Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nelson Mandela - Politicians And Hollywood Get Ready To Mourn Their Celebrity Terrorist

* This is a re-post from June this year which was penned when the world was preparing itself for the end of Nelson Mandela. Despite his subsequent passing the  substance of the article remains the same, even prophetic. As the world endures a tsunami of over the top, gushing stories on the history of the Mandela, it is essential, in the interest of balance, that some real truth about the global icon is in the public domain so that his premature, media driven journey into divine sainthood is at least questioned.  

As Nelson Mandela, the man given credit for creating the idyllic Rainbow nation from the bowels of the evil apartheid regime, is preparing to draw his final breath, celebrities and politicians around the world have already had their PR men prepare their eulogies and sanitized, mawkish tributes.

When the end finally comes (he is still hanging in there at time of writing) Heads of State, Presidents, Prime Ministers, politicians, the rock music world and the Hollywood great and good will be queuing up before the media to get their tributes in first.

The world will be deluged with the sanitized version of Nelson Mandela's life, beginning with his trial and sentence for 'anti-apartheid activism', his imprisonment on Robben Island, his subsequent release to become head of the new Rainbow nation, and his Gandhi-like capacity for forgiveness.

Nelson Mandela joins Pope John Paul ll, Mother Theresa and Lady Diana as embodiments of the saintly, self sacrificing spirit that is sadly lacking in the world today. ( Saint Barack Obama will be joining this exclusive club in the near future).

An audience and photo op with Nelson Mandela was as mandatory for any sanctimonious rock star or celebrity as an audience and photo op with the Pope was for politicians courting the Catholic vote or a photo op for chavs with great train robber Ronnie Biggs during his forced sojourn in Rio.

This PR created image will guarantee that the world will witness the morbid out if control public wailing that accompanied the passing of Lady Diana, Kim-Il Sung and his spawn, the Ayatollah Khomeini and lately Hugo Chavez.

For those independently minded folk who retain the ability to think for themselves, the truth is somewhat different.

Nelson Mandela joined the African National Congress/South African Communist Party (ANC) at a young age and rose through the ranks. After his divorce from his first wife, on the grounds of abuse, Mandela appears to have become more frustrated and militant. He was instrumental in forming the ANC's military wing, The Spear Of The Nation and became its first leader, declaring that he was willing to "violate the law and go to prison". He tasked his fellow terrorist and friend Walter Sisulu with procuring arms and supplies from China.

In his capacity as leader of this guerrilla army Nelson Mandela studied, and was inspired by, the works Mao-Tse Tung, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

In the meantime, while still married to his first wife, Nelson Mandela courted, and radicalized the girl who was to become his second wife, Winnie. This appalling human being is still causing havoc today but more on her later.

There followed a series of indiscriminate bombings and sabotage for which Nelson Mandela was arrested, tried and imprisoned for life. He sanctioned a broadening of the bombing campaign which resulted in the death and mutilation of innocent civilians including the elderly, women and children, both black and white.

Describing these atrocities as 'anti-apartheid activities' is a gross insult to the dead and wounded unbecoming of politicians who condemn similar atrocities when they are carried out by the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

The ANC was declared a terrorist organization by most Western powers including the USA and Great Britain.

In common with all terrorist organisations, Mandela's ANC ran a regime of intimidation and bloodshed. Its training camps were notorious for their use of torture and execution to ensure discipline and ideological purity.

In the ANC controlled townships they practiced their policy of terror against their own people, with kangaroo courts and the mob executions of dissidents and opponents. It's during these mob executions that 'necklacing' entered the terrorist lexicon, whereby a petrol filled tyre would be placed around the victims neck and set alight.

One cannot discuss the truth about Nelson Mandela without mentioning his second wife and the love of his life, Winnie. This radicalized fanatic was the product of her relationship with the man who is now being compared with Mahatma Gandhi.

In the current Public Relations dominated world of the myth creators The 'Mother of the Nation' is an abused heroine who suffered under the evil apartheid regime but still stood resolutely by her man come what may.

They will conveniently ignore the fact that in 1991 this appalling woman was cited in the final report of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission as being " politically and morally accountable for the gross violations of human rights committed by the Mandela United Football Club".

It concluded that Winnie Mandela "had been personally and directly responsible for the murder, torture, abduction and assault of numerous men, women and children, as well as indirectly responsible for an even larger number of crimes".

In 1992 she was accused of ordering the murder of a family friend in 1989, where she paid the killer $8,000 and supplied the gun.

In 2007 Winnie Mandela also endorsed the practice of burning people alive using the aforementioned 'necklacing'. (See her Wiki entry here). She is currently a high ranking member of the ANC.

It was no surprise that on his release from prison, and with the approval of the whole world, that Nelson Mandela would run for, and win, high political office. The only obstacle to his credibility was his dear wife Winnie, so she was unceremoniously dumped.

Winnie Mandela is the archetypal woman scorned and she got her revenge when in a 2010 interview she attacked her mentor and saintly ex husband by claiming that he had "let blacks down" and further attacked him for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. In other words he sold out his own people in exchange for high political office.

She further put the boot in when she diminished his stature by claiming that he was only "the foundation" and that "they only wheeled him out to collect money".  Ouch!

She even went on describe her ex husband's biggest supporter and friend, Archbishop Tutu as "a cretin".

These statements should be borne in mind when images of a weeping Winnie Mandela are being flashed around the world when the orgy of mourning begins.

Nelson Mandela went on to become President of the country that imprisoned him for 28 years and then went on to create the idyllic, peaceful, multi-cultural Rainbow Nation that the media leads us to believe is with us today.

When the politicians and pop stars, from Obama to Bono, deliver their sanctimonious pieties, remember that the media created image of the Rainbow Nation' is a long way from the reality of the crime ridden, blood soaked, poverty stricken, racially divided, corrupt hell hole that is South Africa today.


  1. I read somewhere the only reason he wasn't hung was that some of his co-conspititors were Jewish, and hanging Jews was not considered kosher any more.

    1. His number 2 at the Spear of the Nation was Joe Slovo, a Jewish communist who was a regular visitor at the Miliband household in North London.

  2. Daniel, while I agree with your sentiments concerning the circus of oxygen-thieving celebrities et al (Paul Hewson has my scorn in particular) gathering around the bier for feeding their own sense of self-importance, I would like to set out my thoughts.

    These would be from the perspective of living in South Africa from when my parents and I emigrated, when I was 11, for 36 years.

    This would be pretty lengthy, so maybe I can email it to you to do with it as you see fit. Not sure of your email address, mine is rhj1947AT

    I'm not going to write it up now, there's a little matter of the second test in Melbourne first. I support Wales except when they play the Bokke, so maybe I will be favouring The Lions with its big Welsh contingent.

    1. I look forward to reading your views.

      I am writing this at half time. Close game so far.

  3. Close game, but poor quality. Neither side deserved to win.

    1. Very scrappy game. Too many errors and penalties. Roll on next game.