Monday, November 10, 2014

#BringBackOurGirls In Nigeria - British Child Rape Victims Ignored

Sometimes one has to wonder just how shameless and cynical so called VIP's and celebrities can be when courting publicity for themselves, their personal agenda's or their bank balances.  There doesn't appear to be a bandwagon they won't jump on or a trendy cause they won't exploit if they think there could be something in it for them.

Who couldn't fail to laugh at multi-millionaire celebrities joining the occupy Wall Street protest against the so called one percent when they themselves are the one percent? Who couldn't raise a titter at images of Sean Penn espousing socialism, equality and the redistribution of wealth with his bosom pal Hugo Chavez from the comfort of his $150 million dollar fortune?

Only recently British Foreign Secretary William Hague was milking publicity for all it was worth with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt over war time rape. One has to wonder what is so different about wartime rape as opposed to peacetime rape when the latter outnumbers the former by hundreds of thousands per year in the USA and Europe alone.

When the Muslim terrorist gang Boko Haram kidnapped a hundred or so school girls in Nigeria recently celebrities were falling over themselves to join the #BringBackOurGirlsTwitter campaign, complete with very sad faces, to publicise their plight and plead for their release.

Its only right and proper that those who can generate publicity should put it to good use and agitate for these unfortunate girls to be returned home and perpetrators punished. Reports indicated that Boko Haram were going to keep the captive girls as brides for themselves or sell them as sex slaves to other Muslims.

Since there are more horrific instances of child abuse going on in the world it would be interesting to know how these VIP's and celebrities choose which cause to publicise.

One would have thought that the child sex abuse scandals in Great Britain would be a more worthy cause due the staggering number of victims and the more horrific nature of the crimes.

For the uninitiated, Muslim paedophile gangs have been grooming then raping underage white girls, subjecting them to horrific sex abuse then pimping them out sex slaves across the country. These gangs have been operating in England's major cities and towns with the full knowledge of the authorities for decades.

The numbers are truly staggering - with the revelation that the city of Manchester is involved there could be as many as forty thousand victims with fourteen hundred identified in the town of Rotherham alone.

In the case of Rotherham and, as suspected the other towns as well, these gangs operated with the full knowledge of the local political establishments and public institutions. These included the local authorities, the child social services, the police, the Member of Parliament and in some cases the education establishment.

There have been investigations, inquiries, commissions and goodness knows what else but no one has been held accountable let alone prosecuted. There is an investigation into the tampering and destruction of records relevant to one inquiry but despite modern methods of detection they are unable to identify the culprits.

It stretches credulity to the limit when after two decades of covering up the abuse of children by hundreds of officials, all the commissions, investigations and inquiries have not revealed a single responsible official that can be prosecuted. In the opinion of some from the legal world, any official that ignored, therefore facilitated, child abuse knowing it to be a crime is an accessory and can be subject to a prosecution.

Where these hundreds of guilty officials are hiding remains a mystery.

Thousands of young girls have received no justice and guilty public officials are walking free with their taxpayer funded salaries, benefits and pension entitlements intact.

Returning to the original theme - bearing in mind the numbers involved and the horrific nature of the crimes against these young girls, one is entitled to ask where is Michelle Obama, Sean Penn and rest of the celebrity crowd. This is Great Britain so where is William Hague and his pals Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Surely with their ability to generate publicity they can organise a #JusticeForOurGirls Twitter campaign at the very least and William Hague can use his political clout to pressure the authorities into making justice for these young girls a priority over covering up the complicity of public officials.

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