Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Brexit Betrayed By Treacherous Lying Politicians

Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend the sheer scale of the lying that goes on in a Parliament where the truth is meant to be sacrosanct and by politicians who claim they are  purveyors of honesty and integrity.

Despite their denial and faux outrage at the suggestion, it’s long been accepted that politicians now regard lying as an acceptable tool to use in the pursuit of power. The people on the other hand can be accused of lying and prosecuted for submitting an official form that contains inadvertent errors.

Their duplicity and contempt for the people is highlighted by the blatant lies that were shamelessly used by British Prime Minister, Theresa May, in her campaign to keep Great Britain locked inside the European Union while giving the impression of leaving.

The vicar’s daughter and church goer has unequivocally stated ad nauseam that “Brexit means Brexit”, “no deal is better than a bad deal” and most deceitful of all “we will be leaving the European Union on the 29thof March 2019”.

To understand the scale of her deceit I recommend watching this brief three-minute collage of Mrs. May’s lying and I would be surprised if anyone can watch the full three minutes before switching it off in disgust.

Last week, having had her Withdrawal Agreement rejected by Parliament twice, she is going cap in hand to the European Union bureaucrats begging for Brexit to be postponed from the 29th March 2019 to an unspecified date in the future.

This action would effectively overturn the referendum result and cancel Brexit which for Mrs. May would be QED.

Public opinion now rates Theresa ‘The Appeaser’ May as Great Britain’s worst ever Prime Minister in a contest that includes imbeciles like the spineless David Cameron, the warmonger Tony Blair, the economically illiterate Gordon Brown who signed the Lisbon Treaty without a promised referendum and the grey man of politics, John Major who signed the Maastricht Treaty also without a promised referendum.

(I digress but it’s interesting to note that all these former Prime Minister’s were European Union stooges who worked tirelessly to sell out the British people and transfer their sovereignty to Brussels).

Its worth reminding the world that it was Parliament that passed a law to give the British people a binary choice in June 2016 to leave or remain in the European Union accompanied by a solemn promise to implement the result.

It was both the major political parties that promised to implement the result in their 2017 general election manifestos.

These are two of the biggest ever mandates given to Parliament in the history of British democracy.

It was Parliament that passed a law to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which gave the 29th March 2019 as the leaving date with or without a trade deal.

Despite all this, with only days to go before Great Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union, Parliament is trying to overturn the result of the referendum and cancel Brexit.

The truth is that the gap between the Europhile political elite and the freedom loving people is now a yawning chasm which is unlikely to be bridged any time soon.

The political elite have been selling out the people for decades by surrendering their sovereignty piecemeal and by stealth to the European Union. The Great Britain of a generation ago has disappeared under a deluge of laws, rules, regulations and diktats from the European Union bureaucrats that cover every aspect of British life including their culture and their way of life.

To conclude; due to their continuous lying and duplicity the trust between politicians and the people has gone forever and with it the faith of the British people in their democracy.

This bodes ill for a political class that mistakenly believe they are sovereign over the people and therefore untouchable.

They should beware the wrath of British people when they are roused in anger.

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