Thursday, November 27, 2014

Terrorist Attack Inevitable - Government Ramps Up Mass Immigration

Some news items are so disturbing one has to re-read them several times to understand how the conditions arose for such things to happen. At first glance the severity of a story can mask its origins but a little focus and analysis usually reveals the cause. That cause would be politicians making illogical, irrational or incompetent decisions that fly in the face of common sense.

The current leaders of the British political pack have availed themselves of the most exclusive and expensive education money can buy. They went on to some of the best universities in the world including Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

Their handlers and groomers then fast tracked them into lobbying companies, merchant banks, the UN, the EU or the BBC for a few years, before bringing them to rest in the party political machines they dwell in today.

One would think that somewhere along this education super-highway they would have acquired some common sense to foresee some of the the consequences of their policies then take the appropriate action.

A look around the current news cycle and their response should dispel that notion once and for all.

i) 'Police and security officials state categorically that a Muslim terrorist attack on Great Britain is inevitable'.
(Story here)

No sh*t Sherlock is the remark that comes immediately to mind. The 7/7 and 21/7 terrorists attacks on the London Transport system must have slipped the governments mind, along with the brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in a London street in broad daylight.

The government have allowed Muslim ghettos to spread and radical Islam fester unhindered in mosques and madrassas the length and breadth of the country. They indulge their every demand no matter how minor or how objectionable to the British people. This has emboldened them to make more and even bigger demands such as everyone must submit to Islam and sharia law or else.

ii) 'British documented Muslim brothers have been sent to prison for attending terrorist training camps in Syria'.

Only someone without an ounce of foresight can actually countenance the response of the political establishment to this. Mohommod and Hamza Nawaz shared an extremist ideology and made their way to Syria via Calais, Lyon, Istanbul and Ankara, for the purpose of jihad.

In a statement of jaw dropping naivety,  the judge said that the pair  "who are British of Pakistani origin, did not plan to carry out attacks in the UK and that their ambition was to join extremists fighting against the Syrian regime". He therefore gave them derisory four and three year sentences, which with the customary fifty percent reduction they could be out in eighteen months to two years.

Are they harmless bumbling amateurs looking to impress their peers as their defence lawyer suggests?  Not quite, by travelling abroad, Mohommod Nawaz breached the terms of a licence after he was jailed for six years in 2009 for blackmail, false imprisonment, kidnap and wounding.
(Story here)

iii) 'British ex-soldiers volunteering to fight the Islamic State could be prosecuted for murder'.

Only British politicians and their establishment can offer rehabilitation and monitoring to some of the most brutal savages on the planet who, prior to their return 'home', have committed some of the most horrific crimes imaginable but threaten prosecution to those who volunteer to go fight them.
iv) 'British Muslim jihadi taunts police and MI5 on Twitter from the Islamic State in Syria'.

Siddhartha Dhar from London was one of nine men who were detained on suspicion of supporting terrorism. He is believed to have met and possibly mentored Michael Adebolajo, one of the brutal killers of Drummer Rigby.
In an incomprehensible act that defies logic, Dhar was released on bail and ordered to hand in his passport. Less than twenty four hours later he's on his way to Syria with his entire family where he Tweets photographs of himself with an assault rifle and his new born son to the police and the intelligence services.
(Story here)

v) 'A gang who battered a dad in front of his family were convicted Polish thugs who were allowed to stroll into the UK'.
Professor Paul Kohler suffered appalling injuries during a robbery at his home by four violent career criminal thugs. The thugs in question had a history of extreme violence and the ring leader was on the run from a Polish prison.

They saw Great Britain's wealthy suburbs as a soft touch but the softest touch of all were the customs and immigration 'service' who let them stroll across the border without question.
(Story here)
And finally, as anyone with just the minutest skills of observation will attest, the root cause of all these news items is the governments EU mandated policy of open border mass immigration.

One would think that taking control of the borders would be the first of a multitude steps that would be necessary to relieve the suffering of the British people.

vi) Despite a 'no ifs, no buts' cast iron promise by David Cameron to limit net immigration to the tens of thousands, it is at its highest level since the Norman invasion of William the Conquerer in 1066.

The latest figures released yesterday revealed that five hundred and eighty three thousand people immigrated onto this tiny windswept island in the North Atlantic last year, with a net increase of two hundred and sixty thousand.
(Story here)

The strain on the country's physical and social infrastructure is unsustainable let on its finances and community relations. The government and its army of like minded officials in the establishment absolutely refuse to listen to people and address these issues. This is because they have surrendered the power to govern Great Britain to the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable EU bureaucrats in Brussels.

News items such as these are a daily occurrence and the tip of the iceberg, unless appropriate action is taken to end the suffering of the British people it will end in tears.



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