Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Stone Cold Losers Parts I, II and III – Khan, Corbyn, Harry and Meghan

Part I - Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

Hatred of the Great Satan is instilled from birth into most followers of the Religion of Peace so it should come as no surprise that the British documented Pakistani Muslim, Sadiq Khan, would use his position as Mayor of London to insult and abuse the President of the United States of America.

With no deep roots in Great Britain he has little knowledge or interest in British history accept that of its imperial past which he uses to justify his continual bleating about victimhood. 

It means nothing to him that President Trump is visiting Great Britain to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the D Day landings where almost seven thousand of America's finest died so that the nation states of Europe could be independent and free from National Socialism.

He attempts to justify his visceral hatred by using the usual overused smears of ‘far-right’ and ‘fascist’ without ever explaining what President Trump has done or said to earn those insults.

Sadiq Khan is universally recognized as the worst Mayor in British history where he has reduced the once great capital city to an unsafe hell hole mired in violent crime, rape and murder comparable with the third world toilet of his ancestors.

Khan has welcomed some of the most vile and odious characters on the planet to London including an assortment of communists, Islamic preachers of hate and Muslim terrorists.

His disastrous tenure is what happens when high office is awarded on the basis skin color, religion and ethnic background instead of merit.

President Trump was being overly generous when he described this appalling individual as a stone-cold loser.

Part II – Leader of the Labour Party and Her Majesty’s Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn

This lifelong communist and anti-Semite, has bristled with hatred of America, Israel and Capitalism for his entire miserable life. He also harbors a visceral hatred of Great Britain, the enemies of which he proudly acknowledges to be his friends.

Like his soulmate, Sadiq Khan this hater has welcomed fellow communists, Irish terrorists and leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah to London.

In an act of contempt for the civilized world this appalling human being laid a wreath on the graves of the Palestinian terrorists who castrated and murdered the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Corbyn also admires the South American tyrants Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro and he promises to bring Venezuelan socialism to Great Britain should he ever get his hands on the levers of power.

President Trump didn’t specifically name Corbyn as a stone-cold loser, but he fits the bill perfectly.

Part III – Prince Harry and the Duchess Meghan of Markle

The question on the lips of Royal watchers around the world is; “what on earth was he thinking?”

With all the pebbles on the beach to choose from, the supposedly handsome Prince, who was also touted as the world’s most eligible bachelor, chose a bland, heavily choreographed American actress to be his wife and join the British Royal family.

The nuptials were barely over when she broke Royal protocol by airing her political opinions which were as expected for a product of the champagne socialist entertainment industry.

To the surprise of no one she is a big fan of former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and has a contemptuous loathing for President Trump. She supports all the usual liberal causes which have reduced Hollywood and the other Democrat controlled American cities into blood soaked, poverty-stricken hell holes worse even than Khan’s London.

Devoid of any personality or redeeming features, this choreographed phony put her hatred on display by refusing to meet President Trump on his state visit to Great Britain. Lacking the courage to tell the truth publicly she claimed she was on maternity leave.

Maternity leave from what, an incredulous world is asking? I’m sure the army of nannies, diaper changers, bottle fillers, cradle rockers and other flunkies could have taken care of baby Archie for a couple of hours while the Royal mom met with the President of the United States on such an auspicious occasion.

This deliberate snub, and Prince Harry’s tolerance of it, puts both of these entitled brats in the category of stone-cold losers.

To conclude: haters will continue to hate and there will never be a shortage; this list of haters and stone-cold losers is far from exhaustive, but I doubt that President Trump or the beautiful First Lady will be bothered. They will know that they have more British fans and supporters than the Trump hating left wing controlled mainstream media will ever admit.

                                           God Bless President Trump and God Bless America


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