Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump Hatred - British Political Hypocrites Vent Their Phony Anger

The anti-Trump hysteria that is currently sweeping across the world is an indication that the newly elected President of the United States has set about reversing the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America embarked upon by the Obama administration from the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth into a mediocre third world  backwater.

This regressive ‘fundamental transformation’ was an integral part of the UN/EU globalist post war plan to create a borderless, egalitarian one world which President Trump has vowed to destroy by putting the interests of the American people first.

It’s also a clear demonstration of the awesome power that the UN/EU globalists can unleash when their progress toward a borderless, egalitarian one world government is threatened. The media machine at their disposal has whipped up such hatred and hysteria across the planet riots have broken out in American cities and cities across the world against President Trump.

 What should worry freedom lovers everywhere is that this hysteria is being deliberately whipped up using censorship, distortion and outright lies and this is leading to a breakdown of civil order, rioting and urban violence.

One would expect politicians, especially those from the Mother of Parliaments to show a modicum of honor with regard to the truth and disavow this deliberate stoking of hatred using distortion and lies.
Looking at the Parliamentary rabble that is most vocal in the anti-Trump hate campaign it is clearly apparent that their sole reason for living is to impose their ideologically driven agenda on the country therefore the truth is treated as an enemy to be defeated.

The visceral hatred for America and its capitalist system, albeit somewhat degraded, and the dream of its demise lies at the heart of every socialist/communist/liberal and in their malignant minds justifies the use of censorship, distortion and lies.

The British Parliament lost its reputation as the Mother of Parliaments long ago when elected office became a well remunerated career financed by the taxpayer as opposed to a public duty. The latest anti-American rant by the Speaker and Members of the House of Commons is a clear indication of how low this venerable institution has sunk.

The House of Commons is infested with hundreds of self-loathing, capitalist hating, socialist hypocrites who despise America and its dedication to individual liberty and constitutionally limited government; to illustrate the point I will highlight two of the most odious.

Harriet Harman, a vocal man hating feminist has been a Member of Parliament  since 1982, has vowed to empty chair President Trump should he visit stating that she “could not be there clapping a man who is a self-confessed groper”.
Firstly, a bit of locker room banter uttered in jest over decade or so ago doesn’t make President Trump a serial groper.

Secondly, in a nauseating display of monumental hypocrisy Harman may not be prepared to clap a mythical self-confessed groper but she is more than happy to clap former President Bill Clinton who is not just a self-confessed groper but a self-confessed sex pest, a serial abuser of women and a rapist when he addressed Parliament.

She also has nothing to say about former French Presidents Francois Mitterrand or Nicholas Sarkozy, one a bigamist and the other a serial womanizer who abused his wife, both of whom also addressed the Mother of Parliaments during her tenure.

More disgustingly, the not so pure and wholesome Harman was associated with the Pedophile Information Exchange, a vile organization that campaigned for sex between children and adults to be legalized.

Yvette Cooper, a former government Minister who entered Parliament in 1997, is another social hypocrite who uses distortion and lies to smear and delegitimize President Trump.

According to Cooper, “a Trump speech would fly in face of what Labour has worked for”. Since President Trump has not made a speech yet, and the world could be an entirely different place in the near future, she has no idea what it would contain. This statement is deliberately provocative as well as being evidence of Cooper’s hidden powers of clairvoyance.

Cooper is deliberately stirring up anti-Trump hatred using distortion and lies when she adds that “the idea that we are all going to sit in Parliament and listen to a man that is turning the clock back on democracy, pushing misogyny and hatred of Muslim is a joke”.

This statement is the work of a professional politician skilled in the dark arts of subliminal messaging and propaganda.

By using the word “we” she is giving the impression that she speaks for the entire six hundred and fifty Members of Parliament who are unanimous in their disapproval of President Trump. This is patently not true.

She offers no evidence or examples where President Trump is “turning back the clock on democracy”, this statement is designed to imply that he is anti-democracy and therefore the ludicrous charge of Fascist is justified.

It beggars belief that Cooper wants to be taken seriously when she claims that President Trump is “pushing misogyny and hatred of Muslims” when abuse of women is an integral part of Islam and misogyny is practiced by Muslim men in Great Britain without let or hindrance by politicians including herself and her ultra-feminist colleague, Harriet Harman.

Cooper and Harman know full well that female genital mutilation, child brides, incest, pedophilia, spousal abuse and so-called ‘honor killings’ are rife in Great Britain and since action to stamp them out is not forthcoming because of political correctness and their agenda to impose ‘multi-culturalism, it is safe to assume that they tacitly approve.

Students of the modern political class will know immediately that the statement was deliberately designed to stir up hatred in the Muslim communities by labelling President Trump as a racist and Islamophobe.

In conclusion: Harman and Cooper are only two of the hundreds of globalists in Parliament who have witnessed their ‘progressive’ agenda slowly disappear with the election of Donald Trump and the vote by the British people to regain their sovereignty and become an independent nation once again.

This Trump hatred hysteria is not an isolated response to a proposed visit by an unpopular American President. These people are fanatics who will not accept Brexit or the Trump Presidency; they will fight with everything at their disposal for the ideology that dominates their lives. These insults, lies and smears will only get worse as their beloved project disappears further into the dustbin of history with every passing day.


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