Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Democracy Is Just A Word From A Bygone Age

Watching the Mother of Parliaments led by Prime Minister Theresa May ignore the biggest ever mandate given to it by the British people to take their ancient nation out of the autocratic European Union (EU) should serve as warning to all free people around the world; government with the consent of the governed is fragile and can be abolished at any time.

It is also a warning that no matter how powerful a nation may be, it is the enemy inside the gates that slowly eats away at the values and moral fiber that holds it together that results in its ultimate demise.

Both Houses of Parliament have reneged on their manifesto commitment to implement the result of the Brexit referendum and their pledge not to hold a second referendum to overturn the first.

Theresa May is only the latest in a long line of Prime Ministers that have accepted globalism and committed themselves to replacing the independent nation states of Europe with a single state as part of the wider project for a single global government in a borderless world.

Without the membership of Great Britain, the long planned United States of Europe would be a bankrupt, German controlled petty dictatorship comparable with the old Yugoslavia and not the powerful and influential superstate the founders envisaged.

Once the British people were lured into membership and their sovereignty transferred to the EU government in Brussels they would never be allowed to leave.

The two-year circus to negotiate the terms for Great Britain’s withdrawal was unnecessary and was pre-arranged to be as complex as possible in order to overturn the Brexit referendum result and keep Great Britain locked inside the corrupt and failing EU.

For four decades the political elite knew that the transfer of sovereignty from national Parliaments and Legislatures across the continent would not be acceptable to the people who were still recovering from a devastating war that was fought to save the independent nation states from German domination. 

They planned from the start that subterfuge, deceit and lies would be necessary if their dream of a single, centrally controlled European superstate was to be realized.

The problem for Prime Minister Theresa May is that despite being mentored by a succession of consummate liars such as former Prime Ministers John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron she is not as good at disguising lies and deceit as they are.

The process to leave the EU and rejoin the family of independent sovereign nations could not have been simpler. The day after the referendum Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty should have been enacted which allowed two years for the countries involved to organize themselves to operate under World Trade Organisation rules (WTO rules).

Had they done this Great Britain would have left the EU five months ago on the 24th June 2018. Under Mrs. Mays agreement the country is locked into the EU institutions and bound by its regulations until 2022 at the earliest or in perpetuity if the EU so decides.

The Withdrawal Agreement presented to the people and Parliament by Prime Minister May is not the result of a difficult two-year negotiation, but a deal cooked up behind the scenes months ago by EU bureaucrats in conjunction with British civil servants and agreed by the megalomaniac German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

The period between then and now has been a carefully choreographed exercise in spin and propaganda designed to deceive the British people into thinking that this is a hard-won agreement that takes Great Britain out of the EU when it patently does no such thing.

The British Parliament, along with Parliaments and Legislatures across Europe, are controlled by globalists who are committed to the EU project and the goal of a single government for a borderless world.

Democracy and freedom are fast becoming history and along with the British way of life they will soon become a nostalgic part of a bygone age which will be longed for but never to return.

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