Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great Britain And America Open The Borders - Scorched Earth Intensifies

It would appear I was a little premature with the previous article on the scorched earth policies of both the British and American governments. Within hours of posting it, immigration scandals made the headlines in both countries simultaneously, giving credence to the points that were made in addition to highlighting the cold blooded malignancy of the political classes as they attempt to make their transformation agendas irreversible.

In Great Britain mass immigration is into its second decade and despite the social and cultural disasters that have ensued, governments of all persuasions steadfastly refuse to listen to the people and act to stop it.

Despite promises by senior government officials, and the Prime Minister himself, to limit the numbers, they keep increasing at an ever faster rate. One report yesterday highlighted the fact that in addition to the record levels of legal immigration, illegal immigrants are pouring into Great Britain without let or hindrance from the UK Border Agency. (See here)

Once inside the country the chances of them being deported are negligible, no matter what heinous crimes they may commit. This is due to the connivance of the politicised criminal justice system and its deliberately false interpretation of the insidious human rights laws.

To recap, mass immigration was instigated by the Blair government in order to:

a) satisfy the demands of the supranational elite who ordered that Great Britain's unique Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture be erased and replaced by a 'multi-cultural' society as part of their post war reconstruction of the world.

b) alter the demographic balance in order to engineer a new pool of Labour voters as the loyalty of their traditional voters could no longer be relied on.

c)  create hundreds of mono-cultural client groups that can each be given victim status in a classic divide and rule manoeuvre.

It is now accepted by all those who live outside the isolated world of the political class that mass immigration has been an unmitigated disaster which has left Great Britain's towns and cities unrecognisable from a decade ago with social services degraded to the point where they are often unavailable to the indigenous people.
(See here)

In the final analysis, a once great country is being deliberately destroyed by a mass immigration policy that was unwanted and was not asked for by the British people. (See here)

The perpetrators of this disaster have realized that the tipping point has not been reached quite yet.  In the meantime the British people are awakening from their spin induced slumber. This, together with the fact that the people are losing their fear of political correctness, is a clear and present danger which is threatening to derail their cultural replacement agenda.

The response of the government is to ignore the British people and intensify their scorched earth policy by dropping what remains of the border controls in the hope that a final influx will allow the tipping point to be reached before they are removed from office next May.

It's a similar story in the USA where the 'fundamental transformation' of America threatens to be derailed before President Obama leaves office. Like the British Prime Minister, his response is also to intensify the scorched earth policy.
(See Pat Buchanan's report here)

With anything from twelve to twenty million illegal immigrants already in the USA an amnesty will spell the end for the prosperous, freedom loving America that has done so much to liberate oppressed people around the world.

To ensure that his transformation is irreversible, not only is President Obama refusing to enforce the law with respect to illegal immigration, he has recently opened the borders to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central and South America including unaccompanied children. (This is a cynical calculated move to increase immigration further by allowing in parents when their children are regularised)
(See the Megyn Kelly report here)

Thinking only of his agenda, and in an act of callous indifference to the wellbeing of the children, President Obama is transporting these migrants to Arizona and dumping them off at bus stations and street corners in Phoenix and Tucson leaving them in the hands of an unprepared state apparatus.

The policies on immigration, legal and illegal, by the British and American governments is for all intents and purposes identical, therefore one has to wonder whether there is some collusion with the intent of downgrading both countries to third world status simultaneously to satisfy the perverted agenda of the global elite.

There is one chance for the people of both countries to redeem themselves in the near future and to save their respective countries from their continuing descent into mediocrity and third world status.

The general election in Great Britain will take place in May next year. The momentum of the pro-British United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) should be maintained in order to facilitate the overthrow of the old political order. This is the same malignant order that is deliberately engineering the end of a sovereign Great Britain and its reduction to a mere province of a post democratic European superstate.

Similarly, the mid-term elections in the USA is the final opportunity for the American people to rid themselves of the corrupt political establishment that is destroying their country and reducing it to third world status. Failure to do this will allow their America hating President to continue his 'fundamental transformation' into oblivion.


  1. Just bumped into an old pal of mine, he's a taxi driver. The firm he works for has just been awarded a contract to carry a number of kids from their homes to their schools and back again in afternoon. All these kids are foreign and none of them speak any English, He didn't have a clue why they needed this service, nor did he care. It was extra money for him and the council picked up the tab.

    1. Its one of the biggest rackets out there. I have a relative who's in on it. She bought a twelve seat minibus and gets paid to ferry kids to and from school. Sometimes just one kid but she gets the same amount as for twelve.

      She added a ramp and gets even more for ferrying disabled people around. This is not a bad thing but to and from the pub, with a handler, is taking it too far.

      This spun as an 'essential service upon which we all depend'.