Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'There Is A Problem Within Islam' - Tony Blair Enlightens The World With His Genius

I am not sure if its just me or does anyone else find the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Phony Tony Blair one of the vilest reptiles ever to walk the political stage?  Phony Tony's intervention into the horrific murder of Drummer Rigby with his comments about Islam are unwelcome, dishonest and they display the opportunism of a political whore who is unable to stay out of media limelight and who will use any tragedy to attract attention and money to himself.

Blair's assertion that "there is  a problem within Islam" is either a callous attempt to disassociate himself from his own disastrous policy of multi-culturalism or he has been dwelling on another planet for the whole of his miserable life.

While Blair and his fellow cultural vandals were busy portraying Islam as a religion of peace, compatible with British culture and then smearing anyone as racist Islamophobes if they disagreed, Muslims were mistreating their women as a matter of course, marrying off their young daughters to their illiterate, older uncles and murdering their female relatives if they were perceived to have let down the family honour.

And if that's not enough there's the Muslim paedophile gangs grooming under age white girls to be raped and sexually abused with the full knowledge of Phony Tony's new politically correct establishment including the police.

These "problems within Islam" didn't just suddenly appear, they have been there since the desert death cult was first formed back in dark ages. Phony Tony tells us that he spent some time reading the Koran in order  to better understand Islam and its adherents. If that's true then he will have learned that Muslims are under obligation to subjugate the entire planet, and kill all of us infidels who refuse to accept their perverted, blood soaked religion.

In their desire to fundamentally transform western society, Blair and the political elite have attempted portray Islam as a religion of peace which is being perverted by a minority of extremists in order to radicalise impressionable young people. This is nonsense and Blair knows it, his political cronies also know it, "Call Me Dave" Cameron and his fellow collaborators know it, and above all, the utterly useless Baroness Warsi, so called Minister for Faith and Communities, knows it. The entire Western world knows it.

The "Problems within Islam" that are being cynically exploited by Blair for personal reasons, are in fact the foundations upon which that the Islamic religion was founded and they have always been there. They are incompatible with the traditional British and Western way of life and they include:

Spousal abuse up to and including premeditated murder, in what are erroneously labelled 'honour' killings. There is nothing honourable about them. They are simply cold blooded murder.

Jihad, which is taken to mean a holy war to impose Islam on the rest of the planet, violently if necessary.

Paedophilia, this is normal to all Muslims. Marrying off their young daughters, some of whom are not far removed from babies, to older relatives is a revolting practice which is should turn the stomachs of anyone calling themselves civilised.

Physical mutilation for minor crimes is an acceptable practice to the majority of Muslims.

Ill treatment of animals for religious purposes. This is forbidden under British law but is ignored by the authorities for reasons of cultural sensitivity.

Sharia law is a "problem within Islam" that has not been recently invented by radical imams, it's always been there and it is not compatible with Great Britain or the western world.

This list is not exhaustive but it illustrates that the "problems within Islam" are not the result of radical imams perverting innocent young minds but are the very foundations of the religion itself as practiced by the vast majority of Muslims in Great Britain and worldwide.

Multi-millionaire Phony Tony Blair should be made to live permanently in one of the mono-cultural Muslim ghettos that he and his collaborators established in such places as Rochdale, Rotherham and Brick Lane.

Phony Tony, together with his venal trout of a wife Cherie and their children, should be exposed permanently to the 'rich' cultural diversity that they have imposed on their unwilling citizens, instead of bleating on about "problems within Islam" that he knew full well were in existence when he opened the borders to the hoards of Muslim welfare colonists during his disastrous reign as Prime Minister.     


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZl1ZeNcumM

    Daniel, don't know if you've seen this as you've been on your travels, but its absolute proof Cameron is a liar

    1. Thanks for that, I will watch when I get a chance even though I already know he is a pathological liar.

  2. until we get our nation back from the E.U. Daniel, I see no future in the people of the U.K. defeating the evil in Islam..................

    1. You are correct, we absolutely must get out of the EU if we are to re-civilise our country.

  3. When did you ever see a Muslim/Islamic Rally anywhere in the world demonstrating outrage at atrocities carried out in its name?
    Was there one deploring the outrageous murder of Lee Rigby? No.
    All muslims believe the same thing, and quietly approve of what the militant jihadist sector of their religion do in its name.
    As a culture we are fundamentally at irreconcilable odds with the Islamic community.
    Will we ever do anything to rectify this problem? I doubt it, but we shouldnt be fooled into thinking its a violent extremist minority that are the problem, its much much bigger than that.

    1. Well said, I don't know many people that will disagree what you have written.

      Islam and the Western civilisations are not compatable and thats the fact that Blair and the political elite refuse to accept.

  4. I would prefer the Orange One, the Trout and their spawn to live in a Christian enclave in Islamabad. There would be problem, would there? After all, O2 has had such a successful record as a peace envoy.

    1. Phony Tony is a disaster but he doesn't suffer the consequences of what he has done to us. Bastard, utter bastard