Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Politicization Of The Police And Demise Of The British Bobby

  A picture gallery to illustrate the demise and degradation of a much loved and respected public institution.

When the political elite commandeered public institutions and agencies to use as agents of the state to impose their ‘progressive’, multi-cultural agenda none was more visible and humiliating than the transformation of the British police force and its Bobbies.

The British police force with its dark blue uniform and unique egg-shaped helmet was until recently a highly visible example of public service and law enforcement. Every village and town had its police officers pounding the beat alone or in pairs on foot or bicycle in the case of larger constabularies.

Armed with only a truncheon and a whistle the sight of a Bobby walking his beat was enough to deter the bad guys and mischievous youngsters, of criminal or bad behavior. Things were slightly different in the cities where the police used horses and motor vehicles.

The prime purpose of the police force was to serve and protect the public by enforcing the law of the land; this purpose has been perverted into enforcing political correctness and imposing a ‘progressive’ agenda which includes cultural replacement with it’s so called ‘multi-cultural society’.

The first recorded organized law enforcement officers were known as the Bow Street Runners after a London magistrates court of the same name and formed in 1749. These were succeeded by the Metropolitan Police Force which was formed by the then Home Secretary, Sir Robert Peel, in 1829.

Originally nicknamed Peelers and later Bobbies after their founder the name has stood the test of time and was still in frequent use until their politicization.

The police force, including the Metropolitan Police Force, have been renamed the police ‘service’ and familiar names such ‘holding cells’ and the dreaded ‘booking sergeant’ have been replaced by a ‘custody suite’ and a ‘detention officer’ or other such soft, politically correct title. 

A night sobering up in a custody suite doesn't seem quite so forbidding as a night in the cells but I digress.

The physical requirements of height, weight and fitness were virtually abolished to make the ‘service’ more inclusive and this heralded in the age of the short, fat cop who gasps for breath while walking to the bakery to get the morning supply of doughnuts.

Please look at the following picture gallery and feel free to laugh or cry accordingly:

                         Traditional Bobby in his dark blue uniform and unique egg-shaped helmet.

            The new gender neutral uniform designed to attract transgendered officers into the 'service'.

                           Upstanding traditional Bobby on duty protecting and serving the public.

                           Policeman wearing high heels on duty to highlight domestic abuse.

                              Policeman paints his nails on duty to highlight slavery in Great Britain.

             A pair of police officers patrol their beat on foot to protect the public and deter criminals.

  A pair of officers don bear masks in a juvenile and embarrassing campaign against 'hate speech/crimes'.

   Hate speech/crimes don't include recruiting for ISIS or threatening to behead the indigenous population.

                No female Muslim officers policing the ISIS parade due to segregation of the sexes. 

                  A gay police officer proposes to his boyfriend on bended knee at some parade or other.

                                      A police officer has a smooch during a Gay Pride parade.

A Police officer indulges in simulated sex in order to be trendy and demonstrate his multi-cultural credentials during the Caribbean inspired Notting Hill carnival.

                                                    A Morris Mini patrol car from the 1970

                                                 A gay pride/hate crime patrol car from 2017

Once considered to be respected pillars of the community the British Bobby has been reduced to a laughing stock with his juvenile antics and his politically correct campaigns on behalf of any minority so long as they are against the traditional British way of life.

One of the more sinister manifestations of their new role as agents of the state is treating the public they are meant to serve as the enemy and the imported enemies of traditional Great Britain as the oppressed minority in need of their protection.

They have given up their primary role of preventing and investigating crimes such burglary, robbery and street violence against the ordinary citizen but use their resources instead policing social media looking for so-called hate speech and hate crimes.

Hate speech and hate crimes are extremely vague, one-way charges used exclusively against the indigenous population in order to prevent free speech, intimidate dissenters and hide the truth about their most favored imported community and their religion of peace.

All the respect, trust and goodwill that the police had built up over two centuries has been thrown away by senior officers who have sold their souls to an unscrupulous political elite and their destructive agenda. 

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  1. And the rank and file go along, because the only thing that matters to them is the paycheck. They will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as it keeps comin' in. No morals. No principles. No scruples. No honor. "Law Enforcement" in the West has become the stereotypical Rove Republican.

  2. It could be more than a paycheck for some rank and file officers. It's a possibility that they share a belief in the agenda and believe that they are doing the right thing by imposing it.

    If that's the case they will be making enemies of the people they are supposed to protect and serve.

    1. I was merely describing the BEST case.