Monday, November 6, 2017

Kevin Spacey Is The Product Of A Godless Depraved Society

People should not be surprised by the revelation that Hollywood idol Kevin Spacey enjoys having sex with men and young boys. Sex with children is accepted as a perfectly normal practice among inhabitants of Tinsel Town as their defense of abominations like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen demonstrates.

Sex between adults and children may not be acceptable just yet by the public at large but among those who have declared themselves the enlightened leaders of society it is considered to be a normal, healthy and natural sexual practice. They believe that pedophilia will eventually become as normal and acceptable as homosexuality and other forms of unnatural sexual and gender dysfunction.

Child sex abusers are not confined to perverts like Kevin Spacey or the entertainment industry; they infect every area of life from politics and the judiciary to sport and community organizations. Even the Roman Catholic Church has had its scandals with enrobed pedophiles assaulting choir boys when they thought God wasn't looking.

The sad fact is that the more widespread child sexual exploitation becomes the bigger the call for it to be legalized.

Child sexual exploitation in America is in its infancy compared to Great Britain where it has been absolutely rampant for decades and tolerated by the authorities.

The top stars of the taxpayer funded state broadcaster, known universally as the BBC, were involved in a pedophile ring which abused children and assaulted vulnerable women for decades.

One of them, a creature named Jimmy Savile, was so depraved he used his celebrity status to gain access to children’s hospitals where he sexually assaulted children in their sick beds. Everyone and his uncle at the BBC, as well as nursing staff at the hospitals, were aware of Savile’s depravity but kept silent supposedly to protect his fundraising activities. 

His fund raising activities, it must be added, were used as another front to gain access to children which he subsequently abused.

Led by the city of Rotherham, towns and cities across Great Britain were infested with Muslim pedophile gangs who groomed, gang raped and pimped out underage white girls with the tacit approval of the local authorities; this included elected local officials and Members of Parliament. (See history of Rotherham Muslim Pedophiles here)

It also included the police, schools, children’s homes and, most shamefully, the local children’s welfare departments who were all aware but remained silent for reasons of ‘cultural sensitivity’ and their concern for something called ‘community cohesion’.

Since nobody in authority has been held accountable and punished for being accessories to these crimes against children, there are some 40,000 victims who have been denied justice and sacrificed on the altars of political correctness and government imposed multi-culturalism.

Most of the areas infested with these Muslim pedophile gangs are controlled by the socialist Labour Party whose founders have campaigned for a century or more to normalize then legalize sex between adults and children.

The history of legalizing pedophilia goes back to the Bloomsbury Group, the Fabian Society and latterly with the Labour and Liberal Parties.

Labour Politicians And Child Sex - Its Not A Scandal Its Progressive

Since it was taken over and ‘modernized’ by an inner circle of remote, trendy elitists these ‘progressive’ ideas have also infested the British Conservative Party in addition to the Democratic Party in the USA.  

This gradual acceptance of pedophilia is not the result of a natural evolution of a perverted practice over time; the slow process of legalizing sex between adults and children has been one of the primary goals of the so-called ‘progressive’ left for over a century.

Even a cursory glance into the Bloomsbury Group shines a light on the history of this 'progressive' movement and reveals the origin of the descent into depravity which we see taking place today.

The Bloomsbury Group was a gathering of influential self-styled intellectuals, including artists, economists and politicians who believed that a 'progressive' socialist society should consider acts of sexual depravity, including those with children, as normal.

Influential people of the day such as John Maynard Keynes, Lytton Strachey, Havelock Ellis and Bertrand Russell considered themselves to be 'progressive' and were all drug addicts, perverts and pederasts.

They all had a penchant for sodomy, young boys and each other; they despised Christianity and any other form of morality. These people were depravity personified and agitated for the normalization of homosexuality and sex between adults and children.

It’s a source of great mirth to know that John Maynard Keynes, the idol and mentor of socialists the world over, was a filthy, depraved nonce who’s perverted economic policies mirrored his perverted sexual desires but I digress.

Child Poverty And Sex Abuse - Fighting One While Promoting The Other

The process of legalizing sex between adults and children is easy to follow and began with the removal of God and Christianity, along with its festivals and symbols, from public life. This effectively removed the moral code that allowed western civilization to evolve over two millennia and prevented the depravity we are witnessing today with the acceptance of degenerates like Spacey, Polanski, Savile and Mohammad, etc.

Firstly the political elite decriminalized homosexual practices between consenting adults over the age of 21 years in private.

When this was achieved they campaigned to lower the age of consent to 18 years with an ongoing campaign to lower it to 16 years then 12 years then 10 years. Eventually they plan to abolish the age limit altogether.

Next they abolished the privacy requirement of the law by allowing public displays of homosexuality using parades and marches and forcing public institutions like the police service and fire departments to take part.

All this is accompanied by a massive propaganda campaign to normalize homosexuality and impose its acceptance on society by demonizing, smearing and threatening anyone who voiced opposition.

The next step was to make legally recognized civil partnerships available to same sex couples in lieu of formal marriage.

When this had been achieved the next step was to legalize marriage between same sex couples and give such unions equal status with heterosexual marriage.

This move effectively abolished the sanctity of marriage and in effect ended the traditional family unit which in turn paved the way for the lowering of standards of decency and the acceptance of degeneracy has a basic human right. .  

When this step had been achieved all gender distinctions were abolished altogether, a state where any gender dysfunction or sexual practice no matter how perverse and degenerate is considered to be perfectly normal and natural.

By grouping all unnatural sexual preferences and gender dysfunctions under one umbrella, LGBTQFU69 etc. the ‘progressive’ political elite are using the forced acceptance of these practices to add paedophilia and incest to the list and legalize them accordingly.

The following quote by the late Sir Henry Hodge is confirmation of this fact: 
"Homosexuals are now widely regarded as ordinary, healthy people - a minority but no more 'ill' than the minority who are left handed. There is no reason why paedophilia should not win similar acceptance." - Sir Henry Hodge, High Court Judge and Labour Party Councillor. 

As has become standard practice by governments and those with an agenda to impose, anyone who voices disagreement with any part of it is demonized and smeared as a homophobe, transphobe, bigot etc. and threatened with prosecution for so-called hate speech or hate crimes.

In conclusion, many people make the valid case that the first step in the process of legalizing paedophilia, i.e. decriminalizing homosexual acts and instituting civil partnerships are right and proper in a modern, civilized society. But it didn’t end there. What people failed to realize is that these were the opening shots in a ‘progressive’ war by a global elite to destroy Judeo-Christian civilization, a war which they are winning and one which we will all pay a terrible price in the end.

Post Script – it has been suggested that since pedophilia is an accepted practice in the Muslim Ummah along with child marriage and incest, its tolerance and eventual legalization is being used to help with the Islamization of the west and also to herald the introduction of sharia law.

Looking at the behavior and actions of the political elite this could very well be the case.    


  1. You really are truly insane. Sharia law and acceptance of homosexual relationships kind of don't go hand in hand. You may have failed to notice that Muslim extremists do not like homosexuals. And I love how you fail to mention that the effort to lower the age of consent to sixteen was done to even it out with the heterosexual age of consent which was already 16. And then you talk about a concerted effort to make it 12? What... what planet are you on? Pedophilia and hebephilia are more prominently condemned today than they have been throughout most of human history, including eras where Christian theocracies ruled.

    1. I think you should calm down and leave out the intemperate language, it doesn't add anything to the discussion.

      Apart from the final paragraph the article is not about Islam or its adherents. There are plenty of past articles about them if you care to look.

      As for lowering the age of consent with view to abolishing it. You obviously didn't follow the links about the history of the Labour Party and its aspiration to legalise sex between adults and children.

      Take a chill pill and do a little more research.

    2. The tone of your pieces does indicates you are a man yourself who speaks in intemperate tones. As a gay man myself, I was not fond of your insinuation that equalising the age of consent for homosexual conduct is improper, as it feeds into a nasty double standard that permeates the media that it is more repulsive and unforgivable for older homosexuals to be attracted to teenagers than heterosexuals. Either both are repulsive, or neither are.

      And your links used the views of individual Labour politicians to indicate that they represented the party line. That's like me saying Republican defenders of Roy Moore's behaviour are representative of the views of the entire Republican Party. It's intellectually dishonest and conspiratorial.

      For the record, I strongly believe the age of consent should never go below 16. Indeed, in Australia there are many safeguards against even still against adults pursuing relationships with people under 18, with it being off-bounds for people in positions of authority and with guardianship rights, which I think is a very sensible and intelligent precaution.

    3. Thank you for taking time to comment and for the improvement in temperament.

      I think you have still missed the point. It is not confined to individual Labour politicians, it was an aspiration by the founders of the Labour Party to legalise sex between adults and children and that is still the case today albeit below the radar.

      The statement of Justice Hodge couldn't be more clear, they will use the success of the gay community to secure equality and their rights to give paedophiles the same.

      It is the so-called 'progressive' community and the left that are giving paedophilia equivalence with homosexuality not me, I am merely pointing it out.

      You and the rest of the gay community are being used by an unscrupulous establishment to further their perverted agenda.

      On your last point, I agree with you that precautions should be put in place however in the interests of late developers I believe 18 is low enough.

    4. Sorry for the delay in reply... and some of the appalling semantic errors in my previous comments. Anyway, I respect your clarification that you do not consider homosexuality equivalent to pedophilia. However, if that is your view you would do better than to speak of it with what comes off as a very bitter tone sometimes. For instance, when you talk of the sexual predilections of the Bloomsbury Group, you mention them having a penchant for sodomy and young boys, and that they were known for acts of sexual degeneracy, including those against children. While you are differentiating between the two acts, you are still using words like degeneracy to describe sexual acts such as sodomy.

      Plus, even if there was a shadow conspiracy to use the LGBT community to normalise pedophilia or hebephilia again, if action was taken against it the consequences would almost certainly fall against us while the real, faceless perpetrators would escape unscathed. After all, whenever a gay person is exposed as a pedophile it always feels as though we gay people have to make an extra, concerted effort to emphasise to the public that people like them are not representative of the community at large. Only yesterday I was on a gay chat room talking about how much I liked the movie The Ref (great Christmas flick, but stars Spacey), and another gay guy absolutely bollocked me for still liking the movie because of how dangerous it is to normalise Kevin Spacey. I don't see black people talk in the comment section of a Bill Cosby YouTube video about how terrible it is to still laugh at his comedy, or straight people say that to like a Roman Polanski movie is to betray heterosexual people. It feels like there is such an onus on gay people to constantly make ourselves as virtuous and correct as possible to justify wanting to fornicate people of our own gender, and it just pisses me off.

      On the final point, morally I would agree with you about the 18 age limit. Personally I would never pursue a sexual relationship with anyone under 18 - I won't be so self-righteous as to pretend that, as a man in my early 20's, I still did not find the occasional 16 or 17 year old sexually attractive, but having a sexual impulse and acting on it are two very different things - but from a legal standpoint I just think it's a pointless waste of money and resources to enforce statutory rape laws for people (not in positions of power over the teenagers) in consensual relationships with 16-17 year olds.

    5. Thanks for your contribution to the discussion. I also apologise for the lack of response. I have been away from base camp for an extended period, I will get back to you when I've cleared my backlog.

    6. No problem. I thank you for actually engaging with me.