Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mayor Of London Wants To Ban President Trump From Great Britain

It’s a measure of how far Great Britain has descended into third world mediocrity when a paid up member of the Ummah leads its capital city. 

It needs to be stated from the outset that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was a political nonentity who owes his position to the simple fact that he is not white and a Muslim. Khan is the ideal choice for a political class that is in the process of imposing multi-culturalism on a country that didn’t ask for it, wasn’t consulted and doesn’t want it.

Having a Muslim Mayor of London is used by the political class to display their multi-cultural credentials on the world stage and to falsely portray the city as a peaceful example of a so-called 'multi-cultural society'.

Due to white flight and being the epicenter of the political swamp, the once mighty capital city of the British Empire has been transformed into an overcrowded series of welfare financed, crime infested, mono-cultural ghettos interspersed with affluent areas inhabited by mega-rich foreign oligarchs as well as wealthy celebrities. It is also home to the corrupt political class with its taxpayer funded army of cronies, bureaucrats and hangers-on.

There are some areas of trendy, overpriced bars and restaurants frequented by a small affluent middle class who pretend they are living in a functional world but their eyes and minds are closed to the disaster that surrounds them. 

The sad truth is that this trendy middle class is comprised mainly of millennials who are not affluent enough to be independent of their parents or the landlords that are consuming the biggest chunk of their income in rent.

As is the case with all Muslims, Sadiq Khan’s loyalty is to his own community, the Ummah, and this is reflected by his appeasement of the Muslim terrorists that have been murdering and maiming Londoners for years and his hatred for President Trump over a non-existent ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Why a temporary moratorium on immigration into the United States from seven backward, Muslim majority countries which are havens for terrorists should trigger the Mayor of London speaks volumes about his allegiances.

Sadiq Khan is not only a danger and embarrassment to Londoners, his position as Mayor of the capital city gives him a global profile so his utterances and behavior are seen as a reflection of the nation as a whole.

Khan’s campaign to prevent the President of the United States of America from making an official visit to Great Britain is not only naive, it is a display of his ignorance of the history and protocols of the country he claims to be a loyal citizen of.

State visits to Great Britain are the prerogative of the Head of State, which is Her Majesty the Queen, in conjunction with her Prime Minister. Non-State visits, but otherwise official visits, are the prerogative of the Prime Minister in conjunction with the Foreign Office.

Speaking on behalf of the nation is also the prerogative of Her Majesty and these two offices of state unless otherwise delegated.

He may have delusions of grandeur but Sadiq Khan is none of these and he has no business insulting or denigrating the President of our closest ally which also happens to be the world’s only remaining superpower and the world’s largest economy.

Being a Pakistani at heart with no deep roots in Great Britain, Khan is obviously ignorant of our relationship with the United States of America. The history of America is closely bound with that of Great Britain and this is reflected by the fact that the liberty and freedoms that made America the greatest nation on earth are based on our own freedoms that evolved over centuries.

Despite being a former colony, the American people continued their links with the mother country by basing their founding documents on the Magna Carta signed by King John in 1215 and the British Bill of Rights signed into law in 1689.

A great friend and ally to Great Britain, President Trump may not be welcome by the Mayor but Khan's friends and Great Britain's enemies get the red carpet treatment.

Vile preachers of hate who despise Great Britain, along with its people and its way of life, are allowed into the country to address meetings and march through the streets of London unhindered by Mayor Khan or the Metropolitan police 'service' over which he has control.

Sadiq Khan’s insincerity toward Londoners can be measured by his statement after the London Underground terrorist attack in September 2017. He stated that he “utterly condemns the hideous individuals who attempt to use terror to harm us and destroy our way of life”.

This is the same Sadiq Khan that shared a platform with a ‘hideous individual’ by the name of  Sajeel Sahid who had links with jailed hate preacher Anjem Choudary and Al-Qaeda and who also trained the ring leader of 7/7 London Transport bombers.  Sajeel Sahid was also a gym buddy of London Bridge murderer Khuram Butt. (See here and here)

Sadiq Khan bristles with righteous indignation and won’t countenance a visit by President Trump, the leader of the free world and the scourge of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism but he is happy to share a platform with five Islamic extremists at a conference organized by the radical pro-Palestinian group, Friends of Al-Aqsa, in London.

Despite this being London where women have equal rights, the meeting was segregated by gender therefore women were not allowed to use the same entrance as men; they were ordered to use a separate side entrance located in an adjacent street next to a snooker club.

Mayor Khan wants to ban President Trump from Great Britain but has links to a creature named Makbool Javaid and other members of a Muslim extremist group called Hizb ut-Tarir. (See here)

In conclusion: The man who told Londoners they should get used to being murdered and maimed by Muslim terrorists because its “part and parcel of living in a big city” is an apologist for the enemies of Great Britain and therefore poses a clear and present danger to the safety and security of her people.

Sadiq Khan is a political pygmy, a complete and utter ignoramus, an apologist for Muslim terrorists and a token appointment by an agenda driven political elite.

He does not speak for the nation and is unfit for this high profile position; he is an embarrassment to Great Britain and should be removed from office forthwith.

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