Saturday, June 2, 2018

Tommy Robinson - A Victim Of The Corrupt Criminal Justice System

The gilded Lady that sits atop the law courts in London with her scales of equality and her sword of justice once symbolized the purity and impartiality of the British criminal justice system. It is a system that evolved over a millennium when Alfred the Great started codifying English law in the ninth century.

The reaction around the world to the arrest and imprisonment of citizen journalist Tommy Robinson, along with the gagging order to silence the media, is a testament to the esteem which the British criminal justice was once held and the disappointment at its descent into an organ of state oppression traditionally associated with third world banana republics.

Along with all the public institutions in Great Britain, including government departments and NGO’s, the entire criminal justice system from law enforcement through to prosecution and sentencing has been politicized and used as a weapon to impose the governments’ Islamization agenda.

The mission of the criminal justice system has been changed from serving and protecting the public by upholding the law of the land into coercing the public into accepting radical changes to their culture and way of life that is essential to the Islamization program.

This fundamental transformation of society is being imposed without consulting the British people because the ruling elite know that it would be rejected forthwith. Led by the politicized police ‘service’ the criminal justice system is shutting down all opposition and dissenting voices using intimidation and prosecution.

This determination by the government to crush opposition and dissent is accompanied by a concerted propaganda campaign by the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media of smear, demonization and malicious labelling with ‘far-right’, ‘Islamophobe’, ‘xenophobe’, ‘bigot’, ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ being some of the ridiculous labels being thrown around with gay abandon.

When one looks at the appalling behavior of the police, prosecution lawyers and judges, it’s no wonder people are up in arms and understandable why the targeting and subsequent abuse of Tommy Robinson has caused such a bitter reaction not only in Great Britain but around the world.

While Mr. Robinson was arrested, sentenced and carted off to jail in double quick time other criminals who have committed far more heinous crimes have been treated with undue leniency, or not investigated at all, by the same criminal justice system.

Following are a couple of examples of the perversion of justice by the very people who were entrusted with its integrity:

Bearing in mind that Female Genital Mutilation (FMG) has been illegal in Great Britain for 30 years, an FMG clinic has opened in multi-cultural Wales to treat the tens of thousands of its victims. (See here)

As London crumbles under an orgy of violent crime Great Britain’s most senior police officer deludes herself that all is well and under control.

Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, claims that the Muslim grooming gangs that have caused misery to hundreds of thousand of victims across the country ‘have been part of our society for centuries’. (Watch the imbecile say it here)

Her police 'service' has announced that nine thousand crimes per month, including burglary, will not be investigated and yet resources across the UK are being used to monitor so-called 'hate speech' on social media.

Apart from her history of incompetence, past failures, poor decision-making and lack of leadership skills, with that statement alone Cressida Dick should be removed from office. She won’t be of course because the darling of the ‘progressive’ establishment ticks all the right boxes for a high profile public sector office holder i.e. female, Common Purpose trained for so-called leadership beyond authority and a lesbian to boot.

The political class all hail from the same flawed gene pool that churns out identikit PR manufactured automatons that have been brainwashed by their own propaganda to the point where they have no understanding of real people who inhabit the real world outside of their own incestuous bubble.

It is their determination to crush any opposition to their destructive agenda that has created Tommy Robinson and the mass movements that they label as populist and ‘far-right’. Hopefully it is also this determination that will bring them down to face the peoples’ justice they so richly deserve.


  1. Well written. All correct.

  2. Contempt of Court is Contempt of Court. No Get of Jail Card, Go Directly to Jail. He knew the rules, he chose to ignore them. He's a very naughty boy.

    1. Molesting young girls is a far more heinous crime but no going directly to jail. The judge knew the rules but chose to ignore them. He's a very naughty old fool of a political activist.

    2. Inciting ISIS terrorists to murder British people is another heinous crime that's worst than contempt of court but no jail because the corrupt judge felt sorry for her children. Must try harder Mr/Ms.Papparat