Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mass Immigration Disaster - Speaker Bercow Joins The Quislings

If there is any doubt about the unanimity of the political class, regardless of party affiliation, to the fundamental transformation of Great Britain, then the treacherous behavior of the supposedly neutral Speaker of the House of Commons while visiting Romania should dispel it once and for all.

The shameful utterances of John Bercow to the Romanian political class were not only an insult to the British people they were also thoroughly dishonest. More importantly they were a clear demonstration of how committed the all party political establishment is to the 'progressive' cultural replacement agenda.

In what appears to be an unintended consequence, the pig ignorant Bercow also gave an indication of his contempt for the free press for reporting the truth as it is, not as he would want it to be reported.

While Britain's PR made Prime Minister 'Call Me Dave' Cameron is lying to the British people about making their country unattractive to the hordes of welfare tourists and criminals who are about to descend on their country, John Bercow is rolling out the welcome mat in the belly of the beast itself in Bucharest.

Deliberately ignoring the appalling behavior of the Romanian immigrants already in Great Britain, Bercow states that "I want to underline the fact that there has been an important wave of immigrants that came to Great Britain from new member states and in many cases they came with aptitudes and a commitment, an involvement we haven't seen in our own workforce".

Bercow should have made it clear that he was referring to the motivation of the indigenous career welfare benefit scroungers that the British political class has deliberately created, but by using the term "our own workforce" he is suggesting that the entire British workforce lacks the same aptitude, commitment or involvement that a potential Romanian immigrant may have.

Speaker Bercow was deliberately lying off course in order to make a case for further the Romanian immigration that has been ordered by the real rulers of Great Britain, the European Union totalitarians from Brussels.

Bercow conveniently didn't mention the fact that of the 60,000 Romanian immigrants already in Great Britain, 28,000 have been arrested in connection with:

10 murders,

142 rapes,

666 sex crimes,

303 robberies,

1,370 burglaries,

2,902 acts of violence.

In 2012 there were 624 Romanians in British prisons compared with 454 in 2011.

Romanians perpetrate 92% of thefts from cash machines.

There are 28,000 mostly British victims of Romanian criminals that Bercow conveniently ignores in his quest to encourage the mass immigration decided upon by the treacherous political class.

Speaker Bercow also chooses to ignore the camps of Romanian beggars and criminals that blight the landscape including some of Great Britain's iconic landmarks such as Marble Arch and Hyde Park corner.

The authoritarian instincts of the European Union inspired political class are on display with Bercow's comments on the media.

Bercow states that "the media coverage of immigration did not reflect the views of Parliament or the government".

He is obviously unaware that in a free country the media are not supposed to be spinners for the government, they have a duty to report the news as they see it not the views of Parliament or the government.

In any event the views of Parliament and the government should be those of the people they are paid to represent. The fact that they do not is an indication of the yawning chasm between the politicians and the people.

The disastrous open border mass immigration policy was not asked for by the British people nor were they consulted, they will, however, have to suffer the consequences that taxpayer funded politicians like Bercow will not.

The supposedly neutral Speaker of the House of Commons has surrendered that neutrality and come down firmly on the side of the other traitors and Quislings who are busy selling out the country and its people to the unelected totalitarians of the European Union.


*On a personal note: I have been travelling extensively for the past 6 weeks in both the USA and the UK, mixing mainly with ordinary working class people. It was excellent and I hope to share some of the attitudes I encountered in future posts. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Bercow is of Romanian extraction.

    1. Is he of gypo extraction?

      What happened to dickiebo by the way?

  2. His parents were/are Romanian Jews. Dickiebow made an announcement that he was shutting down his blog at 4pm one day last week. And he did just that. Maybe his wife got fed up with him spending too much time on-line. Perhaps he'll come back, who knows. Shame, I liked his site.

    1. Maybe that's the reason he is ignoring the shocking behavior of the current batch of Romanian immigrants.

      Shame about dickiebo, he was a class act. I hope he does come back.