Thursday, May 7, 2015

Whoever Wins The British Election England Will Lose

As the British people go to the polls in what has been described as the most important election in a generation, the outcome has never been more assured. England and its people will lose by a huge margin.

With seventy five percent of British laws coming from the European Union, all the major players who will eventually form a coalition government are committed to surrendering the other twenty five percent.

What the British people are voting for is the right of their chosen candidate to wield the rubber stamp for the deluge of laws and regulations that will inevitably pour forth from Brussels when their candidates take power on Friday.

The election itself is too close to call and it is predicted that no single party will have enough seats to form a government on its own. The party with the most seats will most likely form a coalition government in harness with one or more of the minor parties.

With the exception of the United Kingdom Independence Party, referred to as Ukip, and some remaining diehards in the Conservative and Northern Irish parties, all the remaining parties that are available for coalition are anti-English.

The Labour Party's move to the far left has been dramatic since the trade union sponsored Marxist, Ed Miliband, was installed as its leader. His entire family led by his late father, Adolph, has been dedicated to the downfall of Great Britain with a communist system being installed in its place.

Red Ed as he is known is committed to Great Britain surrendering whats left of its sovereignty and  being fully absorbed in the United States of Europe federal superstate. Further more he has let it be known that the British people will not be consulted or have a say via a referendum. In true Marxist fashion his contempt for the people is total.

The Scottish Nationalist Party, known by its initials the SNP, despise the English with unbridled passion. They will do everything in their power to break up the current United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and set up an independent socialist country governed by Scots in Edinburgh.

Their visceral hatred for England and the English people has blinded them to the fact that an independent Scotland will be governed, as now, by EU bureaucrats in Brussels and not locally grown socialist ideologues in Edinburgh.

In tandem with the SNP, the Welsh Party, known as Plaid Cymru, is another English hating nationalist party that espouses an independent socialist country governed by them in Cardiff. Like the SNP they haven't quite worked out how they will do this when all power to legislate will be held in Brussels.

The Welsh people are renown for their blind obedience to the Labour Party no matter how their loyalty has been abused over the years, therefore Plaid Cymru are seen more as an irritant as opposed to a serious political player.

If they throw they hands in with the SNP and Red ED's Labour Party they may be able to extract some concessions but their influence over all will be minimal.

The ridiculously named Liberal Democrat Party is a disgrace to political life and to democracy itself. This party is nothing more than a well financed group of power hungry charlatans and consummate liars who traverse the country saying whatever needs to be said to any particular group in order to secure their vote. Having secured them they promptly renege and continue pursuing their pro-EU, socialist agenda as before.

They are fanatically dedicated to the United States of Europe and long for the day when England is no more and Great Britain is reduced to a group of provinces in the greater European federal superstate.

This brings us to the Conservative Party who are forecast to be the largest party after the election and will consequently get first dibs at forming a coalition government.

Like the other parties, this party is committed to the United States of Europe project and who has lost most support to Ukip. Its leader, David Cameron, is a fanatical Europhile who is falsely promising to re-negotiate British terms of membership of the EU while at the same engineering its expansion into the former Soviet republics.

Envisaging a European Union Empire "from the Ural Mountains in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west" are hardly the words of someone who is not totally committed to the EU project.

Since all these parties are as one when it comes to the European Union project, which includes imposing so called 'multi-cultural societies' using open border mass immigration, whichever combination forms the next government, England will be doomed.      
The pro-EU ideologies of all the party leaders demands that they surrender the remaining twenty five percent of Great Britain's legislative power to Brussels as commanded by the Lisbon Treaty which was signed without the promised referendum.

Scotland and Wales will survive as national entities in the United States of Europe albeit powerless but it is proposed that England will be divided into North and South with one region being aligned with Scandinavia and the other with France and Spain.

Outside of Ukip, England has no friends, not even its own people, who will vote in their millions for the anti-England parties who's final act will be to legislate for their own demise.

The following words have been ringing through my head all day and after writing this article I know exactly why ."You don't know what you've missed till its gone, they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot"

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