Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Speaker Bercow Joins The Campaign To Delegitimize President Trump

It should come as no surprise that the supposedly neutral Speaker of the House Commons, John Bercow, disregarded centuries of tradition and the rules of the House concerning his role as Speaker and insult, denigrate and otherwise impugn the character of the President of the United States of America.

Apart from his penchant for self-publicity and aggrandizement Speaker Bercow is despised by many in the House of Commons - and the country at large for that matter - for his blatant bias and general groveling to the powerful and the global elite.

The fact that his attack on President Trump used the false narrative manufactured by the globalists of racism, sexism and a disregard for the law is the clearest indication yet that Speaker Bercow is either a fully-fledged member of the global political elite or a puppet acting on their behalf.

Judging by his previous utterances and imbecilities it can only be the latter but I digress.

The five decade long plan by the UN/EU global elite for a one world government over a borderless, egalitarian world came to a shuddering halt when the British people voted to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump on a campaign promise to put the American people first and make ‘America Great Again.’

The global elite have invested too much effort and treasure to abandon their project on the basis of a referendum and a Presidential election. They will disregard both results and use every means at their disposal to derail Brexit and delegitimize President Trump.

We have already seen the Brexit process and President Trump’s legal and constitutional Executive Order on immigration from terrorist states blocked in the courts by embedded political activists masquerading as judges.

Over the decades that the globalist agenda as been in play, operatives have been infiltrated into positions of power and influence in every organization and institution such as the civil service, the media and national legislatures including the British Houses of Parliament and the American Congress.

The narrative used by Speaker Bercow to attack President Trump is same that is being repeated in Goebbelesque fashion throughout America and the western democracies with the intention of smearing the President as a racist, a sexist and a Fascist to the point where his Presidency is delegitimized and his position made untenable.

The twisting of facts and the outright lies used by Bercow are not only unbecoming of a Speaker of the House they do not stand up to the most superficial scrutiny.

He begins his manufactured sanctimonious moralizing by stating that he was opposed to President Trump addressing Parliament “before the imposition of the migrant ban” and even more so after. He doesn’t say where he gets his information from about the ‘migrant ban’ or why he feels this way about a man he has never met or had any dealings with whatsoever.
Along with the rest of the informed world Bercow knows full well that no ‘immigrant ban’ has been imposed but rather a temporary halt to immigration from seven terrorist infested countries that were highlighted by the intelligence agencies as a clear and present danger to the American people.

This moratorium is to remain in place until proper vetting procedures can be put in place and the safety of the American people guaranteed. This measure formed an important part of the President’s election campaign which he won decisively.

Continually repeating this nonsense is designed to embed in the consciousness of the brainwashed and generally uniformed populace that President Trump is indeed a racist, anti-immigrant and an Islamophobe.

If some locker room banter from decades ago is the only grounds Bercow has to smear President Trump as a sexist then he needs to get out more; as we know from his wife Sally’s recollection of her university days, women are equally adept at publicly voicing their desires for fondling parts of the male anatomy and in her case not only in jest. (See here)

Without producing a shred of evidence Bercow goes on to insinuate that President Trump doesn’t believe in equality under the law or an independent judiciary and is thus unfit to address the British Parliament.

As with the non-existent ‘immigrant ban’ informed people are aware that Bercow is fabricating evidence in order to smear the President and thus justify denying him the honor of addressing Parliament.

President Trump’s Executive Order on migrants from terrorist countries is not only legal and constitutional but set by precedent; President Reagan used his legal authority to ban certain classes of immigrants on five occasions, President G H W Bush once, President Clinton twelve times, President G W Bush six times and the sainted President Obama an astonishing nineteen times.

It must be noted that despite his nineteen ‘immigration bans’ and disregard for the law concerning sanctuary cities, the crawling and fawning over President Obama by Speaker Bercow was demeaning and an embarrassment to the nation.

This obvious attempt by Bercow to impugn the character President Trump using the favorite establishment smears of racism and sexism, along with supposed disrespect for law, are designed to question the Presidents Trump’s legitimacy and therefore his fitness to address the British Parliament; it raises two further important issues.

Firstly, there is the sheer unbridled hypocrisy of Bercow’s stance on racism, sexism and respect for the rule of law and an independent judiciary.

He has welcomed and fawned over some of the worse tyrants, misogynists and human rights abusers on the planet including President Xi Jinping of communist China and Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait who has taken sexism, misogyny and human rights abuses to levels unseen in western democracies. 

In addition to this pair of tyrants Speaker Bercow has also welcomed and fawned over authoritarian President Yudhoyono of Indonesia as well as President Tony Tan of Singapore. (See here and here)

If that isn't bad enough Bercow entertained on the Parliamentary estate Vice-Chairman Luu of communist Vietnam and, most astonishingly of all,  representatives of the brutally oppressive regime of North Korea. (See here)

To insinuate that Donald Trump, the democratically elected and benign President of the United States of America, is worse than this gang of tyrants to the point where they are welcome to Parliamentary estate or to address the British Parliament and he is not is beyond insulting, especially since the United States is Great Britain’s most valued ally.

Secondly, it’s a bit rich for Bercow to talk about respect for the law while he is the Speaker and co-leader of a Parliament that is stuffed to its crumbling rafters with crooks, villains, drunks, perverts, corruptocrats and hypocrites of the very highest order. Members of both Houses of Parliament are notorious for cheating on their expenses, nepotism, corruption, pedophilia, cheating on their wives and families as well routinely lying to the people they are elected to represent.

The Speaker has no right to be talking about lack of respect by President Trump for equality before the law and an independent judiciary when the law in Great Britain is selectively applied depending upon culture, religion and ethnicity by a judiciary that is stuffed with bewigged ‘progressive’ political activists masquerading as judges.

In conclusion, Speaker Bercow’s unwarranted attack on President Trump and the insinuation that he is a tyrant infinitely worse than the communist President of China or the Emir of Kuwait is proof positive that he has been co-opted by the global elite to continue the campaign to delegitimize the Trump Presidency and to represent their interests in the British Parliament.

Bercow is an insufferable, sanctimonious hypocrite who does not speak for the British people, his position is untenable and therefore he must stand down immediately or be unceremoniously removed. 


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