Friday, November 21, 2014

Politicians v The People - The Battle Of Britain Rages On

Having recently marked the centenary of the start of World War I and attended services on Remembrance Sunday honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for Great Britain's freedom, one would think that the British people would be enjoying the fruits of that sacrifice without hindrance.

Then one couldn't be more wrong. Malign forces both at home and abroad made the decision that the independent nation states of Europe, Great Britain included, must be abolished and replaced by a post democratic federal super state - in effect a United States of Europe.

This was unacheivable with the various cultures and traditional ways of life of the individual nation states, therefore these had to be destroyed in order to form a new generic European citizen.

This grandiose project would never have got off the ground had there been a consultation process or a referendum, therefore it was decided to impose it by stealth and coercion.

The initial stage in the deception was the Common Market. Once trapped inside this supposedly benign organisation morphing it into a sovereign state was relatively straight forward.

By implementing the Jean Monnet plan, sovereignty was transferred from the nation states to Brussels by deceit using a series of treaties each carefully disguised as being of mutual economic benefit. By the time the people became aware of the dastardly and thoroughly dishonest plan it was too late.

In parallel with the transfer of sovereignty, national cultures and traditional ways of life were being systematically destroyed using an open border mass immigration policy. This was coupled with coercion, anti-indigent legislation and a regime of rigidly policed political correctness.

To effect this cultural vandalism on the British people - who incidentally, didn't ask for it, weren't consulted about it and didn't want it - it became necessary for the political class to declare war on their own people.

The political establishment and the traditional institutions, together with their armies of bureaucrats, apparatchiks and sycophants, have been stuffed with Common Purpose graduates who have been specifically trained to impose the EU project together with its cultural replacement agenda.

The individual behaviors of this enemy within is too enormous to include in this article but to give an idea of how dedicated they are, a look at the last news cycle speaks volumes.

The British people demand an end to open border mass immigration. Despite solemn promises 'to reduce net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands' it continues relentlessly upwards. The latest figures show it remains in the hundreds of thousands. Those who voice their consternation are smeared as racist, xenophobes, Islamophobes or Little Englanders.

With all the indecent haste they can muster, in order to alter the cultural profile of Great Britain permanently, the politicians handed out British passports with abandon. Some two hundred thousand last year with no decrease projected any time soon. This action will also allow the multi-culturalists to re-define what comprise British values.

The school inspection regime who labour under the grandiose title of the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (OfSTED), refused to correctly grade a school in the rural English town of Market Rasen because it isn't sufficiently multi-cultural. In other words its too English. The fact the town is ninety seven percent white English doesn't register with these fanatics.

To these bureaucrats white Anglo-Saxon England is the perceived enemy they are working to destroy.
To reinforce the point that Muslims are a vitally important part of the cultural replacement agenda, and therefore deserving of special treatment, West Midlands police applied to the courts to keep the identity of a Muslim grooming gang secret to protect their human rights.

One would have thought that the ongoing grooming scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and every other English city, where the police facilitated industrial scale child abuse by Muslim paedophile gangs, they would have been more sensitive. Apparently not, the multi-cultural agenda takes a much higher priority over the wellbeing young white girls.

The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, a Mr. Ed Davey, from the ever more ludicrous Liberal Democrat Party, insults anyone who objects to the government fire hosing taxpayers money on foreign vanity projects.

Such is the contempt Mr. Davey has for the British public, questioning the policy of borrowing and spending upwards of ten billion pounds per year on foreign aid when the the national debt is soaring inexorably skyward makes one a 'Little Englander'.

Finally, Labour Party big wig and Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry, tweeted a photograph of a white van parked outside a house adorned with the flag of St George as if it was some kind of abomination. (White van man is a demographic group within the working class)

It may not appear to be an issue of consequence until one realises that in the eyes of the wealthy, metropolitan elite that has taken over the working mans party, the Cross of St. George is on the list of proscribed items because it causes offence to foreigners.

Taking offence at anything quintessentially English forms part of the mindset of the self loathing socialist/communist/liberal community that has declared war on the British people. In case anyone is unfamiliar with current terminology, these are the people that now go around calling themselves 'progressives'.

As in all wars the battles rage to and fro but this particular one ends on a positive note which gives rise to some optimism.

Thornberry's remarks were made during the Rochester and Strood by-election campaign which was subsequently won by the anti-establishment, anti-EU  United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP),
the second such by-election victory in as many months.

As for the remote, Great Britain hating, metropolitan champagne socialist Emily Thornberry?  Her ignorance and ongoing war against the British people has attracted opprobium all round resulting in her resignation from the Labour Shadow Cabinet. This hopefully will be the final nail in the coffin of Red Ed and his elitist controlled Labour Party.



  1. My local Lib Dem club is about to change into a mosque. The nearest estate agent has had a flood of people in the road put their property on the market when the news leaked.
    It amazes me that these people are prepared to disrupt their lives and spend thousands of pounds to flee this alien disgusting cult and yet most of the idiots will continue to vote liblabcon and do nothing to stop the destruction of their country.

    1. Its a mystery how they keep voting the same no matter what. I was in a pub last night in the Cynon valley, everone was moaning about immigration but they rounded on me when I said I was voting UKIP. They are all going to vote Labour (no surprises there).
      My advise was for them to stop whining as it was their lot that opened the borders.
      Having said that, I was in a different pub in the Merthyr valley tghe night before and met a few prospective UKIP voters.