Sunday, June 8, 2014

Honouring The Fallen - Commemorations Defiled By The Presence Of Politicians

Watching the ceremonies commemorating the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings was a moving experience especially when the screen was filled with veterans unashamedly weeping for their fallen comrades who didn't grow old as they that survived grew old. It was humbling to watch these aged hero's proudly displaying their hard won medals and one could only guess what was going through their minds as the day unfolded.

Looking at the deplorable state of the country that these hero's sacrificed so much for fills me, at least, with an overwhelming sense of shame and the very least we can do is to work tirelessly to restore the country's former dignity. 

As has been said before, it is without doubt that we are standing amid the wreckage of a once great civilisation, a civilisation that was deliberately destroyed by the country's own self serving leaders under the orders of a malignant supranational elite. 

The British people have nobody to blame but themselves. To the eternal shame of the post war generation, this destruction happened under their watch; while they were busy ridiculing the 'squares' of the old school and indulging themselves with their new age freedoms, the political class were busy dismantling everything that their hero's died for.

The people are in full possession of the facts about the malign intentions and motivations of the current political leadership and therefore they should start to show a little contrition for what they have allowed them to do in their name.

Initially claiming to be "the most Eurosceptic Prime Minister in history", David Cameron eventually admitted that his true loyalties lay with a federal European superstate but only after consolidating his takeover of the Conservative Party and purging it of the traditional British values of which they were the supposed guardians.

With echoes of Vidkun Quisling, he is currently working with German Chancellor Angela Merekel, together with the virulently anti-British EU Presidents, Jose Manuel Borrosso, Herman von Rumpuy and Martin Schultz, to further embed the British people in the EU swamp to the point where exit will be all but impossible.

Cameron's promise to renegotiate Great Britain's terms of membership in 2015 then hold a referendum on the result by 2017 - but only if he is elected Prime Minister - is not only an insult to the intelligence of the British people but a clear demonstration of his contempt in which he holds them.

He is totally dedicated to the European superstate project, his intention is to surrender what is left of British sovereignty between now and his supposed re-negotiation, then, true to form, he will renege on his referendum promise.

As part of the EU's stated goal of 'ever closer union' toward a post democratic federal superstate, Cameron is currently embarking on an unprecedented destruction of the the British military. 

It has now reached the point where the British will have a smaller military than the Germans after the Treaty of Versailles disarmament program and they would be unable to mount a mission should Argentina repeat their invasion of the Falkland Islands. 

This destruction is not designed to save money or to make the armed forces more efficient by using new technologies, it is in preparation for the absorption of the British military into the long planned European Defence Force.

Bearing in mind the fact that Cameron is eviscerating the British military in cahoots with our historic enemies, in addition to surrendering the hard won sovereignty to these same enemies, his presence tainted the commemoration ceremonies and robbed them of their dignity.

The sight of this man sitting among D-Day veterans while actively involved in surrendering the sovereignty that they fought for, and which their comrades died for, was an abomination.                                    

This leads to the wider issue of political presence at the Remembrance ceremonies at the Cenotaph and the Royal Albert Hall each November when the British nation pays homage to their Glorious Dead. During the previous years ceremony the leaders of the three legacy political parties were present with their faux gravitas on display for all to see.

Why do political party leaders need to be in attendance at all and especially in such a high profile position? If the political class needs to be represented then it should be by the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Lord Chancellor for the House of Lords.

The three party leaders are as one when it comes to surrendering the sovereignty that our heroes made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve. David Cameron has been discussed earlier in this post but it is worth reminding the reader about the other two party leaders before looking at the final insult.

The leader of the ludicrously named Liberal Democrat Party, Nick Clegg, can barely disguise his disdain for Great Britain, its people, their culture and their way of life. He is a first generation immigrant with East European roots on his fathers side and a Great Britain hating Dutch mother on the other. He has no roots in Great Britain and therefore no loyalty.

He is contemptuous of a sovereign Great Britain and openly campaigns for its destruction together with the replacement of British culture with a mythical 'multi-cultural' society. He is a fanatical supporter of a post democratic United States of Europe of which Great Britain will be minor province with an emasculated, subservient Parliament.

The leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, is a born and bred Marxist who is also a first generation immigrant with no roots in Great Britain and who, like Clegg, has no love for its people, their culture or their way of life.

His father was a Belgian Marxist who fled to Great Britain as the Nazis rolled across Europe and one must wonder why he didn't flee east to communist Russia as opposed to a hated class-ridden capitalist country of the type he despised.

The Miliband household became the refuge for any communist ingrate that happened to bowl up, including disgusting specimens such as Stalin supporting historian Eric Hobsbawn, who thought his idols purges were justified and acceptable.

The Miliband family actively work for everything that our heroes died for to be destroyed and replaced by a communist state which will use the Soviet Union as a template.

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are working towards surrendering what's left British sovereignty and to replace Great Britain's way of life with a 'multi-cultural' society by using open border mass immigration when a governments first duty is to protect the borders of the Realm.

If these three politicians are a stain on the Remembrance ceremonies then what of the other person skulking in the background between Clegg and Miliband?


Tony Blair is now a private citizen and increasing numbers of people consider this appalling man to be a war criminal so why he is given prominence at such a solemn ceremony is a mystery. This creature alone has done so much damage to the fabric of Great Britain and its way of life he really should be answering in a court of law as opposed to attending a national service to honour the dead.

His part in wrecking the nation and its values is there for all to see by the actions of his dumbed down generation who have little respect for themselves let alone our Glorious Dead.

The following are images are of Tony Blair's children who are being propagated by the self proclaimed 'Heir to Blair' and the other two traitors.


                                    Spoiled little rich kid Charlie Gilmour desecrates the Cenotaph


Idiot urinates over the war memorial in Leeds

Another idiot urinates over the war memorial in Margate

And in Brighton

And in Burnley

Blair and the rest of them have got a lot to answer for.


  1. One of your best posts Daniel, if not the best.

    How did we come to this.

    My Uncle was killed in action on 1944. My Dad still hates the Germans.


    1. Thanks Steve, Its thought provoking if nothing else. How these politicians can attend commemorations when they are willfully destroying everything our hero's died for is beyond me. They are the absolutely shameless and without principle.

      I sympathise with your Dad, he lost a brother for goodness sake. But to the likes of Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and the modern political class he's being pejorative about the Germans therefore by their criteria he is a racist. These politicians really are sick.