Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cynon Valley - Labour Epic Fail.

The last time I visited this constituency I stopped at the distillery in Penderyn to top up supplies en route to a day out in Brecon. Its was a beautiful day and everything looked rosy in Hirwaun and Penderyn.

All is not well though, in fact by any measurable criteria its a shameful story of wilful neglect and abuse by politicians, coupled with the utter gullibility of the voters.

Its the typical South Wales story of rapid expansion during the Industrial Revolution followed by an even more rapid decline. Like the neighbouring constituencies of Neath and Port Talbot and Rhondda Cynon Taf it is also its a typical story of Labour Party hegemony and managed stagnation which is designed to achieve wider political goals.

Looking at the political history, Labour has been in control of all the positions of power since its beginning and has just enjoyed thirteen years of unrestrained political power and yet conditions are no better than a generation ago.

According to the Welsh Governments Index of Deprivation 22% of all areas in this constituency fall in the top 10% of Most Deprived Areas in Wales. The majority of its areas are more deprived than the Wales average.

Job Seekers Allowance, Incapacity Benefits and Income Support are all higher than the Wales average. The Education statistics are worse than the Wales average.

This is a disgraceful record and the sole responsibility of the Labour Party and its perverted ideology. The politicians and civic leaders should hang their in shame at this abysmal performance.

They won't off course because they are doing their part as directed by the remote London based Labour elite who have grander plans.

These politicians claim that being champions of the poor, looking out for the underdog and standing up for the vulnerable is what they are about.

Deceivers all. They work to keep their constituents dependent on government, its their mission, its what keeps them in power.

They need the people exactly where they are. It would be a disaster for Labour if the people of Cynon Valley and rest of Wales were prosperous and financially independent of the government.

People of Cynon Valley you, your children and grandchildren are on the scrapheap and that's where you all are destined to stay if Ann Clwyd and the rest of the Labour hypocrites have their way.

Don't despair, there is a way out and its called dissent. Look around you and see the state your politicians have locked you into, ignore the London elite, fight back, kick them out, spare your children and future generations the indignity of welfare dependency.

Deselect Ann Clwyd, send her off into retirement to enjoy her taxpayer funded wealth.

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