Thursday, October 27, 2016

Brexit Hero Censured Then Treated The Offending Bureaucrat With Contempt

Nothing can lighten the heart of abused patriots more than watching one of their elected representatives publicly treat one of the most powerful European Union bureaucrats with complete and utter contempt. What gives it even more satisfaction is that he did it using an article of scorn introduced into popular usage by Winston Churchill, arguably Great Britain's most loved and greatest Prime Minister.

When Brexit hero Nigel Farage referred to two leading Europhile Members of the British Parliament as 'quislings'  and the 'high priests of European federalism' he was censured by the odious German socialist, Martin Schultz who, when he's not putting his visceral hatred for Great Britain on public display, is the unelected President of the phony European Parliament.

What made matters infinitely worse for 'President' Schultz was that Farage had the temerity to make his charge of treachery at the very heart of his power, i.e. the chamber of the European Parliament. As usual Farage and his small band of fellow Brexiteers was outnumbered and surrounded on all sides by his enemies and the enemies of freedom. (See the whole episode here)

Anti-Great Britain fanatics Nick Clegg and 'Red' Ed Miliband are the former leaders of the Liberal Democrats and Far-left Labour Party respectively. They both resigned their positions after being rejected by the British people at the last general election but they remain Members of Parliament.

The article of scorn was named after Norwegian traitor, Vidkun Quisling, who surrendered his country's sovereignty to Germany during World War II then governed Norway on behalf of the National Socialist German Workers Party until their defeat by the Allies.

Despite the overwhelming vote for Brexit, Miliband and Clegg are still actively campaigning for what is left of British sovereignty to be surrendered to the German dominated European Union with themselves in the Westminster Parliament governing Great Britain on behalf of the mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

In modern usage 'quisling' is used in reference to people who's loyalty is not to their native country but to an occupying force or to a foreign entity with which they actively and willingly collaborate to subvert the nation. Therefore the use of 'quisling' for Messrs. Clegg and Miliband is accurate and wholly appropriate.

Nobody could deliver scorn quite like Winston Churchill and he did it with particular venom when he addressed the allied delegates in June 1941:

"A vile race of Quislings - to use a new word which will carry the scorn of mankind down the centuries - is hired to fawn upon the conqueror, to collaborate in his designs and to force his rule upon their fellow countrymen while grovelling low themselves. Such is the plight of once glorious Europe".

As potent as they are, words alone cannot convey the complete, utter and absolute contempt Churchill held for those who would surrender their countries' sovereignty to a foreign entity and then collaborate with that same entity to rule the subject people on its behalf.

Freedom lovers and British patriots take heart, boost your morale and listen to the great man deliver the speech here

Churchill used it again when he addressed both Houses of Congress in December 1941 after America entered the war:

"Hope has returned to the hearts of scores of millions of men and women, and with that hope there burns a flame of anger against the brutal corrupt invader. And still more fiercely burn the fires of hatred and contempt for the filthy Quislings whom he has suborned".

These words of contempt and scorn are as fitting today as they were when they were delivered by Winston Churchill back in 1941. They describe accurately the treacherous Clegg, Miliband and a host of other prominent people and celebrities who are indeed 'hired to fawn upon the conqueror and to collaborate in their designs to force their rule upon their fellow countrymen while grovelling low themselves'.

Shame on them and curse on all their houses. They are insulting our 'Glorious Dead' with their treachery and they have surrendered the right to call themselves British.

* For the record, after the war Vidkun Quisling suffered the fate that all traitors should suffer, he was tried for murder and high treason, found guilty then put up against a wall and shot by firing squad.


  1. I can think of a number of "quislings" who are currently suborning their countries to the UN and collaborating with the destruction of their own country's sovereignty.

  2. Me too and that includes the leaders of most western countries. They deserve the same fate as the late Mr. Quisling

  3. "arguably Great Britain's most loved and greatest Prime Minister."


    1. Not everyone agrees with my opinion of Churchill, to many he was their least loved Prime Minister. Therefore 'arguably' is correct usage in this case.

    2. Fair enough.

      In my own view he was, by a huge margin, the greatest Prime Minister we have ever had the fortune to have and at just the right time. If Halifax had taken the job in May 1940 we would have rolled over. All due credit to him for recognising Churchill as the better man.

      Churchill, arguably, saved the World.

    3. I agree with your opinion of Churchill and of your interpretation of history with reference to Halifax.

      To complete the hat trick I also agree with your use of 'arguably' in this case.