Thursday, February 5, 2015

Halcyon Days - Before Islam Was Imposed On The Unsuspecting

One only has to look at how life was a few decades ago to realise just what carnage has been wreaked upon Great Britain, its culture and its way if life. I suspect this is the case with the other countries that make up the Anglosphere but that is for others to ponder.

In my own case childhood was spent in poverty in the South Wales coalfield among the wreckage of the Industrial Revolution, however I don't recall being unhappy, angry or inclined to violence or a life of crime.

Like most other industrial areas of Great Britain, life was hard but relatively peaceful, revolving around family, community, school and chapel; although the latter was in decline much like the traditional industries.

The order of growing up was was fairly standard consisting of a teenage rebellion, finding a job, meeting a girl, getting  married and starting a family of your own. Outside of work and family life recreation revolved around sport including football, rugby, cricket and horse racing; annual highlights of which were the FA Cup final, the Five Nations rugby championship, cricket Test matches - especially those against Australia and the West Indies - the Grand National and the Epsom Derby.

There were other traditional annual sporting events such as the Wimbledon tennis championships and the University boat race that solicited a following but the main observation that can be drawn was that life in general was all quite benign.

On the cultural and political fronts there was the annual Remembrance Ceremony at the Cenotaph, Trooping the Colour at Horse guards Parade to celebrate the Queens birthday, the State opening of Parliament, Budget Day, the Trades Union Congress and many other events celebrated in the regions such as the Durham Miners Gala etc.

The biggest celebrations and longed for events were Christmas, Easter, Guys Fawkes Day and summer holidays, which included a week at the seaside during miners fortnight when the pits closed down for a hiatus.

I realise that I have painted a very broad picture and used my creative licence to the full but although life was far from perfect, society was progressing slowly and on the whole life was uncomplicated with few, if any, disruptive outside influences.

This British way of life has been systematically erased by an agenda driven political elite. National symbols or festivals marking its Judaeo-Christian heritage are discouraged or banned because they are deemed to be 'offensive'. The British people are being cajoled, bullied and threatened to change their way of life and to accommodate alien cultures and religions from outside.

This includes being forced to accept practices that are nothing short of barbaric. Words and practices that were unheard of few decades ago are now a part of the everyday lexicon. They have become so commonplace they no longer solicit the horror and disgust that they would have done in previous years.

Beheading was a word confined to the history of Henry VIII and his wives, now it's in every day use as Muslims, some born and raised in Great Britain, behead their way across the middle east and Africa.

Female Genital Mutilation may be barbaric and illegal but it's rife in Great Britain and tolerated by the authorities on the grounds of 'cultural sensitivity'.

The establishment have invented a politically correct term to cover one of the most heinous crimes that they have committed in pursuit of their cultural replacement agenda. CSE is now routinely used as a cover for Child Sexual Exploitation. This in turn is used in order to soften the actual issue - Muslim paedophile gangs.

In many of Great Britain's towns and cities Muslim paedophile gangs were allowed to groom under age white girls then subject them to rape and horrific sexual abuse before pimping them out as sex slaves. This abomination was carried out with the full knowledge of the entire political establishment and local authorities. It included local government officials and their bureaucrats, the police, school teachers, social workers and child welfare officials.

Official inquiries into these horrific crimes have revealed that there were at least fourteen hundred victims in the English town of Rotherham alone with as many as forty thousand countrywide. 'Cultural sensitivity' is cited as a reason for this horror along with fear of being labelled as 'racist.'

To the eternal shame of the 'progressive' political  elite, together with their bureaucrats and the useful idiots who do their dirty work, political correctness in pursuit of 'multi-culturalism' takes priority over the well being of innocent young girls.

The cover up is still going years after the scandal was exposed as the the authorities close ranks to protect their own. At time of writing no one in authority who oversaw these crimes against children has been prosecuted and the victims have so far received no justice or compensation for their ruined lives.

In addition to this, despite being against the law, the British are being forced to accept halal meat, polygamous marriages, incestuous child marriages, spousal abuse, family murder, which is known by its politically correct term of 'honour killing'.

And so the nightmare goes on and ever on; it is becoming apparent that the Muslim community are offended by anything that forms part of the British way of life. They refuse to serve customers with bacon or bottles of wine in a grocery store, they are offended by everything from bikini's on a beach to sniffer dogs at the airport.

They demand their own exclusive areas administered by their own theocrats and governed by shariah law. It would appear that the only thing they are not offended by is infidel financed free stuff such as housing, healthcare and welfare entitlements.

This destruction and cultural vandalism started when representative politics changed from being a public service to a lucrative career for power hungry ideologues with a global 'progressive' agenda to impose.

This global political elite found the dominance of white Judaeo-Christian cultures, which included Great Britain and its way of life, offensive and an obstacle to their vision of a re-ordered, egalitarian post World War II war world.

After their own Wansee Conference they set in motion their final solution of the Judaeo-Christian dominance problem. It began in earnest with the destruction of Rhodesia and South Africa with the destruction of Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the rest of the EU following close behind.
(Muslim ingrate wants white people to be a lost species)

In another decade or so the fundamental transformation of Great Britain will be complete with the biggest prize of all, the USA, not far behind.


  1. Another good post Daniel…

    It appears that the self defensive wall placed around Rotherham's police farce is starting to fracture, proving that there are some good police officers within who wish to speak out. Arrests against the bad coppers within are imminent - one can only hope they spend their last free days worrying themselves sick as they wait for the 'knock-knock' from an outside force.

    The councillors responsible for the debacle can remain silent for the time being, which they too will be reminded about when they are arrested, as it is their right to remain so until a solicitor is appointed - no comment there after will be deemed an admission of guilt in a court of law.

    As for the barstewards guilty of the heinous crimes portrayed, they should be left to rot at HM's pleasure for the remainder of their miserable life - or given the option of assisted suicide, of which, I would gladly offer my services as a despatching assistant…. Yours Aye.

    1. Thanks EB. Its amazing to me that anyone with a conscience or a modicum of decency - coppers, councillors, social workers, school teachers et al. wouldn't hold their hands up, declare their compliance and take their punishment in order to atone for their cowardice.

      I hope you are right that they are living in fear of a knock on the door from the forces of good.

      Regardless of their cultural or religious excuses, I hope the perpetrators get whats coming to them, in this world or the next.