Tuesday, November 25, 2014

UN Imposed Multi-Culturalism - Civilisation Itself Is Diminished

When United Nations super bureaucrat Peter Sutherland appeared on the BBC some time ago and  talked about the need for the European Union to 'undermine national homogeneity', one cannot be sure that the viewing public, let alone the public at large, realised the enormity of what he was saying.

A former head honcho at BP and Goldman-Sachs, he appeared under the guise of the UN sponsored Global Forum on Migration and Development. Like the modern day professional politician, it is unlikely that career bureaucrats such as himself has spent any quality time in the real world of the people who suffer the consequences of what they impose.  

In the minds of Sutherland and the global elite, all the problematic conditions that resulted in conflict and two world wars stemmed from the hegemony of what used to be known in leftist circles as the WASP,  the White Anglo Saxon Protestant. The usual buzzwords such as imperialism, colonialism, nationalism, inequality and the like, would all be laid at the door of the WASP.

WASP morphed into an catch-all term used to describe all people who were white with a Judaeo-Christian heritage.

With the growing influence and power of the UN came the global super bureaucrat of whom Peter Sutherland is the latest manifestation. What started as a noble effort for the worlds nations to take action in preventing wars, the UN as effectively abandoned this noble ideal and now sees itself as the world government.

What we are seeing today is the ongoing UN project to re-order the post-war world according to their vision alone, excluding everyone from outside their exclusive circle.

'Un-homogenising' as they like to call it, consists of replacing the traditional ways of life of WASP dominated cultures with so called 'multi-cultural societies'.

It has already been achieved in South Africa and Zimbabwe with disastrous consequences and it is well advanced in the Anglosphere. It is currently being imposed in Europe with equally disastrous consequences.

With two years left of his final term, President Obama is determined to finish 'fundamentally transforming' America by destroying the WASP dominated heritage of the American people. He is doing this with all the intensity of a scorched earth policy.

The borders are deliberately left open, illegal immigration is actively encouraged with amnesty and citizenship being the ultimate reward.

From five to a possible eleven million new non WASP citizens is tranformational in the extreme.

Career politicians and professional bureaucrats spend their lives in each others company, only interacting with like minded people who can comprehend a particular theory, a political philosophy or a policy and niothing else. Consequently they know very little about the real world inhabited by real  people who will suffer the practical reality of what they impose.

If they do understand the practical reality of what they impose then obviously they don't care, their re-ordering of global society is all that matters. The ending of white rule in South Africa and Zimbabwe was the aim of the UN regardless of the disastrous consequences they knew would befall the people.

The fact that the so called multi-cultural 'Rainbow Nation' has descended into a hellhole of tribalism, poverty, starvation, violence, rape and murder is of no consequence to people like Sutherland and the political elite. As long as the project to end white rule was achieved, then all's well that ends well.
Likewise in Zimbabwe with the installation of 'Butcher' Bob Mugabe, the UN's favourite Marxist dictator. The country, together its industries, its economy and its peace, has been totally destroyed but that's ok at least the white man is longer in charge.

Civilisation in South Africa and Zimbabwe has not been advanced by UN action but diminished.

The chosen method for 'undermining national homogeinty' in Europe is to impose a mythical 'multi-cultural society' via open border mass immigration combined with rigidly policed political correctness and anti-indigenate laws.

Some laws, such as hate crime laws, equality laws, animal welfare laws and child protection laws are selective, applying to indigenes only.
Since it is a practical impossibility to raise living and cultural standards in some parts of the world up to WASP levels, Sutherland and global elite are imposing global finacial and cultural equality by:

a) Redistributing wealth by a combination of foreign or development aid.

b) Transferring manfacturing industries and technology to the third world via the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

c) Redistributing wealth using the goverment sponsored perversion of science called Man Made Global Warming. Since there hasn't been any for two decades they shamelessly re-named it 'Combating Climate Change' and carried on redistributing taxpayers money regardless.

d) Instigating a cultural and demographic replacement policy by encouraging open border mass immigration from backward, incompatible cultures. These cultures are encouraged not to integrate while the indigenous population are cohersed into accepting them, together with some of their barbaric practices, under threat of prosecution.

With the 'un-homogenising' of Great Britain being the prime objective - as opposed to the wellbeing of the people - Peter Sutherland and the global elite will not be the slightest bit concerned that their so called multi-cultural society consists of thousands of mono-cultural, violent, crime ridden, welfare financed ghettoes that are unrecognisable as being British.


As is the case in Southern Africa, British society, along with its civilsed culture and its benign way of life has been downgraded and diminished so that career politicians and agenda driven professional bureaucrats can feel self satisfied that their 'progressive' re-ordering of the world is being achieved regardless of the cost to civilised standards.


  1. The UN aren't the only ones responsible for bringing South Africa/Zimbabwe down. No - there were a host of outside forces which banded together to achieve the downfall of the two strongest countries in sub-Sahara Africa. Britain also played her part - with sanctions and the harbouring of terrorists. Today you have a statue of the murdering terrorist Nelson Mandela proudly displayed in London.

    And it wasn't only Britain - it was Sweden too, with the Swedish government FUNDING the ANC and the murdering communists, helping to blow innocent people up - including blacks. All to agitate and destablise the country.Still today Sweden is intent on committing cultural suicide as they race to the bottom by embracing those of a dark-skinned hue.

    And then of course there was America with Kissinger, who started the process of handing over Zimbabwe to a bunch of murdering psychopath liberation fighters. Same in South Africa, where a group of murdering communists were handed the country on a gold platter, to the applause of the world.

    Today, of course, South Africa is a dump and becoming another failed African state. It was once the shining beacon on the African hill - a country where Blacks enjoyed the highest living, education, and health standards on the African continent - if not the world. We had the biggest economy, and other African blacks were trying to get into the country, not out. They knew it was a safe, clean and successful country, with electricity, running water, the best healthcare and a powerful army to protect them.

    Now it's in the hands of militant communist totalitarian dictators. Well done to everyone who worked so hard to make this a reality while our men and boys fought and died on the border to prevent the exact scenario from unfolding.

    What people didn't realise was that the enemy was our own President de Klerk and his fellow liberal wanker traitors. A country can withstand an enemy from outside, but not from within. South Africa is a prime example of this truth.

  2. Thanks for commenting and sharing your views.

    When the disastrous repurcussions of imposed multi-culturalism hit home in the west the treachery suffered by you and your compatriots will become more apparent. The downgrading of the Anglosphere and WASP dominated cultures is part of the same ongoing project which mandated the sell outs in South Africa/Zimbabwe.

    You are right in that it wasn't the UN alone but the leaders of the constituent countries that brought this treachery about so they have blood on their hands. Not that they care, they achieved their objective so it was mission accomplished.

    The people of the WASP cultures are learning the hard way by experiencing the slow eradication of their way of life, with the rape capital of the world, Sweden, leading the way.

    As you correctly point out, its not the enemy at the gates that is the danger but the Obamas, the Camerons, the Cleggs and the rest of the Quisling political class that are selling out their countries from within.

    1. The world will one day ask white South Africans how to impose Apartheid in their countries. Mark my words.

      South Africa was ahead of times. We saw very quickly that you can't live with cultures which differ so much from your own. Each of the 11 black tribes were given their own homeland to live as per their culture. A true multi-cultural country. Unfortunately, the blacks were unable to create any wealth on their own - even though they were supported financially and helped all the way by the ever-suffering white race. We paid nearly 100% of the taxes, with 85% going to support the black homelands. Yet, they couldn't even plant a corn crop or farm for their own people, despite having some of the best agricultural lands. It's why they were nomads in the far past. Once an area was destroyed they moved on. They came from central Africa round about the same time the white Europeans arrived in the Cape - so the Europeans have just as much right to claim South Africa as the blacks, yet all we hear is how we "colonised" the land. They don't say the same for the nomadic black tribes though.

      Already you see self separation as the lesser cultures move into areas all across the western world. It's quaintly referred to as "white flight". All it is, is separation by another name. We just gave our white flight the name Apartheid......

    2. No need to wait L L, history has already proven you correct. As I mentioned in the article, government sponsored, welfare financed seperate development is now the norm in Great Britain and the Anglosphere.

      England is littered with mono-cultural and single nationality ghettos each doing their own thing. If thats not Apartheid then I don't know what is.

      Thanks for your perspective on hiustory, its worth exploring further.