Tuesday, October 4, 2016

On The Precipice - Socialism For The 21st Century Has Arrived

As the Presidential campaign in the USA enters the final furlong with the winning post in sight the American people will have to decide on a new leader after being subjected to an eighteen month torrent of lies and half truths, claims and counter claims along with personal insults of unprecedented ferocity.

When all is said and done the choice they will have on election day is stark and crystal clear. Do they want to continue with the American dream of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in a free enterprise system with constitutionally limited government or the nightmare of a downgraded, mediocre backwater ruled permanently by big government tax and spend socialists dedicated to the UN globalists agenda?

To help the American people decide, and to dispel any accusations of exaggeration, I would encourage them to take note of the latest developments from Great Britain concerning the Labour Party and it's vision for the future. I would also encourage them to note the comparison with the Clinton/Obama Democrat agenda and their vision for the future of the USA.

The Labour Party are the second largest party in the Westminster parliament and consequently in a very powerful position that, depending on the performance of the current administration, could very well form the next government of Great Britain.

This once noble and well intentioned political party always considered itself to be a broad church encompassing all shades of opinion from the centre ground to the far-left. After a silent and meticulously planned coup by the far-left this is no longer the case.

Some of the party faithful along with planted extremists from the far-left have elected the life long communist Jeremy Corbyn as it's new leader who in turn has installed a fellow communist, Jim McDonnell as his Shadow Chancellor. Both these men are ideological disciples of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao but they are pale in comparison to their recently appointed Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, Seamus Milne.

Milne is an unapologetic disciple of Josef Stalin. Yes that's the same Josef Stalin that murdered some 50 million of his own citizens in the name of his communist ideology.

With this new leadership firmly entrenched they have now announced their intention to achieve power and deliver 'socialism of the 21st century' to the British people. (See here)

Bernie Sanders aside, leading socialists and communists in America are not quite so overt as their British counterparts, choosing instead to clothe their party, along with their ideology and agenda, with more PR friendly terms such as 'Liberal' and 'Progressive' or as Hillary Clinton refers to herself, 'Progressive Democrat'.

Whatever fancy titles they give themselves it's their agenda and malign intentions that expose them for what they really are.

Compare the attitudes and policies of Clinton/Obama and the Democrats with those of Corbyn/McDonnell and the Labour party then note the similarities.

Corbyn and McDonnell loathe Great Britain, it's history and it's culture; to that end they support open border, mass immigration from the third world. They have put no limit on numbers despite the shortage of housing, jobs, school places, health care provision and money.

They are globalists who are committed to a borderless world governed by a UN based political elite.

They smear anyone who questions this destructive policy as racists, bigots, xenophobes or Fascist.

They are committed to the Islamification of Great Britain and promote the religious, cultural and moral equivalence of this incompatible and obviously backward death cult as practiced by the majority of Muslims. The declared intention of radical Muslim terrorists to commit mass murder is being studiously ignored with victims being considered as collateral damage in the great cultural replacement crusade.

As with mass immigration they smear anyone who questions this cultural destruction as Islamophobes or intolerant far-right nationalists.

In typical socialist fashion, and despite the unsustainable national debt, they intend to embark on a spending binge of unprecedented proportions; this will include the usual wet dream items such as increasing the minimum wage to an unaffordable ten pounds per hour, expanding the hated foreign aid budget, and extending welfare benefit entitlements to every adult in the country.

(Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have not gone as far as extending welfare benefits to everyone just yet but socialists have a history of following precedents so it may well come in the future)

Corbyn and the Labour party want a National Education Service which will be funded by levies on businesses which, if the current state education system is anything to go by, will be nothing more than a brainwashing operation delivering government propaganda to young impressionable minds.

They intend to borrow a mind boggling half trillion pounds (500 billion) to start up a centrally controlled National Investment Bank which will finance, among other things, the nationalization of the railways and other key industries. They have also promised to built a million new homes and impose a total ban on fracking.

(Read about the insanity here)

They plan to pump endless more millions into the failed National Health Service (known in the USA as socialized medicine). Constructed for conditions in postwar Great Britain, the unreformed NHS has grown into an inefficient monolithic bureaucracy that is a black hole for taxpayer money and no longer fit for purpose.

The Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, was planned as a stepping stone to a single payer system which will use the NHS as a blueprint.

They intend to increase the wages of public sector workers without any kind of reform or increases in efficiency or productivity.

There are other areas of massive unfunded spending such as combating climate change and continued payments to the EU for access to their overrated single market so this list of items is by no means complete.

They plan to raise the money by 'asking everyone to pay a little more in taxes' including an increase in the top rate to 50%, increased taxes on businesses, an increase in corporation tax and an increase in borrowing. If this isn't enough, and it won't be, they plan to fire up the presses and print the money.

It doesn't take an avid researcher to discover that this 'socialism of the 21st century' is nothing new since the ideology doesn't change from one century to another.

These are the same economy wrecking policies that failed in the 19th and 20th centuries. The railways along with every other key industry were nationalized by the 1947 Labour government and subsequently failed.

A National Enterprise Board was put in place by the Harold Wilson Labour government in the 1970's and also failed. Whole sectors of Great Britain's once formidable industrial base were either decimated or disappeared entirely.

The state comprehensive education system put in place by the same Wilson government in the late 1960's failed to such an extent that basic educational standards have plummeted and upward mobility for the least well off has ceased.

Socialism in 20th century Great Britain resulted in industrial decline, record unemployment, poverty, misery and the ignominy of a British Chancellor of the Exchequer grovelling cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund for loan to bail out the bankrupt economy.

One cannot fail to mention that Jeremy Corbyn and his acolytes were enthusiastic supporters of the Hugo Chavez socialist revolution in Venezuela but never mention that sad and sorry country as an example of 21st century socialism. In fact they never mention it all since it's fall into poverty, misery and violent unrest.

In conclusion, I would humbly suggest that the American electorate ignore the appalling mainstream media whores and look at the damage that 20th century socialism has done to Great Britain and the further damage that it's 21st century offspring will do in the future should Corbyn and his comrades ever secure power.

These are the same policies that the Clinton/Obama Democrats want to impose on the American people which will be equally disastrous for them as it was for the British.

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