Tuesday, June 11, 2013

European Union - Cameron's Swivel Eyed Loons Are 'Deniers' As Well

It would appear that Great Britain's plastic Prime Minister has emerged re-energised from his session at the secretive Bilderberg conference. David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron has been putting the verbal boot into anyone who believes that Great Britain is, and always will be, an independent sovereign nation.

'Dave' has been using the well worn tactic, initiated by Phony Tony Blair and his Downing Street Smear Unit, of insulting and smearing anyone who dissents from the EU mandated demographic and cultural replacement agenda.

It would appear that his masters at Bilderberg are not happy with the rise in UKIP support and the clamour amongst ordinary British people for a referendum on EU membership. 'Dave' has previously smeared supporters of a sovereign Great Britain by referring to them as 'fruitcakes', 'swivel eyed loons' and 'closet racists'. This is obviously not enough to neutralise the threat therefore he has stooped to a level unbecoming of a British Prime Minister.

Since his appearance at Bliderberg, 'Dave' has not only reiterated his undying support for the German dominated United States of Europe, he has also smeared opponents by referring to them as 'deniers'. As anyone who follows politics will know, the term 'denier' is used to subconsciously link any opponents with the far right Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic Muslim fanatics.

This tactic was taken up by the Man Made Global Warming zealots, who now describe their transformational agenda as 'Combating Climate Change'.

It is with regret, and thanks mainly to Phony Tony, that smearing legitimate opponents as 'Climate Change Deniers' as become an integral part of political discourse.

As is universally known 'Dave' remains absolutely committed to making the British economy uncompetitive, as well as  ripping off the British public, while condemning millions into fuel poverty in the name of 'Combating Climate Change', so using the term 'denier' as a smear will be familiar to him.

In a recent speech 'Dave' reiterated his undying support not only for the EU but also for other global institutions such as the G8, NATO, the anti western UN etc. He claims that Britain cannot shut itself away in the new globalised world but he failed to explain how being subjugated into an authoritarian, exclusive political union can be viewed as shutting oneself away from the rest of the world.

I expect 'Dave' to double down on his smearing of opponents but for his information I would like him to note the following:

I personally am not a fruitcake, a swivel eyed loon or a closet racist, I just happen to be a patriot who loves his country and believes that it should remain free, independent and sovereign.

If that makes me a 'denier' then so be it but I really, really would like 'Dave' to utter that offensive smear to my face at a place and time of his choosing.


  1. Are the real conservatives so desperate to cling on to office for the next couple of years they can allow this charlatan to continue to wreck the party?

    1. It would appear they are desparate and he is wrecking their party.

  2. The Answer is simple - VOTE UKIP