Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Defeat Of ISIS Is An Opportunity For Refugees To Return Home

A picture gallery to contrast the devastation of Raqqa after the Syrian Civil War and London After World War II

The global elite and its surrogate governments around the world have cynically used the civil war in Syria to manufacture their phony ‘refugee crisis’ in order to justify importing tens of thousands of Muslim Syrians into western societies as part of their project to downgrade and replace Judeo-Christian civilization. 

(To our eternal shame Christian Syrians, as the world knows, were not included in the 'crisis' and were subsequently enslaved, raped, mutilated and massacred as a result)  

With the defeat of ISIS and the fall of Raqqa and the caliphate this excuse is no longer valid. It has long been argued that the solution to the myriad of refugee crises across the planet is not shipping huge populations across continents and oceans into western societies where they cannot, and in most cases, will not integrate but to create safe zones closer to home from where they can return when the conflict ceases.

Despite suitable areas and resources being readily available in nearby Saudi Arabia and the oil rich gulf states, the global elite and western civilization hating ‘progressive’ organizations have always rejected this option without giving reason because it doesn’t suit their cultural replacement agenda.

Now that the civil war in Syria is drawing to a close and peace is being restored there is no reason why refugees cannot return to their homes and assist with the reconstruction of their country instead of being a burden on the host countries who's culture and way of life they hate.

The same global elite and self-loathing ‘progressives’ are now using the excuse that refugees cannot return home because their towns and cities have been devastated by bombing and therefore unfit for human habitation. When one looks at the devastated European cities after World War II it is more than obvious that this excuse is as phony as their ‘refugee crisis’.

Look at the following picture gallery and contrast the bleating of the globalists about the helplessness of the Syrian refugees with the stoicism, patriotism and determination of the British people to rebuild their shattered and destroyed cities after the Blitz by Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

                              Raqqa and London on the receiving end of a bombing campaign


Central Raqqa after its liberation, the East End of London after a bombing attack

                                   Bombed out vehicle in Raqqa and a bombed out bus in London

                                        Some general devastation in Raqqa and London

                Children affected by the bombing campaigns in Raqqa and London

Deserted Raqqa. Churchill visits bombed out residents of London's East End.

And finally some of my personal favourites:

              Flying the flag and sorting through the rubble for some much loved personal items.

Children clearing a space among the devastation for playing football, cricket or whatever games they enjoyed.

                              Those stoic British housewives will always find time for a nice cup of tea.

  No cup of tea without milk; neither Hitler nor his Luftwaffe could prevent the milkman making his deliveries.

                              The ultimate example of reconstruction is atomic bomb devastated Hiroshima, Japan

It must be noted that these scenes were repeated right across Europe and Japan. These people didn't run away and desert their countries making themselves a burden on others. They stayed behind, suffered the hardships and rebuilt their cities; there's no reason why Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Somalis etc. can't do the same.


  1. Yes there is a reason. They aren't willing to return now they've found countries willing to support them while they work to turn those countries into the cesspools they left behind. Also they've become so inbred they have no ability to build only to destroy.

  2. You are absolutely right Bill but that's not a good enough reason for me.

    It's mutually beneficial to both Syria and the host countries for these people to return and rebuild their cities and their lives.

    The idea that these people enrich the host nations both economically and culturally is a load of baloney pushed by an agenda driven political class to progress their destruction of western civilisation.

    The British, French, Germans and Japanese rebuilt their cities after WW II and these people should be made to do the same.

  3. It's NOT beneficial to the political leadership in the host countries who are establishing a massive underclass of people permanently dependent on them for their lifelihood in the form of social security checks, free housing, and all the other goodies they get when they come to the EU in their millions.

    And Syria wouldn't want the majority of them back, they're happy to be rid of the entire useless half of their population, including especially all the wannabe jihadis who're filtered into the EU by IS and AQ under the guise of "refugees from persecution".

  4. "It's NOT beneficial to the political leadership.....etc"

    Not today...but tomorrow will be a different matter. Our political elites are a bunch of historical illiterates who will find out too late what a disastrous mistake they have made. Too awash in their own lying narrative to understand the true nature of Islam and the long term consequences of cosying up to a scorpion

    1. It would appear that the political leadership and the elites actually believe in their own infallibility. They think that the people are too supine and afraid of political correctness to ever rise up and make them answer for their crimes.

      If the murder and maiming of innocents and the grooming and gang rape of young white girls by the Muslim Ummah doesn't infuriate the people and cause them to rise up what will?