Saturday, June 8, 2019

Theresa May Goes Full Merkel and Threatens to Unresign

The peaceful transfer of power is an essential requirement if democracy is to prevail and civilized societies maintained for future generations. The refusal to relinquish power when their time is up is becoming a worrying development in the civilized world where the losing side are refusing to accept the results of elections and referenda.

Disrespecting or rigging election results and refusing to relinquish power used to be the preserve of communist dictators and military strongmen where democracy had failed to take root, but it is creeping insidiously into the developed western democracies with increasing frequency.

The Democrats in the United States of all places are refusing to accept the result of the 2016 Presidential election and despite a failed coup d'etat are using everything in their power to prevent President Trump from governing.

The supposedly democratic European Union refuses to accept the results of elections or referenda they don’t like either by ignoring them completely or making the people vote again until they get ‘the right result’.     

It didn’t take long after German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, canceled her resignation because her successor doesn’t meet her expectations that failed British Prime Minister, Theresa May, followed suit citing similar reasons.

After a disastrous three years as Prime Minister where she tried and failed to stitch up the British people with a phony exit agreement from the European Union, she agreed to resign the leadership of the Conservative Party but remain in power as temporary Prime Minister until a replacement was chosen.

After meeting with the German Chancellor at the D Day commemoration event on June 6th, she announced that she will cancel her resignation and remain Prime Minister if either of the Brexit supporters Boris Johnson or Dominic Raab are elected as her replacement.

In statement of jaw dropping audacity she claimed that neither Johnson nor Raab would command the respect of Parliament when she herself was laughed out of the House of Commons after her phony Withdrawal Agreement was rejected three times with record majorities against.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that the thrice rejected Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration, better known as the Surrender Document, suddenly appeared at a Cabinet meeting after Mrs. May returned from a hastily arranged meeting with Chancellor Merkel in Berlin.

Even her own government ministers, including the Brexit Secretary, had no idea about the existence of this agreement despite being in negotiations with the EU bureaucrats for almost two years.

It transpires that the surrender document was being organized behind the backs of the official negotiating team by a group of dedicated Europhile civil servants led by Mrs. May’s personal adviser.  

As a measure of her newly acquired dictatorial tendencies Mrs. May confiscated all mobile phones and banned the use of ministerial cars of anyone who refused to accept the agreement at the Cabinet meeting where she introduced the document.

To put this tyrannical behavior in context, this particular Cabinet meeting was held at Chequers, the Prime Minister's isolated country residence where there were no outside telephone lines available to ministers or access to alternative means of transportation if any minister was inclined to walk out of the meeting in disgust.

The imposition of May’s surrender document resulted in the immediate resignations of senior figures in her government including the undermined and humiliated Brexit Secretary, David Davies, and the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, who is now leading the race to replace her.

This dictatorial behavior and her threat to un-resign unless her will be done has made it abundantly clear that Theresa May always was a Europhile and remains one to this day. She is a dedicated disciple of the European Union political project and never intended to obey the mandate given to Parliament by the people and take Great Britain out.

To conclude: It has long been accepted that the European Union is an undemocratic oligarchy run by appointed bureaucrats who cannot be removed by popular ballot. The threats by Merkel and May to remain in power unless their successors continue with the course they have set and the ongoing coup d’├ętat to remove the duly elected President of the United States has put the contempt for democracy by the global elite on full display.

If government of the people, by the people, for the people fails in Europe and America the beacon of liberty is extinguished and the world will enter a new dark age.

Post Script:

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has announced that he plans to un-resign. He originally planned to step down in June 2018 after nine years in office. He modified that to March 2019 after Great Britain had exited the European Union.

Since this did not happen he has now un-resigned altogether in order to steer Mr's May's thrice failed surrender document through the House of Conmen. Like Merkel and May, Bercow will not hand over to a successor unless he/she continues with the course he has set. 

An odious, self important little creep, John Bercow is a committed Europhile who abandoned the impartiality required of the Speaker long ago. He has done everything in his power to frustrate Brexit and has announced in advance that he will do everything in his power to prevent Great Britain leaving the European Union under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

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