Monday, October 10, 2016

Insanity - Killing America Over Harmless Laddish Banter

The declared intention of Barack Hussein Obama, the current President of the USA and titular leader of the so called free world, was to 'fundamentally transform' his country, but since his country was already the greatest and most prosperous nation in history, he could only have meant to fundamentally downgrade and destroy it.

As the American people go to the polls the disastrous consequences of the Obama 'fundamental transformation' should be kept uppermost in their minds. The export of America's industrial base and subsequent loss of jobs, the importation of cheap labour to hoover up whatever jobs are left, while importing criminal gangs, drug smugglers, Islamic terrorists, welfare colonists and an assortment of other anti-American riff raff from all corners of the backward uncivilized world.

They should bear in mind the trashing of America's image abroad and the subjugation of the President to foreign dictators and despots who despise America and all its works. These are the same dictators and despots who are financing the terrorists that are killing Americans in their own attempt to destroy the USA.

The Obama 'fundamental transformation' has deliberately divided the country along racial, religious and economic lines whereby income inequality applies only to those outside the exclusive circles inhabited by the corrupted rich and powerful.

The people's power guaranteed to them by their Constitution has been usurped by this corrupt criminal cabal who will not relinquish their iron grip under any circumstances.

The bought-and-paid-for, wholly owned and operated Democrat party candidate, Hillary Clinton, has promised to carry on with this fundamental transformation until traditional America is first downgraded then destroyed.

She will impose the exact same policies that are responsible for the the current destruction of Europe which includes unbalanced global trade agreements, open borders and the free movement of people.

If this isn't destructive enough she wants to increase the number of unvetted immigrants from Syria and the other middle east wars zones she helped to create by 500% and give amnesty to some 13 million illegal immigrants, all in her first 100 days in office.

The resultant demographic shift will be irreversible and it will ensure there will never be a Republican or conservative government ever again. For all intents and purposes the USA will become a one party state just like the rest of the undeveloped, uncivilized world.

A Clinton administration will appoint three or possibly four Supreme Court judges for lifetime terms which will result in the abandonment of the Constitution, the instrument that guarantees the liberties of all Americans and which facilitated its greatness.

Add into this toxic mix the tax, spend, borrow and debt policies so beloved of Democrats and socialists around the world and it's game over.

Love him or loathe him, and flawed as he may be, the only threat to the Clinton led criminal cabal and the subsequent nightmare scenario is billionaire businessman and Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

He's no saint nor does he pretend to be, what you see is what you get; an anti-establishment patriot who, like millions of his fellow Americans, is dismayed at the wanton destruction of his country by a corrupt, agenda driven self serving cartel of power hungry crooks. He has been honest and outspoken about his intention to make America great again by confronting head-on and ending the iron grip on power of the corrupt establishment and returning this power back to it's rightful owners, i.e the American people.

From the start of his campaign Trump has been criticized for his tone and his politically incorrect language, the same language that is resonating with the silent majority of the American people who, like their British counterparts, have been silenced by the same overbearing, rigidly policed regime of political correctness.

The popularity and ascendancy of Donald Trump has put the fear of God into the Clinton led criminal cabal and the corrupt establishment like never before.  They can see their hold on power being forced from their grasp and they will do everything in their power to stop him and destroy his campaign.

This latest manufactured media blitz to topple Trump and destroy his candidacy is so obviously contrived it's not just embarrassing, it's downright pathetic. The phony outrage at some laddish remarks made in jest over a decade ago and the attempt to use them as an indication of misogyny is truly desperate stuff and pale in comparison to the language used by former Presidents and other political aspirants.

Actions speak louder than words but the appalling mistreatment of women by John, Robert and Edward Kennedy, although legendary, is being downplayed or ignored as is the predatory behavior of Bill Clinton.

Almost the entire political class give moral equivalence to Islam, the most misogynistic and violent cults on the planet and not only invite them into the country but actually force the American people to accept some of their barbaric practices under threat of prosecution if they object or voice a disapproving opinion.

Hillary Clinton and her dodgy Foundation accept tens of millions of dollars from some of the most misogynistic regimes on the planet including medieval Saudi Arabia where punishments for women include public flogging, facial disfigurement, beheading and stoning to death.

Early indications are that the sensible American public are treating this manufactured media storm and it's subsequent howls of phony outrage with the contempt it deserves and maintaining their faith in the only candidate that is prepared to take on the corrupt establishment and halt the destruction of their beloved country.



  1. Mr Thomas, I wish there was a way of stomping your message into the heads of the undecideds and/or the uninformed. It is SO obvious why HRC should NOT become President that I am completely flabbergasted as to why she still has so much support.

    Outlaw Mike/Belgium

    1. I am at a loss to explain the mass of support for HRC when she is so obviously crooked and anti-American.

      I hope the American people come to their senses before election day