the Scottish nationalists and two Royal Navy support vessels are being built in South Korea.

Cameron also sold off, at a knockdown price, the entire fleet of Harriers leaving the  Royal  Navy/Airforce with no VSTOL capability. The Royal Airforce is now dependent upon some ageing Tornado's and the Euro fighter; this was designed over a decade ago and is fast becoming obsolete.

The Army is being reduced to eighty thousand troops with many soldiers receiving their redundancy notices while on active service in Afghanistan.

Military numbers will be below that of Germany after it was disarmed at the Treaty of Versailles. There is a purpose to Cameron's deliberate evisceration of the British military machine and it is that he is preparing it for absorption into the European Union Joint Defence Force.

This will have the effect of signaling the end of one of Great Britain's greatest institutions; an institution that gives the country its identity as a free, independent, sovereign nation.  For Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed Miliband,  their beloved United States of Europe will be one step closer, and for them it will be mission accomplished.

To drive home the country's contempt for the soldiers serving on the front line,  the Head of the Armed forces, General Sir Nick Houghton, is calling for the full weight of the law to brought down of the head of Marine A, who has been found guilty of shooting dead a Taliban terrorist.

Putting his politically correct 'progressive' credentials before the well being of his soldiers, brave Sir Nick claims that "murder is murder, this is a heinous crime, its gravity means he must be severely punished". There should be no clemency.

He then blathers on about "eroding the moral ascendancy over our enemies". By the very fact that the troops are in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban signals that they already have the moral ascendancy. If they didn't have it already, they wouldn't be there. Dispatching one terrorist to Paradise where he wants to be anyway, does not erode the moral ascendancy.

The former Chief of the Defence staff, Lord Guthrie is also calling for Marine A to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Sir Nick Houghton and Lord Guthrie refuse to use the deployment from hell, the constant attacks by the enemy, the deaths of twenty three comrades, and the grisly display of limbs hung in a tree, as mitigation. They are determined to punish this Royal Marine both severely and publicly.

This appalling behavior toward a serving Royal Marine is a clear demonstration that political correctness has a much higher priority than being loyal to ones' own troops serving on the front line.

Taking the behavior of President Obama toward the American military and David Cameron toward the British, it should be easy to spot the common attitude that these two 'progressives' have toward the two greatest military machines in history. These two machines have not only kept the American and British people free, they have liberated millions of oppressed people across the planet.

These two so called 'leaders' and the donkeys that do their dirty work are not fit to polish the buttons on the uniforms of our bravest.


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  1. I'd give Hounslow a wide berth if I was you. Unless you like halal food and mosques.

    1. Life is too short to be hanging around Hounslow. It was the first place I lived after leaving home so a quick look around my old haunts and I'll be on my way.

  2. Golden rules for your soldiers:

    No officers, no photos, no diaries, no social media, no letters, no emails, no media, no souvenirs, no debriefs, no padre chats, no counselling, no few-beers bragging.

    Got it?

    (Thanks to Flashman at Crusader Rabbit -

    1. I hope they have learned a lesson from this. Good radical site is Crusader Rabbit, I'll be adding it to the list when I get time.

  3. I thought the passing of Saint Mandela might have got you back to keyboard.

    1. Unfortunately my keyboard has broken down and I'm still on the road. I am borrowing this one because the owner is out and I know where she hides her door key. I hope to be back writing soon.
      I'm gutted I am missing out on some great items.

  4. Merry Christmas Daniel. Come back soon.

    1. Thank you and a Happy New Year to you and yours. I have finished my wanderings for a long while and am now in possession of a keyboard. My visits to places like Hounslow and Southall were awesome and I hope to share some of these experiences here and on Facebook.
      Hopefully I will be in a position to campaign and stir the sh*t up during the EU elections next year. In the meantime its back to blogging as from tomorrow.