Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump Hatred - Disrespecting The American People And Taking Them For Fools

The manufactured hysteria being whipped up around the world against President Trump under the pretext of a cruel immigration ban exposes not only the power of the global media machine but the determination of the global elite to prevent him from governing and putting a halt to their ‘fundamental transformation’ agenda.

It also exposes the lies, deceit and dirty tricks they employ, along with using embedded corrupt public
officials, including the judiciary, to prevent the President from fulfilling his campaign promise to keep the American people safe.

His Executive Order (EO) to put in place a temporary ban on immigration from seven America hating, terrorist infested countries which were highlighted by the intelligence agencies under the Obama administration has been variously described as an immigrant ban, a Muslim ban and the more emotion triggering ‘refugee ban’ which was designed to wind up the snowflakes and bring them onto the streets in protest.

To the mature, emotionally stable and informed members of the populace none of these are true, the EO is exactly what it says it is; a temporary ban on immigration from these hideous places until proper vetting procedures can be put in place that weeds out the terrorists and anyone else that despises America, does not share it’s values and hates its people and their way of life.

The campaign promise to deport illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes including drug smuggling, rape and murder is also being misrepresented in order to stir up emotions and hatred for President Trump.

The policy of deporting foreign criminals and illegal immigrants has long been Federal law which has not been enforced by previous agenda driven administrations. President Trump is doing the job he was elected to do by enforcing a law that already exists.

Like the rest of the propaganda campaign, the charge that he is intentionally targeting ‘law abiding’ illegals and deliberately splitting up families is designed to stir up the emotions of the feeble minded and foster hatred.

Incidentally, since there are no restrictions on anyone leaving the country to join a deported miscreant; no families are being deliberately torn asunder; it is a simple matter of priorities and personal choice for the families concerned.

The United States of America is no different to any other country on the planet by having immigration laws which include visa requirements, a naturalization process, rules on citizenship and most importantly penalties for illegal entry and visa overstaying along with criteria for deportation.

Judging by the chorus of opprobrium directed at the United States and President Trump from around the world it would appear that they, and only they, are inhumane for having the same laws as everyone else. America and President Trump must be the only country in world that are castigated and vilified for enforcing the law of the land. 

Mexico and its President attract no such opprobrium even though their immigration laws and
deportation procedures are stricter than those of its northern neighbor.
These laws include:

Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society.

Mexican authorities must keep track of every single person in the country.

Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned.

Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported and/or imprisoned as felons.

Under Mexican law illegal immigration is a felony.

Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are themselves considered criminals under the law.

The Mexican constitution expressly forbids non-citizens from partaking in the country’s political life.

The Mexican constitution denies equal employment rights to immigrants, even legal ones, in the public sector. (See here)

Although he has suggested no such thing President Trump has been vilified for the idea that anywhere between three and ten million illegal immigrants may be deported, however President Narendra Modi of India, a staunch ally and trading partner of the USA, suffers no such vilification for his country’s policy to deport some twenty million illegal immigrants back to Bangladesh.

These deportations are to prevent the Muslim immigrants out-breeding the locals and depriving them of their identity and, horror of horrors, to prevent terrorists infiltrating India among the immigrant flow.

As I know from personal experience strict conditions apply for any foreigner wanting to live and work in India and despite the fact that Indians have become citizens in countries around the world, Indian citizenship is only available to those of Indian origin. (See here and here)

In a similar vein Kenya is planning to deport four hundred and twenty-five thousand Somali ‘refugees’, without any global hysteria, because the invaders are ‘a breeding ground for terrorism and an economic burden’.

The global propaganda machine has ‘blacked out this news because it undermines the ‘Somali refugee’ narrative promoted in the west and because it’s a black state doing the expelling, instead of a European state’. (Read the article here).

Another example of immigration and deportation requirements that are stricter than those of the USA is NATO ally and prospective member of the European Union, Turkey.

They will deport foreigners who:

Use false information and fraudulent documents in procedures concerning entry into Turkey.

Who make a living through illegitimate means during their stay in Turkey.

Who exceed the duration of visa or visa exemption more than ten days, or who’s visa has been cancelled.

Who are identified as having been working without a work permit.
(See here)

One final example to illustrate the sheer hypocrisy of those that feign uproar at President Trump’s Executive Order is the case of the American born Muslim convert, Abdulakim Mujahid Mohammad. He is the perpetrator of the terrorist outrage in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2009 where one person was killed and another injured.

Mohammad traveled to Yemen in 2007 ostensibly to teach English but was deported for overstaying his visa and not having the correct government travel permits. He was also in possession of a fake Somali passport.

It’s more than ironic that an American citizen was jailed and deported from one of the proscribed countries for overstaying his visa and not having the required documentation. What’s even more ironic is that Mohammad had married a local Yemeni woman, therefore his deportation split up his family.

And so it goes on and on. Immigration and deportation procedures from allies, trading partners and enemies alike that are equal if not stricter than those of the USA but do not attract the vilification and hysteria from the global media or from foreign leaders who enforce the law of their own land but criticize President Trump for doing the same.

In conclusion: By continually vilifying and criticizing their choice of President and his commitment to enforce the law of the land like any other responsible President or Prime Minister, the American people are being disrespected and taken for mugs and fools.

America is well capable of surviving on its own, it doesn’t need the rest of the world so who could blame them if they pulled up the drawbridge, secured fortress America and gave us all the middle finger.

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  1. The world-wide leftist attacks on Trump have not surprised me but rather the fact that so many ostensibly intelligent people actually believe what they say. Our (NZ's) largest daily newspaper is relentless in printing articles that are either derogatory towards or ridicule Trump - but then we aren't known as Cuba of the South Pacific for nothing!

    1. The fact that anti-Trump hysteria has reached New Zealand shows how powerful the global propaganda machine has become. But like you I am amazed that supposedly enlightened people are taken in by it.

      The antidote to this incessant, damaging propaganda is elusive and until it's found we are losing the battle for freedom.