Friday, February 17, 2017

Mass Murder and Child Rape UK – Great Britain Needs Its Own President Trump

When the global anti-Trump hysteria reached Great Britain, encouraged by a bias rant from the supposedly neutral Speaker of The House of Commons and the BBC, it laid a large section of the British population open to charges of sanctimonious virtue signaling and monumental stupidity.

Judging by the complete and utter disaster that has befallen the British people since Tony Blair and his Labour Party decided to impose a so called multi-cultural society by opening the borders to mass third world immigration they need a President Trump of their own to save them from their own folly.

For the benefit of the uninitiated around the world who were under the impression that Great Britain was an oasis of liberty in a desert of tyranny here are some facts to the contrary.

 Freedom of thought and free speech has been crushed out of the British people by a regime of rigidly policed political correctness, one-way hate crimes and selective enforcement of the law dependent upon ethnic origin, religion, immigration status and now political preference.

The bulldog spirit and patriotic fervor that characterized the generation that stood up to Hitler and the Third Reich and defeated him when all was lost has long gone, replaced by a generation that lives in fear of being called names or subject to labelling.

The list of labels and smears that the British people are afraid of has been expanded to include ‘Trump supporter’ in addition to the standard labels of racist, sexist, Islamophobe etc. etc.

These facts, along with a dumbed down socialized education system has rendered a large section of the population unable to analyze information and form an independent opinion, has resulted in a culture of groupthink which is being controlled by the government-media axis and their propaganda machine.

Helping with the groupthink and propaganda is the mindless worship of celebrities who have been co-opted by the government to push their ‘progressive’ agenda along with anti-Trump hysteria.
Looking at some of the aforementioned disasters that have befallen the British people since the borders were thrown open to mass immigration from the uncivilized world, this section of the British population are the archetypal three wise monkeys who hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

The ‘refugees welcome’ useful idiots, along with EU supporters, Labor Party voters and virtue 
signaling celebrities, are not only ignoring the heinous crimes committed by immigrants and their progeny but insulting the victims and their loved ones.

Three of the July 7th London Transport bombers who killed fifty-two and injured some seven hundred others were children of Pakistani immigrants the fourth being an immigrant from Jamaica.

The July 21st London Transport bombers, who were intercepted before they committed mass murder contained one immigrant from Ghana, one from Eritrea, two from Somalia and three from Ethiopia.

The monsters that brutally murdered and attempted to behead Fusilier Lee Rigby in broad daylight outside a school in a busy London Street were the children of immigrants from Nigeria.

To their eternal shame this group of virtue signaling bleeding hearts are ignoring the Rotherham child grooming scandal where some fourteen hundred under age white girls were groomed, sexually assaulted, raped and pimped out by Pakistani pedophile gangs. This horror was allowed to continue for over decade with the tacit approval of the authorities including their Member of Parliament, Denis McShane, the police, the local council, schools and unbelievably the children’s welfare services.

This scandal was allowed spread to other Muslim dominated towns and cities such as Rochdale, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Manchester, Oxford, London etc. without as much as a squeak of disapproval from the authorities or the hand-wringing bleeding hearts or the agenda the driven establishment .

Read the harrowing story of one victim here. Rotherham child grooming history here

These people who approved the abuse of these young girls are accessories to the crimes and therefore criminals themselves as are the ‘welcome refugee’ crowd who are deliberately ignoring this horrific abuse because their agenda and their feelings take a higher priority.

Much of the virtue signaling and hand wringing is over Syrian refugees fleeing a conflict which was caused in part by western powers indulging in regime change and empire building.

The hand wringers should note that the oil rich Arab states and fellow Muslims, despite having the facilities and infrastructure to do so, are refusing take any Syrian refugees whatsoever because they know they will be importing problems including terrorism. (Saudi Arabia Mina camp here)

Other western nations, allies and trading partners such as Japan, South Korea, Hungary and India etc. are also putting their own people first by refusing to accept Syrian refugees.

Like the three wise monkey’s the hand wringers  are ignoring the empirical evidence that the Gulf States, allies and trading partners, and more importantly President Trump, are taking note of and acting accordingly to protect their citizens.

In conclusion: Listening to these ‘welcome refugee’ useful idiots along with their idols from planet celebrity one would think that the USA and Great Britain have sole responsibility for Syrian refugees and other economic migrants making dangerous journeys across perilous seas in order to enjoy the welfare paradise they believe awaits them.

On the positive side, instead of moralizing and virtue signaling, these British hand wringers can appease their bleeding hearts and help ease the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ at the same time by adopting a refugee family and giving them refuge in their own homes and financial support from their personal treasuries.

I would strongly advise that readers do not hold their breath while waiting.

Further reading for the 'welcome refugees' useful idiots, hand wringing bleeding hearts and celebrities along with the socialist/liberal/progressive open borders community.


  1. Well said. I totally agree, and am still hoping that people in the USA and Australia will wake up to the danger these islamists pose!

  2. The sooner they wake up the better or they'll end up like Sweden and the rest of the EU shambles.

    Whats up with this guy Turnbull, does he want to destroy Australia once and for all?