Monday, November 19, 2018

Treason – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Two of the most poignant ceremonies in the British calendar are the wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday accompanied by the Festival of Remembrance held in the Royal Albert Hall.

Both events are led by Her Majesty the Queen and are held in solemn remembrance by the entire nation for all those who sacrificed their lives in two world wars so that Great Britain remained an independent, sovereign nation.

They sacrificed their lives so that Great Britain should remain a proud, independent and sovereign nation not for a few years or a few decades but from the day they died until the ending of world.

No politician or group of power brokers have the authority to surrender that sovereignty to a foreign entity especially when that entity is led by the former enemy against which ‘Our Glorious Dead’ died fighting.

The image above epitomizes not just the shameless hypocrisy of the current ruling elite but also serves as an appalling insult to the British people and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their beloved nation.

Recent announcements by the de facto leader of the EU, the megalomaniac German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, along with President Macron of France and other EU leaders finally admitted what they have been denying for years; that they are in the process of forming an independent EU army under the control of themselves.

The politicians pictured above are laying wreaths in remembrance of those brave soldiers, sailors and airmen who died fighting for freedom against a German military machine while at the same time working to surrender that military to a political entity controlled by a megalomaniac German Chancellor.

On the left is former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, a rabid socialist who signed the Lisbon Constitution/Treaty which gave the European Union the status of a nation and handed over the sovereignty of Parliament to the unelected EU Commission which wields executive power.

Brown did this breaking a solemn promise to the British people that he would put the issue to a national referendum so that the people could decide the future governance of their country. In order to hide his treachery from the people, he signed Constitution/Treaty without the ceremony that previous treaties were signed.

Next to him is Jeremy Corbyn the current leader of the Labour Party and leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in Parliament. An unreconstructed communist, this traitor has never made a secret of his hatred for Great Britain.

He signals his distaste at being obliged to attend the wreath laying ceremony by wearing a plastic jacket instead of formal attire and sporting the smallest possible poppy.

Behind Corbyn is former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who is without question the most hated man in British public life. Considered to be a war criminal for taking Great Britain into an illegal war with Iraq, the calls for his indictment by the International Criminal Court grow louder by the day.

Blair is a totally dedicated disciple of the EU project to destroy the independent nation states of Europe and replace them with a single, centrally controlled superstate run by a cabal of unelected technocrats.

Suffering from the clinically recognized Hubris Syndrome, Blair still has ambitions to hold high office in the cabal or even lead it as their President.

Tony Blair has stated publicly that he will work tirelessly and do everything in his power to overturn the result of the Brexit referendum and keep Great Britain inside the corrupt and failing EU.

Next to Blair and partly obscured by Theresa May is former Prime Minister, Sir John Major. This man is notorious for two reasons. Firstly, he was part of the conspiracy that stabbed Margaret Thatcher in the back and removed her from office and secondly for signing the Maastricht Treaty without a promised referendum.

This treaty made the EU a legal entity and surrendered whole swathes of sovereignty from the British Parliament to the bureaucrats in Brussels.

Finally, on the right is current Prime Minister, Theresa May. Known as Theresa the Appeaser she is a committed Europhile who is in the process of betraying the nation with a Withdrawal Agreement that overturns the result of the Brexit referendum and keeps Great Britain locked into the EU while trying to claim that the country is no longer a member. This is the Brexit in name only (BRINO) the people were warned about when Europhile May was appointed Prime Minister.

Along with others from the ruling elite, these five conspirators have collaborated with a foreign entity to surrender the sovereign power of the British peoples elected Parliament to an unelected foreign tyranny.

They have conspired with this foreign entity to downgrade the legal and criminal justice system making the British people subject to the foreign European Court of Justice.

They have conspired with this foreign entity to dismantle the borders and flood the country with millions of incompatible migrants with the express intention of destroying the native culture and replacing it with something called a ‘multicultural society’.

They are conspiring with this foreign entity to surrender control of the British military to the same foreign tyranny.

This political elite has willfully committed treason by any measure and when justice finally prevails, they should suffer the traditional fate of traitors down the ages.  


On the 15th October 1945 the former Prime Minister of France, Pierre Laval, was put up against a wall in Fresnes Prison in Paris and shot for treason. He was instrumental in running a puppet government in France on behalf of a foreign entity.

Nine days later on the 24th October 1945 the former Prime Minster of Norway, Vidkun Quisling, was put up against a wall in Arkersus Fortress in Oslo and shot for treason. Like Pierre Laval he was instrumental in running a puppet government in Norway on behalf of a foreign entity. In both cases the foreign entity was Germany.


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    2. That was a great comment Richard. I took it in the spirit in which it was intended and responded accordingly. Loved the salt and stone idea.

  2. Sorry Daniel...
    In this day of 'Hope not Hate', with unapproved thoughts being deemed to being greater crimes than murder, rape or treason and not wishing to drag your blog in to disfavor among our betters, I thought it prudent to remove my previous comment. Though the comment spoke of divine retribution, God and his vengeful angles have been missing in actions of late, even to mention such wishes is all too easily twisted by the most virtuous and their snowflake followers to serve their censorus agendas. As for myself, I am no longer a resident of the UK, and would therefore be beyond the reach of Mrs May's thought police, you on the other hand, as a resident, might be

    1. No worries Richard, you are right to be wary of the thought police and those who take offence to further their political ends.

      We are indeed moving toward a world where only regulated or approved opinion is allowed with dissidents being sent to the re-education Gulag.

      As for myself I am resident abroad for a big chunk of the year so my exposure to the British thought police is limited. That said I will excersise my right to free speech and opinion wherever I am and the authorities can do their worst.