Thursday, November 13, 2014

David Cameron - To Succeed Great Britain Needs An Asian PM


Sometimes its difficult to understand what goes on inside the head of a career politician who has spent his entire life breathing the rarified air of a privileged elite and who has never spent any time in the real world inhabited by the majority of the British people.

It would appear that the agenda driven PR men and media managers who control David Cameron deliberately isolate him from the world outside and only feed him what they want him to hear in order for him to perform as required in the media.

The self proclaimed heir to the universally despised Tony Blair, he is on record as describing himself as a 'progressive' therefore it can be safely assumed that he is committed to imposing the agenda of the global elite as opposed to the representing the people he has been elected to serve.            

Despite all the false promises he makes to deceive the British people that he's listening, every speech that Cameron makes is loaded with references that re-assure his handlers he is remaining loyal to the global elite and committed to their transformational agenda.

His latest pronouncement that he would like to see an Asian Prime Minister in his lifetime, along with any position that has a title, is designed to achieve several outcomes.

Firstly, immigrant communities, both new and settled, have tended to vote for the Labour Party, especially those from the Indian sub-continent. With an election imminent, this is another example of Cameron shamelessly whoring for the Asian vote. (For the benefit of American readers, what the British refer to Asian is the Indian sub-continent - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sir Lanka etc. as opposed to the Far East).    

Secondly, he is confirming to the global 'progressive' elite that despite any anti-immigration noises he may make during the election campaign - which are designed to spike the guns of the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) - he remains firmly on board with the UN and EU mandated cultural and demographic replacement agenda.

Cameron is echoing the words uttered on the BBC by UN super bureaucrat Peter Sutherland, the organisations head of the Global Forum on Migration and Development. The UN mandates that the EU must undermine national homogeneity and impose so called 'multi-cultural societies' across the continent in order to succeed economically.

It's nonsense of course, as anyone with an iota of common sense will realise when they think about for a millisecond or two. It's social engineering on a global scale. The UN has metamorphasised into a  'progressive' dominated organization that outlived its usefullness decades ago.

It's purpose today is not preventing wars or human rights abuses but promoting anti-Americanism and passing daily resolutions condemning Israel.

The cultural replacement process in Great Britain was started in earnest, and with total dedication, by Tony Blair and it is being continued with equal dedication by his chosen heir, David Cameron.

Thirdly, he is burnishing his own multi-cultural credentials in preparation for a Blair-like role when he is finally relieved of his post in British politics.

In his desperation, and in keeping with modern political discourse, Cameron and his media management team have given up even the pretence of being honest. They are openly flip flopping and lying depending on the prevailing political wind within the demographic group they are targeting on any particular day.

Last year, in response to rising Euroscepticism and the rise of the anti-immigrant groups across Europe,  both Cameron and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel were making calculated noises claiming that multi-culturalism doesn't work. Since then they have done absolutely nothing to stop it.

On the contrary, last week Frau Merkel was insisting that open borders is an absolute core value of the EU and therefore not negotiable.

It would appear that both Merkel and Cameron went off  Peter Sutherland's UN multi-cultural reservation with those remarks requiring a flip flop of epic proportions.

Cameron has since been promoting the multi-cultural cause with renewed vigour. Prior to his latest pronunciations about wanting an Asian Prime Minister, he has spoken about British politics being too white, not enough Muslim MP's, not enough MP's from ethnic minorities, Great Britain's lack of diversity is holding the country back etc. ad nauseum

On top of this he makes a point of celebrating every ethnic festival except English ones and despite all the daily evidence to the contrary from around the world he still insists on referring to Islam as the 'religion of peace'.

Cameron's Business Secretary Vince Cable, from the ever more ludicrous Liberal Democrat party, is insisting that twenty percent of FSTE 100 board members should be from ethnic minorities. This type of quota setting be it on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or anything else, runs the risk of downgrading the quality and experience of boardrooms for political reasons.

Cameron and Cable should listen to an icon of the Asian business community, Lord Bilimoria, who holds the opinion that a twenty percent target is wrong because it is out of proportion with the ethnic minorities in the population.

As an aside, Indian born Lord Bilimoria is not impressed with Cameron's immigration policy either.  He claims it sends out the wrong signals and targets the wrong people. He is especially critical of government incompetence with regard to illegal immigration.

He is particularly scathing about Cameron's Home Secretary Theresa May who he claims doesn't have a clue about illegal immigration and neither does her Department because they have lost control of it.

I would suggest that the noble Lord is not fully aware of the cultural replacement agenda which is being achieved using open border mass immigration. Cameron and May both know that illegals will never be deported and sure as death and taxes, illegals will be given amnesty in the end.

Again for the benefit of American readers, President Obama is pulling the very same stunt with illegal immigrants as they are about to find out in the near future.

The issue of success in the developed world being dependent on un-homogenising long established cultures and replacing traditional ways of life with so called 'multi-cultural societies' is more to do with global social engineering than economic growth or prosperity.

The British people need an explanation from both Cameron and Sutherland as to how a nation of people who have contributed so much to technical innovation, science, the arts etc., and also built one of the greatest civilizations in history, are now unable to tie their own shoe laces without millions of semi-literate, welfare dependent immigrants from backward cultures living in often violent mono-cultural ghettos?      

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