Thursday, January 2, 2014

England My England - Witnessing The Death Of A Much Loved Friend

Just a couple of days after 'Great' Britain's Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, announced that he "will not tolerate" any obstacles being put in the way of open border mass immigration and only two days before the borders were thrown open to twenty nine million citizens of Romania and Bulgaria, I left my base in South Wales and headed off to visit two high immigrant towns to the West of London in order to assess the effects on the resident English people of the cultural replacement agenda.

In reality I was retracing my steps of some three decades earlier when I left my home and relocated to Hounslow and Southall as a student. Back then Hounslow was already a destination for immigrants from India and Pakistan but it remained, for the most part, an English town with an English atmosphere about it.

Southall on the other hand was already on the way to becoming a higher immigrant town although English people still appeared to be in the majority with the English way of life still prevalent.  As with Hounslow, the immigrant population of Southall consisted of people from India and Pakistan.

As tolerant as I am, I cannot deny to being astounded by the changes that have taken place in these two towns; and I left the area with questions which deserve to be answered by the political class who are responsible for this unasked for fundamental transformation of 'Great' Britain

At Hounslow West the only thing left associated with the England of my day was a public house called The Earl Haig, the rest of the strip consisted of Asian, Oriental, African and East European food outlets, halal butchers and kebab shops. (Incidentally, wherever I visited, even in the smallest hamlets and villages of England and Wales, there was an abundance of kebab shops, they were everywhere.)

There were many more people and the appearance of this part of town was shabby and decayed from what I remember. The population which previously consisted mainly of white English, Indian and Pakistani had changed, I saw no English people, only Indian, Pakistani, African and East European.

The Earl Haig used to be a popular watering hole with a large clientele from bedsitter land, commuterville and Irish labourers. On my visit there were only four Asians one of whom was out of his brains at four in the afternoon.

Hounslow High Street itself is a wonder to behold, being almost exclusively foreign. As with the Earl Haig, only the historic Bell pub remained as a reminder of its English past.  My own local watering hole from when I lived there, a pub called The Rifleman, is now a Lebanese restaurant.

The end of the High Street, near the bus station is where the biggest change has taken place.  The entire area has been taken over and now resembles a bazaar. In addition to the now standard foreign grocery stores, halal butchers, restaurants and kebab shops there was an internet cafe which specialized in international telephone calls and money wiring.

If one gets little sense of being in England while vising Hounslow then a bus ride to nearby Southall is stunning. There is no sense whatsoever of being in England, the town is totally foreign.

In addition to the usual foreign amenities available in Hounslow, there are Gudwara's, Mosques and Temples to dispel any further assumption that one is in England.

I am sure that what I have observed in these two towns is repeated throughout the British Isles with evidence of cultural replacement not only in the big cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, etc. but in smaller former industrial towns such as Rochdale, Rotherham et al.

On my recent tour of South Wales towns, Eastern Europeans selling the Big Issue were cropping up everywhere regardless of local unemployment and the social problems associated with decline and decay.

(It must be noted that a High Court judge has classified Big Issue sellers as self employed, giving these economic migrants immediate access to whole range of taxpayer funded welfare benefits to which they have made no contribution)

Regular readers will be aware that I have written previously about the long planned cultural and demographic replacement agenda which is being pursued by the international 'progressive' community. This agenda was initiated by the UN and facilitated by the British political class of all parties and the EU.

If anyone believes that I am engaging in exaggeration or hyperbole, then they should take time out to visit to some of the places being blighted by economic migrants such as Hounslow or Southall and be enlightened.

The questions that came to me while witnessing this cultural replacement were many; the following are a sample:

a) What is the justification for this cultural replacement agenda?

b)  How do the British people benefit from this cultural replacement agenda?

c)  Did the British people ask for this agenda?

d) Why is anything that is quintessentially English frowned upon by the political class and subject to eradication?

e) Why did Nick Clegg and the political class from all the legacy parties fail to include cultural replacement in any of their election  manifestos?

f) Why is cultural replacement only being imposed in Great Britain and the Anglosphere?

g) Why is cultural replacement not being imposed in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Japan, the Koreas, Africa, China, Russia etc.?

h) Bearing in mind that deliberately destroying one culture and replacing it with another has been termed 'ethnic cleansing' -  can Nick Clegg and the political class explain the difference between their cultural replacement agenda and ethnic cleansing?

i) UN bureaucrats use the politically correct term 'de-homogenising' to describe cultural replacement. Will Nick Clegg and the political class explain the difference between cultural replacement, ethnic cleansing and de-homogenising?

j) Will the world be a better place if England and it's culture was erased from the planet?

This list is not finite, it should be enough for Clegg and the rest of political class to be getting along with. The people deserve answers.




  1. No answers will be forthcoming, only accusations of being racist if you question their wisdom. Most of these third world immigrants are either unemployed or paid a pittance with top ups from the taxpayer, so the argument that they benefit the economy is totally false. If you look at the Frankfurt School's policy it is very similar to that of the liblabcon party, so it's pretty safe to assume that their goals are the same...basically a totalitarian society where family values, Christianity and patriotism are the enemy which must be destroyed.

    1. The word 'racist' is used so often that it has lost its effectiveness as a smear. Mentioning the word 'black' in any context leave one open to the charge of 'racist'..

      That said, I know I'm not a racist so it doesn't bother me to be called one and it won't stop me writing the truth as I see it.

      As usual your interpretation of the agenda and it's goals are correct.

  2. The net result of this all is that these areas become no-go areas for those of a different ethnic origin - simply - because people do not want to go there. That is, at least, until the Gummint tells us that we *must* go there to help integrate them into the society outside their walls. Stranger things have happened......

    Ps. Welcome back Daniel - you have been missed :-)

    1. Thank you, its good to be back at the keyboard.

      No go areas are with us and government mandated integration is as certain as night follows day. Unfortunately this will only apply to the few remaining areas populated by the traditional white Anglo-Saxon Christian people as mentioned by paris claims above.
      This is already being discussed in the USA where they will use property taxes to punish exclusively white areas.

  3. The under 5 population of England and Wales is 10% Muslim (2011 census).
    The Long War is about to enter a vicious phase. All white Europeans need to arm and prepare to defend themselves or be butchered.

    1. Its sad that its come to this but I fear you are right. The political class are hell bent on destroying the country and ignore the will of the people at every turn.

      They have got a lot to answer for.