Wednesday, March 15, 2017

UN Looks Away As Commies Run Amok In Southern Africa - America Next

While the the world’s media is focused on bringing down the Trump administration and derailing Brexit in order to keep the British people locked into the European Union they have rejected at the ballot box, their most favored communist tyrants are running rampant in Southern Africa doing what they do best. i.e. oppressing and killing their own citizens.

At the prompting of the UN/EU world government the Marxist dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is declaring a state of emergency because a drought and subsequent famine is putting the lives of millions in jeopardy.

According to the UN/EU, declaring a state of emergency will speed up the flow of development aid into Zimbabwe which, as the world knows, is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet governed by a regime with a reputation for diverting foreign aid money into their personal bank accounts overseas.

This drought and famine should come as no surprise since it is one of the many that have blighted the country since Mugabe implemented his land and wealth redistribution program in line with his Marxist ideology.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that the former British colony of Rhodesia was successfully developed by the descendants of British settlers to become the bread basket of Africa and a net exporter of food as well as tobacco and other commodities.

This was until the UN and self-loathing ‘progressives’ around the world decided that handing the country over to a deranged Marxist tyrant and condemning the people to brutality, mass murder, poverty and starvation was preferable to a white government.

As a prelude to the second part of this article it must be noted that Mugabe - known locally as ‘Butcher Bob’ - began his oppression and killing spree in earnest when the people of Zimbabwe tired of his autocratic rule and the poverty it created and threatened to kick him out of office.

African dictators are not renowned for giving up office voluntarily due to constitutional requirements or by way of elections. On the contrary, when threatened with the sack by the people, they entrench themselves further by doubling down on oppression in order to remain in power.

The rest is history; ninety-three year old ‘Butcher Bob’ is still bloodletting and oppressing his people after thirty-seven uninterrupted years in office without squeak of protest or sanctions from the same UN and ‘progressive’ elite that works tirelessly against democracy in the USA, Great Britain and Israel.

The alarm bells should be ringing for the UN and the ‘progressive’ global elite where President Zuma of neighboring South Africa is responding to calls for his removal with a good old fashioned dose of repression along the lines of Butcher Bob next door.

He is planning to appropriate white farms without compensation for redistribution totally ignoring the catastrophic disaster which resulted from this same policy in Zimbabwe.

If the UN and the global elite truly cared about the well being of the African people they would not have deposed the white government in the first place but since they did they should now deploy all the power at their disposal to stop this Marxist corruptocrat before he completes the destruction of the country that began with Saint Nelson Mandela.
It is highly likely that the UN/EU axis and the global elite will ignore the looming crisis or blame it on the lingering legacy of apartheid for the simple reason that South Africa is the example they use to demonstrate the success of multi-culturalism over white governance.

In order to keep up the pretense of peaceful co-existence between races and tribes they will ignore the fact that years of widespread corruption and Marxist ideology has slowly degraded the most successful economy on the African continent to one that is now the recipient of foreign donations; which, as is the case in Zimbabwe, are redirected away from the poor, starving millions to Zuma and his cronies keeping them in the luxury to which they have become accustomed.

 They will ignore the fact that despite years of sanctions and isolation, Mandela and his communist controlled African National Congress (ANC) were given a developed country endowed with an abundance of natural resources along with a stable, successful economy thriving in all sectors. These included labour intensive industries such as coal and diamond mining, agriculture, nuclear development as well as the medical sector with it's pioneering heart transplant surgery.

They will ignore the fact that violence is endemic, especially inter-tribal violence against each other and xenophobic violence against immigrants from other parts of Africa. It is glossed over but the ordinary black African citizen is vehemently opposed to immigration to such an extent they will readily kill any immigrant if they believe he is taking a job from a local.

As is the case in the American inner cities and elsewhere, the UN/EU and their surrogates downplay black on black violence and ignore black on white violence as best they can. Conversely, white on black violence is played up and portrayed as evidence of white supremacy and inherent racism.

For the UN/EU axis and the global elite to admit that their Rainbow Nation has failed is an admission that their policy of imposed multi-culturalism has failed and this will have repercussions throughout the world including Europe and America.

Despite government censorship and intimidation of journalists in the developed world, images of rioting, violence and civil disorder are appearing in the public domain; it is all the evidence one needs to prove that open border mass immigration from the backward, undeveloped world into Europe and America is not only failing to produce peaceful multi-cultural societies but it is sowing the seeds of civil unrest which is rapidly developing into all out civil war.


  1. A truely failed violent vulgar state getting worse by the day

    1. This is the UN's poster child for multi-culturalism. Time to drain the UN swamp.

  2. Mugabe, a Shona, started his rule by having his political rivals murdered by DRK 5th columnists. Somewhere in the range between 20 and 30 000 Ndebele leaders, teachers, priests, etc. were killed on his orders. And the British Government turned a blind eye!

    The unbanning of the ANC and the release of the terrorist Mandela resulted in the murder of 12 000 Zulu leaders that belonged to the Inkatha Freedom Party, the only serious threat to and political rivals of the ANC. The world said nothing.

    70 000 white South Africans have been murdered, many of them raped/tortured or both, by blacks in South Africa since the inception of the ANC government. The ANC government is doing nothing to stem this tide and the world ignores it!

    If you are black you are literally allowed to get away with murder.

    1. Thanks for highlighting the truth about events in Southern Africa.

      The tragedies that are Zimbabwe and South Africa today were engineered by the UN with the rest of the world as accomplices.

      Everyone fell for the Saint Mandela nonsense and the Rainbow Nation BS. He was a convicted terrorist guilty of planting IED's designed to kill indiscriminately and the ANC was and still is a communist party.

      The white people of the western world had better pay attention to history and learn the lessons of South Africa and Zimbabwe because from I'm seeing its coming to them albeit in a different form by a different group people.

  3. Sounds to me like YOU are just not Progressive!

    Don't you know that it is a matter doctrine? Whenever non-whites suffer on the planet anywhere, it is because whites exist on the planet somewhere!

    Jeez, get with it.

    1. What is Progressive?

      What is a matter of doctrine?

      Get with what?