Thursday, June 5, 2014

British Surrender - Eurocrats Will Not Allow The Prime Minister To Govern

As the D-Day commemorations proceed, if anyone is still in any doubt that Great Britain is no longer the independent, sovereign nation that millions made the ultimate sacrifice to defend, then some recent news items should clear it up once and for all.

The pronouncements by foreign heads of state and the behavior of the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union illustrates how powerless the British government has become. This is demonstrated by its inability to act in the interests of the people and its continual acquiescence to the diktats from Brussels.

This spineless behavior by the British political class is the result of their decades long, slow transfer of sovereignty from Westminster to Brussels in the face of a growing opposition from the people. This impotence is becoming more apparent as the people awaken from their long slumber and demand that their government stand up to the Eurocrats and act in their interests, not in their venal selves or their vested interests.

The British people's demand for a restoration of their democracy and the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party, now universally referred to as UKIP, has challenged the old political order for the first time in over a century and this threatens to put an end to the taxpayer funded dictatorship of the elite.

On the advise of their expensively hired foreign spin doctors, including President Obama's own Mr. Nasty, David Axelrod, the old order are engaged in an undignified attempt to steal UKIP's policies by making promises that they know their bosses in Brussels will not allow them to keep.

In addition to this both Cameron and Tony Blair are showing undue reverence to an increasingly imperial German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at a time when a little more sensitivity would be in order.

Merkel must have the most kissed backside of any Chancellor in German history, with Blair offering her his services as President of Europe despite the fact that he is despised by the British people for his wrecking of their country and his warmongering ways, and Cameron is pestering her not to support Euro federalist fanatic Jean-Claude Junker for the same position.

The German Chancellor has a history of patronising David Cameron and showing him up for the lightweight politician that he so obviously is. (See previous articles here and  here for all the embarrassing details)

Among many others, the two issues that concern the British people most are enforced multi-culturalism using open border mass immigration and the handing out of taxpayer funded benefits to any economic migrant that turns up on British shores.

On both issues, the old order are making promises they know their bosses in Brussels will not allow them to keep but after years of routinely lying to the British people and getting away with it, they have no alternative tactics to employ other than making false promises and smear.

When David Cameron attempts to govern as requested by the British people by putting an end to welfare benefits for economic migrants, he is unceremoniously put in his place a Luxembourgian bureaucrat named Viviane Reding, backed up by a sister Swedish bureaucrat named  Cecilia Malmstrom.

Despite trying to hoodwink the people, he is now forced to admit that due to the surrender of sovereignty by his traitorous political ancestors, he is powerless to stop taxpayer funded welfare benefits being paid to people abroad who have never set foot in Great Britain.

Cameron claimed victory over the new EU budget proposals but with maximum publicity and humiliation the Brussels bureaucracy has ordered that the British taxpayers not only implement it as written, but pony up an extra five hundred million pounds to finance their insatiable appetite for money. It will come as no surprise that Cameron will cave in to their demands despite opposition from the people.

Emboldened by Cameron's public commitment to the European Union project and by his inherent weakness as a politician, the Eurocrats feel they can govern Great Britain from Brussels with complete disregard for the recent election results. They have instructed the government to implement the Liberal Democrats' long standing mansion tax in addition to building more houses, adjusting the governments 'Help to Buy' scheme and subsidising more childcare.

This is gross interference in the internal affairs of Great Britain but due to the surrender of sovereignty, Cameron and the government cannot and will not stand up to what is nation building by German Chancellor Merkel and her cabal of dedicated federalists in Brussels.

Immigration is the biggest single issue that raises the collective hackles of the British people and with complete disregard for the damage it has done to the very fabric of British life, governments of all persuasions steadfastly refuse to take action.

With total contempt for the views of the British people, the leaders of the three legacy parties are as one when it comes to the imposition of a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

The ludicrously named Liberal Democrat Party openly spit in the faces of the British people by continuing to advocate open border mass immigration and continue to extol its benefits.

Their collective hatred for Great Britain, together with its people, its culture and its way of life, is palpable and as result it looks like the people will reward them for their treachery by sending them into oblivion at the next election.

The Labour Party led by the millionaire Marxist 'Red' Ed Miliband not only supports open border mass immigration but also a federal superstate. A post democratic United States of Europe based on the old Soviet model fulfills their requirement for a dictatorship of the proletariat without borders, social class or nationality.

One big happy family living together in perfect harmony where the cancer of income inequality, gender distinction, race and the opium of religion has been abolished by government decree.

"Workers of all lands unite you've got nothing to lose but your chains" is the rallying cry passed on by Karl Marx. History shows us that the likes of Red Ed, and the cabal of elite bureaucrats who will govern this socialist Utopia, will not suffer the dire consequences of their own perverted creed.

As is usual with socialist agendas "all animals are equal but some are more equal than others" will be the real consequence if Red Ed and his pals prevail.

In fairness to Ed Miliband, he makes no secret of his support for mass immigration or the United States of Europe but by his adamant refusal to give the people a choice via a referendum he also displays the totalitarian instincts that are inherent in all socialists.

Due to the hostility of the British people to mass immigration Ed Miliband has started to make some conciliatory noises about curtailing it, but this is a crude attempt at vote buying by an unprincipled politician. It is plainly obvious that Miliband and the rest of the Labour party are happy for the British people to be governed by a remote group of like minded bureaucrats from Brussels.

David Cameron and his Conservative Party are the real villains of this treachery. This party was considered to be the guardian of traditional British values such as, patriotism, individual liberty, the military covenant, law and order, economic prudence, small government etc. These are the very values that he purged from the party when he underwent his very public 'modernisation'.

Among other non conservative values, Cameron has confessed to being a 'progressive', a Europhile, a disciple of Man Made Global Warming and horror of all horrors the 'Heir to Blair'.

His detoxifying of the party has made it indistinguishable from the other two and Cameron himself, like his fellow leaders, is an enthusiastic supporter of the European project in addition to multi-culturalism, tax and spend economics, overseas aid, 'combating climate change', green taxes, government imposed equality, gay marriage etc.etc. ad nauseum.

It must be understood that all of the various treaties, from Rome to Maastricht, were the instruments used for the transfer of sovereignty from the British people to the European bureaucrats and would have been signed by all three of the current party leaders had they been in power at the time.

The ultimate betrayal was of course the insidious Lisbon Treaty. This was the act of treachery where Gordon Brown signed away what was left of British sovereignty like a thief in the night after David Miliband had led the way prior to being ousted by his brother Ed.

He never gets asked by any member of the government/media axis, but would David Cameron have signed the hated Lisbon Treaty if he had been the Prime Minister at the time? The answer of course is a resounding yes, and so would have Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats and Ed Miliband of the Labour Party.

In conclusion I will add that to people like myself who believe that our Glorious Dead made the ultimate sacrifice so that Great Britain will remain sovereign and free for all generations in perpetuity, the document signed in  Lisbon was not a Constitution or a Treaty but an instrument of surrender.

I will also add that the people who signed this surrender document did so by means of deceit, obfuscation and lying, and also without the consent of the British people. They have committed treason and it is my fervent hope that there will be a day of reckoning where they will answer for this treachery in a court of law.  




  1. And yet the people of Newark voted for more of the same. Future generations will compare them to the cretins of Hartlepool who hung a monkey for some obscure reason.

  2. The people of Newark had their chance and blew it. When their beloved town looks more like Tower Hamlets, future generations will be eating halal meat, celebrating diversity and regretting the day that they voted for Dodgy Dave and his Tory schoolboy.

  3. People also have the chance to vote for whoever they want to next year and currently more than 30% of them are declaring their intentions to vote for the cretinous Miliband. Are they, or any other person who would want to vote for any evil socialist, actually certifiably insane??

    1. Labour spent 13 years destroying the economy and our way of life, anybody voting for them after that must either be bone stupid, totally ignorant or, as you say, certifiably insane.