Friday, November 16, 2018

May the Lord Have Mercy On Her Lying Treacherous Soul

Theresa May was appointed Prime Minister by her globalist colleagues with a single objective in mind: to overturn the result of the Brexit referendum and keep Great Britain locked inside the corrupt and failing European Union (EU).

Her recently announced draft Withdrawal Agreement is being spun as the ‘best deal for Britain’ which respects the result of the referendum and leaves the so-called non-negotiable red lines intact. It is also being spun as being the result of a complex two-year negotiation with intransigent bureaucrats who were dedicated to protecting the integrity of the EU institutions.

Unfortunately for Mrs. May the British people remember her deviousness and propensity for lying that were a hallmark of her six-year tenure as Home Secretary. These dubious traits are hard wired into her treacherous heart and were in place when she took over the Premiership.

Far from being the result of a tough negotiation with intransigent bureaucrats the Withdrawal Agreement was concocted under the radar by her close coterie of advisers and civil servants led by fanatical Europhile, Ollie Robbins, in conjunction with the very same bureaucrats.

(For the record Ollie Robbins is a communist sympathizer who opposed capitalism, admired Soviet leaders and lamented the downfall of the Soviet Union. Read about him here).

The so-called negotiations were a sham, nothing more than a front which formed part of the spin operation to deceive the British people. The truth is that the Withdrawal Agreement was finalized many months ago and approved by the megalomaniac Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, last July.

The intervening period has been an exercise in choreographed spin and deceit designed to bounce her Cabinet and the people into accepting what is a surrender document. In her speech to the nation outside her Downing Street bunker Mrs. May put her dictatorial side on full display when she threatened that its ‘this deal, no deal or no Brexit’.

No Brexit indeed. Regardless of what she thinks she does not have the authority to cancel Brexit should this non-deal be rejected. Obviously, Mrs. May spent too much time with the German Chancellor last July and picked up some of her more undesirable habits.

It would be understandable if the surrender document was the result of incompetence in the Neville Chamberlain mold, but Theresa May is an unreconstructed globalist whose dedication to the project to create a single United States of Europe has driven her to be willfully involved in one of the most despicable acts of calculated deceit in the history of Great Britain.

On countless occasions she has declared before the country and the world that she will respect the result of the referendum and deliver Brexit knowing that she had no intention of ever carrying it out.

She willfully deceived the people, her own Secretaries of State and government Ministers into believing they were negotiating Brexit on behalf of the country knowing full well that Ollie Robbins and his cadre of civil servants were concocting a withdrawal agreement behind their backs.   

Mrs. May’s shameless lying surpasses that of a political class that now accepts spin, deceit and outright lying as a legitimate tool to use in the pursuit of political power. The unforgivable aspect of this is that although she has been found out and her treachery exposed in all its ignominious glory she persists with the deceit and refuses to resign.

May God have mercy on her treacherous lying soul because no one else will.      


  1. I fully agree. It is to the eternal shame of our nation that our MPs have refused to accept the free vote of the people. A thousand years of independence is ignored in the recent history of tying our island to the Communist EU. The civil war with Islam draws closer throughout the West and secure borders are critical for the very survival of our branch of Western Civilisation.

    1. It's sad that centuries of history can be erased in a matter of decades by a relatively small group of treacherous politicians. Also its not an exaggeration to say that Western Civilisation is under threat.

      The political class have got a lot to answer for.