Friday, June 13, 2014

Muslim Trojan Horse Scandal - British Values To Be Taught In Schools

It came as no surprise to the British people when the infiltration of British schools by Muslim extremists was exposed; after all, the Muslim community have been declaring their intentions to take over British institutions for decades. It also came as no surprise to learn that the government and the political class, who have been zealously imposing Islam on their unwilling citizens, are claiming to be unaware that this was going on.
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As the long suffering people know to their cost, such was the determination of the political class to destroy Great Britain's culture and replace their way of life with a so called 'multi-cultural society', they willfully ignored some of the most abhorrent practices imported by their client immigrants.

Horrific practices that were unheard of a couple of decades ago, such as female genital mutilation, spousal abuse, facial mutilation, honour killings, marrying child relatives etc. are now part of the everyday lexicon and, if the political class are to believed, form part of the rich cultural diversity we are supposed to be celebrating.

So determined were the political class to impose a 'multi-cultural society' that they allowed Muslim paedophile gangs, who groomed and horrifically abused hundreds of white girls, some as young ten years old, to operate unhindered in British cities for reasons of 'cultural sensitivity'.

It is not the fact that Muslim extremists have been taking over schools and turning them into something akin to Madrassers that is shocking but the governments response to it. Three of the most senior government ministers are pleading ignorance about the issue and fighting like children in an attempt to apportion blame for the scandal.
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The government and the people were warned by a popular headmaster, Ray Honeyford as far back as 1986 about the fallacies and dangers of 'multi-culturalism but shamefully he was hounded out of his profession by the 'progressive' zealots of the day and forced to into retirement.
(Ray Honeyford recently passed away, read his story here)

In a predictable attempt by the government to close down the issue and get it off the front pages, while leaving their 'multi-cultural' agenda intact, the spin doctors have come up with a novel solution to fool the people. Prime Minister, David Cameron and his government have ordered that British values be taught in schools.
(Read Cameron banality here, here and here.)

Its ironic that Cameron is making this announcment in Sweden where Muslims are in the process of taking over Malmo and Mulsim men are raping their way across the country with impunity.
(Sweden rape story here)

For those who completed their education before the Labour party wrecked one of the best systems in the world, it will come as a surprise to learn that British values, in addition to basic literacy and numeracy, had been removed from the school curriculae in the first place.

Cameron's promise to order the teaching of British values to school children should set alarm bells ringing among the more informed members of the populace for two reasons:

a) it affords Cameron and the 'progressive' zealots an opportunity to redefine British values in order to suit their cultural replacement agenda.

b) it gives them an excuse to brainwash impressionable young children with their multi-cultural propaganda.

One can bet their bottom dollar that teaching British values will not be confined to Muslims or the wider immigrant community but will include indigenous British children as well. Get inside their heads while they are young is something that was made an article of faith by Josef Goebbels and is the weapon of choice of the 'progressive' community.

When pressed to define what British values are Cameron and his ministers have variously mentioned:


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect

Belief in personal and social responsibility

Respect for British institutions

Tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs

This list appears to be reasonable but it must be stated that apart from the last one, there was no need to specifically teach these values in the schools because they were instilled at home to the point where they were almost in ones DNA. They were re-enforced in the schools by teachers who were dedicated public servants as opposed to agenda driven political advocates.

Traditional British values were undermined by the Wilson/Callaghan Labour governments of the1970's and started to disappear altogether under the Blair/Brown governments post 1997.

At this point it is worth looking at how governments of all shades have undermined traditional values and politicised British institutions for their self serving political ends.

a) Democracy is a sham with seventy percent of laws made by unelected, unaccountable, unsackable bureaucrats in the European Union. Postal voting has opened up the previous system to abuse and corruption.

The unelected second chamber, the House of Lords, has been reduced to a den of iniquity, stuffed with criminals, drunks, perverts, lobbyists and corruptocrats of all descriptions.  Most are appointed and cannot be removed by popular ballot no matter how appalling their crimes or behavior.

b) the rule of law has been reduced to a farce due to its selective application depending on political or cultural requirements. Instances are too many to list here but as an example one can cite the refusal to apply Britain's animal cruelty laws to the production of halal meat or refusal to arrest Muslim hate preachers.

One can also cite the fact that habitual criminals, including, murderers, rapists, violent criminals, burglars and child abusers are free to walk the streets after serving what can only be described as derisory sentences. In the meantime crimes involving political correctness are dealt with severely as is watching television without a licence.

c) individual liberty disappeared during the Blair/Brown terror and there are now over one hundred reasons for warrentless entry to private residences accompanied by warrentless detentions and automatic extradition without cause using the European Arrest Warrant.

d) mutual respect needs to be addressed to the immigrant communities with particular attention to the Muslim hate preachers who are apparently above the law.

e) belief in personal responsibility disappeared with the extension of the welfare state. The Blair/Brown Labour governments deliberately set about the creation of a client state dependent on government as a source of voters. Its is now so deeply embedded it will be impossible to remove until the system collapses under the weight of its own profligacy.

f) respect for British institutions is risible considering the fact that governments have politicised  everything from the civil service to police 'service' and from the NHS to the the Church of England.  Even the once respected charity Oxfam is churning out socialist propaganda which it is expressly forbidden to do.

g) tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs will be used by unscrupulous politicians to force unwilling people to accept faiths and beliefs that conflict with their own and to accept practices that are incompatible with civilised society or be faced with smear at the least or prosecution at the worse.

In conclusion its worth mentioning some British values and institutions that the ruling political class have conveniently ignored.

Despite attempts by the government and the 'progressive' community to declare otherwise, British values derive from a Judeo-Christian heritage. The rise of atheism and the decline of church attendance does not alter this fact. When these are replaced by values derived from alien cultures such as Islam it will signal the end of civilisation as we know it.

Christmas, Easter and Bonfire Night are British institutions that government would rather see replaced by Ramadan, Eid-al-Fitr and Diwali.

Like it or not sport is a British institution and that includes gambling on everything from horses, dogs or cricket.

Meeting and socialising at a public house over alcoholic drinks is a British institution that the government is desperately trying to kill off with beer duty escalators and like. Beer has been around since time immemorial therefore politicians and immigrants need to understand this.

Fox hunting is a Great British institution as can be seen by hunting scenes on everything from personal tattoos to beer handles in public houses.

It is the belief of many that these are some of the values and institutions that should be taught in schools and to every immigrant that intends to settle in Great Britain. The government cannot legislate away over a thousand years of history and tradition; if they try it will only spell disaster for all and sundry.




  1. If the kids were British, there'd be no need to teach them British values.

    1. Correct , there should be no requirement to teach British values to British children in British schools.

  2. "The government cannot legislate away over a thousand years of history and tradition; if they try it will only spell disaster for all and sundry."
    The government has and it is.
    No doubt a pseudo british can be taught. But only after censoring for 'racism', 'sexism', 'homophobia' , 'islamophobia' etc etc - that is a version of what was once obvious to the british.
    Lord haw haw could have learned a lot from your politicians.

    1. I can't disagree with you, the government is legislating our traditions away. They haven't succeeded as yet and I live in hope that the rise of UKIP will continue and help put a stop to it.
      What they will teach in schools will be altered to suit the requirements of their agenda, it will look nothing like what the majority see as British tradition.
      Our politicians use Lord Haw Haw as a role model.