Friday, June 28, 2013

Homosexual Marriage, Amnesty For Illegals - Fundamental Transformation Gathers Pace

It comes as no surprise to informed opinion that the promised fundamental transformation of the United States of America would gather pace as the 'Progressive in Chief' entered his second term as President.

Barack Hussein Obama has little over three years left to achieve the goal of the total destruction of traditional America and its replacement with a dumbed down, egalitarian, gender neutral and godless Dystopia that is so beloved by so called 'progressives'.

It must be said that Bath House Barry has done a great job so far, by the fact that he has done almost as much damage in little over 4 years that took the Blair/Brown/Cameron 'progressive' alliance 16 years to achieve in Great Britain.

With the economies and industrial bases of both countries wrecked, the 'progressive' political elite have turned their attention to the issues that will ensure the fundamental transformation will be permanent.

From the beginning of recorded history marriage has always meant a union between a man and a woman, and it is this union that as formed the bedrock of the same civilized society that went on to become successful and prosperous. This definition of marriage has been accepted as the norm for all sections of society regardless of class, religion or ethnic origin.

It cannot be denied that intellectual and moral standards have declined immeasurably with the decline, among other things, of traditional marriage. It also cannot be denied that ending traditional marriage will have a dramatic negative effect on the way society will evolve in future.

Because re-defining traditional marriage will have such negative consequences for the culture of the country, the majority of people believe that the political elite have no right to re-define it without consultation.

This is nothing new where our politicians are concerned. When did this arrogant elite ever pay any attention to what the people think?

The Supreme Courts' recent decisions paving the way for the ending of traditional marriage in the United States follows hot on the heels of the British and French government's despicable behavior of ramming the same through their respective Parliaments. This issue was not in any pre-election manifesto so why the urgency now when there are so many other serious issues that require the attention of our tribunes?

The media whores, including the taxpayer funded BBC, who are in the pockets of the political elite, studiously ignored or played down the fact that hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded the streets of Paris in defence of traditional marriage.

Their argument that ending traditional marriage is a simple matter of equality and inclusivity is risible by the fact that other groups of sexual deviants are excluded.

Although marriage between close relatives is acceptable among the Muslim and other communities, it has not, to my knowledge, extended to brother and sister. If its a simple matter of equality then brother and sister who are genuinely in love should be allowed to marry and by extension so should beastials. Paedophiles should also be included when the government finally grants their wish to lower the age of consent to 12 or lower.

The transformational effect of ending traditional marriage, as serious as it is, will be surpassed in severity by the granting of amnesty to illegal immigrants.

The policy of open border mass immigration was put in place by the 'progressive' Blair/Brown government in Great Britain, to facilitate their dream of cultural replacement. This policy is being continued by the equally 'progressive' Conservative/Liberal coalition. Their oft repeated soundbite of "cutting net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands" will have no effect whatsoever on cultural replacement.

Their perverted belief that the Anglo/Saxon/Celtic culture of Great Britain is the root of all the evil in the world, including Imperialism and Capitalism, is a core tenet of their 'progressive' religion.

Their deceitful modus operundi has been copied with enthusiasm across the Atlantic by the 'Progressive' in Chief.

The normal system of immigration by which prospective immigrants would subject themselves to scrutiny then apply for work permits/visas with the aim of eventual citizenship, is much too slow and therefore does not lend itself to cultural replacement. The current dishonest system of turning a blind eye to visa abuse and illegal immigration then granting amnesty is much faster.

If anyone is under the impression that this policy of cultural replacement is exclusive to the 'progressive' socialist elite, they should look at the evidence. The push for amnesty for illegals in the USA and Great Britain includes prominent conservatives such as Marco Rubio, John McCain and in Great Britain, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Fundamental Transformation of western civilization is the goal and when America and Great Britain fall the game is over for the peoples of the world. The aim of the global political elite is a godless, gender neutral world where everyone (except themselves) are equal. I am only glad I won't be around to see it. 



  1. Before 'cultural replacement', the Orange One was driven to fast-track new Labour voters. What better way than presumably grateful immigrants who get cash-in-hand very soon after they arrive?

    The future of marriage? Why stop at only one concurrent partner? Bisexuals should demand the right to have legal husbands AND wives.

    Father's Day is already the height of confusion in many UK households, Gay Day can only be around the corner, and Eve will be renamed Steve in the new version of the Bible.

    1. The political elite are determined to transform western society. It will end in tears and tragedy. They have got a lot to answer for.

  2. you know Daniel,with what is going on in the West and the EU living in Russia doesn`t seem like a bad idea now........

    1. The difference between the West and Russia is getting smaller by the day. Before too much longer it won't matter where we live.