Saturday, June 29, 2013

Barack Obama - America's First Half Cracker President

The term 'cracker', an insulting word used by black Americans toward their white compatriots, first came to public prominence after the New Black Panther voter intimidation scandal in Philadelphia during the Presidential elections of 2008.

In a vile rant after the scandal the New Black Panther leader , who names himself King Samir Shabazz, shared his views on his white compatriots with the world. According to this charming gentleman,  black Americans like himself  should  "kill crackers" and he even wants to "kill cracker babies".

According to President Obama's henchman at the Justice Department, Eric Holder, neither the voter intimidation nor the racially abusive statements afterward are severe enough to warrant a Shabazz prosecution. The term 'cracker' used to describe white Americans, has been given a pass by Eric Holder and it has now entered the lexicon of black Americans.

On the other hand celebrity chef Paula Deen has been publicly crucified and her career ruined because she admitted to using the word n****r some 30 years ago.

Before I continue I will relate an anecdote. During my travels through the mid American heartlands I had the good fortune to spend a morning chatting with a black American. He was in his mid thirties, married with two children and owned his own roofing business. By any account he would be considered a fairly prosperous member of the middle class.

During my expatriate career I spent many years working in Africa, East, West and Central so I was curious as to where his ancestors came from. He had no idea, what's more he didn't care and he was most put out by my question. His parents came from Tennessee, where he was born, and he was raised in Illinois. As far as he was concerned he was an American as apple pie with no links to Africa whatsoever.

If the media and those who indulge in racial politics are to be believed, all black Americans are disadvantaged by the legacy of slavery and middle class black Americans, like my roofing friend, are smeared as traitors or uncle Toms. They are consequently vilified by race baiters like the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan, who ignore the fact that there are now more black American millionaires than ever.

Black Americans are now successful in all walks of life, from the military, business, industry, politics, sports, entertainment etc. If black Americans want to chase the American dream, they can, just ask Colin Powell, Condeleeza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Denzil Washington, Bill Cosby, Jay Z etc.

Black Americans have a choice, they can follow the American Dream or they can follow King Samir Shabazz into the abyss or they can follow the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan into eternal victimhood, crime and poverty.

It would be interesting to know if the likes of Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan or even King Samir Shabazz are the descendants of slaves or of Africans who emigrated to America after emancipation. It would also be good to know if any of these are tainted with 'cracker' blood somewhere in their ancestry.

The truth is, despite attempts to convince black Americans otherwise,  not all black Americans have a connection to slavery. Those that do not are now claiming otherwise in order to rub shoulders with history and adopt the heroic victim status that actual slave descendants claim.

As is now becoming apparent, President Obama is a media creation, who's claim to being the first African American President is totally dishonest. I fear that his current taxpayer funded vacation to Africa is being used to polish up his African credentials and to give him a link to slavery where none exists.

The media arranged photo op at the 'door of no return' in Senegal, reflecting with emotion on the spot where Africans, who were sold into slavery by their fellow Africans, departed the continent never to return, were particularly mawkish.

Any normal person, regardless of nationality or skin colour, would be similarly moved by the tragedy that enfolded on that very spot. There is no reason why this could not have been a private visit, after all its difficult to reflect properly when surrounded by the media and their cameramen.

The fear is that these emotive images will further radicalize the already sensitive black youth of America who have been convinced by the likes of Jackson and Farrakhan of the injustice they still suffer as a result of slavery.

President Obama then went on to use that choreographed visit in Senegal to claim that slavery is the reason why he, as an African American, is committed to global human rights. This is utterly dishonest and unworthy of the supposed leader of the free world.

Firstly, the truth is that Barack Obama is of mixed race on account of his mother being white, or in the words of King Samir Shabazz, a 'cracker' who, along with her babies, would have been killed if he had his way. President Obama disrespects his mother every time he claims to be an African American.

Secondly, his formative years were spent in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro and in Hawaii, so his contact with continental Americans was tenuous until adulthood.

Thirdly, for the record, his father was from Kenya, where no slaves were procured. His father, despite being a socialist, took advantage of the education on offer in the land of free enterprise to better himself and his fellow Kenyans on his return home.

Contrary to re-written history, Barack Obama Senior was not abused by the British on his return to Kenya but by his compatriot and dictator, President Jomo Kenyatta who victimized and abused him eventually denying him a means of making a living.

President Obama will go down in history as the most divisive President in history and worse still, he is dividing America along racial lines, providing a fertile ground for the likes of King Samir Shabazz and his New Black Panthers. They have embarked on a road that will lead to civil war and it is a war they will definitely lose.


  1. How many of the 12 percent of our black population side with Chabazz? Not that many.
    It will be a short civil war.

    1. Very short indeed but like all civil wars it would be ugly and very messy.