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Christianity Portrayed As Bunkum - Questioning Islam Is A Hate Crime

Accusations of exaggeration and hyperbole are the standard reaction of the 'progressive' global elite, whenever it is suggested that there is a deliberate campaign to denigrate Christianity as a precursor to its elimination from the western world. At the other end of the religious spectrum, even the mildest questioning of Islam is rapidly accompanied by accusations of Islamophobia at the very least, with threats of prosecution for hate crimes or racial hatred at worst.

One doesn't have to engage in hours of research to prove the veracity of this phenomenon as a glance at the television schedules and the film industry are all that is required.

Just looking at the programme headlines should be enough to convince any sceptics that there is a concerted effort to question and denigrate the very foundations of Christianity and, by extension, western civilisation.

The History Channel alone has aired documentaries such as:

Bible Mysteries Explained - This series concluded that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was caused by a meteor storm, the collapse of the walls of Jericho was caused by an earthquake, the parting of the Red Sea was an unusual wind blowing on a unique underwater topography, the Star of Bethlehem was a comet, the Burning Bush was an atmospheric quirk and so on and so forth.

The Real Jesus - This questions the accuracy of the Gospels' with reference to Jesus being the Messiah or the Son of God

The Forbidden Scriptures - This programme suggests that there are Gospels missing from the Bible and that those that are included may have censored.

Lost In Translation - This programme suggests that the Bible has been mis-translated, selectively edited and censored and therefore compromised as the basis of Christianity.
(Documentaries info here)

It should also be noted that there always seem to be programmes questioning the basis of Christian festivals:

Programmes about the truth of the Virgin Birth, the census that took the Holy Family to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus in a stable, the existence of the three Wise Men etc. always seems to appear around Christmas time.

Programmes suggesting that Jesus really didn't die on the cross but was substituted, together with questions about the Resurrection, the existence of Pontius Pilate or the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin usually appear around Easter time.

More recently there have been science programmes aired about the universe that suggest that, in addition to the the Big Bang, water came from the tails of comets and that the earth was seeded with life brought from outer space by comets.

Taking all these programmes together one can only come away with the intended message - there is no Christian God and the Christian faith is a load of complete and utter b*ollocks.

The film industry has had a field day where Christianity is concerned. Efforts to faithfully tell the Biblical story such as Jesus of Nazareth, The Greatest Story Ever Told etc. are accompanied by downright offensive and blasphemous films such as The Last Temptation of Christ and The Life of Brian.

More recently there's been The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons which challenge the basis of Christianity and the Catholic Church.

It is only right and proper that global religions which guide the lives and behavior of millions of adherents are subjected to detailed scrutiny.  Therefore one is entitled to ask why Islam is not being subjected to the same level of scrutiny.

Whenever there is any form of investigation into Islam it is either mild by comparison with Christian scrutiny and, more often than not, accompanied by violence and blood curdling threats.

The History Channel produced a documentary entitled Inside Islam which is woefully inadequate and which doesn't subject Islam to anything like the scrutiny it gives to Christianity. In fact it goes the other way with one reviewer quoted as as saying that it "explores the historic and poetic wellspring of the Muslim people".

The reviewer, Tom Keogh, goes on to say that  "it was Gabriel in fact who transmitted the Word of God to the 40 year old, seemingly ordinary Mohammad in the 7th century, making him extraordinary to millions today. Sure, anti-Western sentiment creeps into the story, but in every important way, 'Inside Islam' is an antidote to gross anti Muslim bigotry".

Anti Muslim bigotry indeed. Not only is Mr Keogh failing to question the historical accuracy of Gabriel transmitting the word of God to Mohammad but he is also ignoring the violent history of Islam and the news bulletins emanating from the Middle East.

There is no Koran Mysteries Explained questioning whether Mohammad actually did  ride to Jerusalem on a white steed and climb to Heaven up a sliver ladder.

Unlike for Jesus, there is no The Real Mohammad documentary to examine whether he really was a prophet, there is no investigation into his blood lust or his paedophilia.

Unlike for the Bible, there is no The Forbidden Koran to check if anything has been omitted or censored.

Unlike for the Bible, there is no Lost In Translation to check for mis-translation or selective editing of the Koran.

There are no television programmes around Ramadan or Eid about the supposed flight of Mohammad from Mecca to Medina. Neither are there television programmes around Haj time questioning the truth about Hagar and Ismael and the discovery of fountain of Zam Zam.

There has been no archaeological exploration of Medina to confirm that the tomb inside the green mosque is actually that of Mohammad or of Mecca to prove that the site was once visited by Adam or Abraham as claimed.
(Inside Islam story here)

When all this is added together the resultant conclusion is that the Christian God doesn't exist Jesus was just another historical man but the Muslim Allah is alive and well and Mohammad is most definately is his prophet.

Any attempt to scrutinise Islam in the way Christianity and other religions are, is met with threats, violence and blood shed.

Channel 4's documentary about the history of Islam had to be cancelled because of death threats to the writer and presenter. The Danish cartoons resulted in rioting and bloodshed across the world, the rape and murder of the American Ambassador to Libya, together with three of his colleagues, was blamed on a third rate video about the life of Mohammad.
(Channel 4 story here)

The fact that western governments continue to indulge Muslims and punish their critics is proof of their determination to impose multi-culturalism on people who are vehemently opposed to this 'religion' and who are revolted by its barbaric practices.

In their own countries Christians are being persecuted in the workplace for wearing only tiny symbols of their faith while there are no similar restrictions for Muslims, some of who are excused duty for anything that brings them into minor contact with pork products or alcohol.
(American flag a threat to the Muslim community? See here)

Christian festivals are being downgraded or their celebrations abandoned altogether while Muslim  festivals are being upgraded and given official sanction. Children are being bombarded with Muslim propaganda in their schools for reasons of 'cultural enrichment' while being forced to 'celebarte diversity' often against the wishes of their parents.

Some of the more barbaric practices of Islam are not taught in schools for obvious reasons nor are they included in the 'cultural enrichment' propaganda.

As Muslim jihadis behead their way across Syria and Iraq, as Muslim men rape their way across Sweden, Belgium and the other European countries, as Muslim men groom and gang rape under age white girls in cities across England, as Boko Haram kidnap hundreds of young girls in Nigeria for sex slavery and as young men, born and bred in Great Britain, flock to join violent uprisings across the world, the British government still insists on calling Islam the religion of peace.

The political class and its Common Purpose trained technocrats in the politicised institutions, together with their attendant armies of petty bureaucrats, are still installing Islam into the mainstream of British life giving it moral equivalence with other religions. As part of this agenda they are harassing and persecuting anyone who raises the slightest objection or exhibits any patriotic sentiment for Great Britain or England.

It goes without saying that the 'progressive' elite are using Islam as part of their cultural replacement agenda and their general downgrading of western civilisation.

The British and other western governments are ignoring the overwhelming evidence that Islam is a barbaric, blood soaked, murderous cult that has made no contribution to civilisation whatsoever and they are continuing to impose it on an unwilling people who don't want it, didn't ask for it and weren't consulted.

Update: In a story close to home, it has transpired that two supposedly ordinary young boys from Cardiff have disappeared only to reappear in Syria fighting for ISIS or to give it it's full name, The Islamic State In Iraq and Syria. This is a particularly blood thirsty army who's brutality is proving too much even for battle hardened Al Qaeda operatives.

Stories of their brutality abound which includes beheading, rape, dismemberment, crucifixion and mass murder of entire villages. All this barbarism is put on social media such as Facebook and Twitter for all the world to see.
(Barbarism in action here)

Being born some twenty three miles from my own village in South Wales, it is worth examining how myself and these two savages have evolved into totally different people with totally different values.

I was born and brought up in abject poverty but still taught to be polite and well mannered with a distinct knowledge of right and wrong. These values were instilled in me by a combination of parents, teachers and Sunday School Superintendents all working together to ensure I would become a law abiding, productive member of society.

'My fellow Welshmen' Nasser Mutharna and his brother Aseel enjoyed a typical middle class upbringing, they attended a Catholic school and by all accounts were ambitious, with the elder brother hoping to be the first Asian Prime Minister.

A clue to their subsequent taking of the murderous path to Muslim jihad is the admission by their father that he brought them up to be a mixture of British and Yemeni. They were born in Wales had a Welsh education and he wanted them to adopt British standards. However he took them to the mosque to learn Arabic, they ate Yemeni food except Sundays when they ate roast beef. They wore Yemeni clothes on special occasions and western clothes at other times.

Despite having an English grandfather with three English and one Irish great grand parents, I had no such clash of cultures to contend with because I was integrated. I have no urge to behead anyone who doesn't adopt Christianity, or who makes documentaries questioning the Christian faith. I don't want a fatwa declared on blasphemous film makers and don't want the Monty Python team beheaded because they made The Life of Brian.

If any proof were needed that multi-culturalism doesn't work and Islam is a blood thirsty death cult then these Welsh born jihadis are it. They were not radicalised by imams, their blood lust is inbred and if these two brothers can turn into barbaric blood thirsty sub humans then so can every Muslim in Great Britain.

The government and the multi-culturalists have created a monster that will have to be confronted sooner or later. When these battle hardened killers use their British passports to return to the land of their birth they will not be picking up their lives where they left off nor will they be integrating. They will bring their jihad and their cause back with them and use their newly acquired battle skills to foment violent revolution in Great Britain.

The Muslim population in Cardiff alone has doubled in ten years to twenty five thousand.  If only a quarter of these take up jihad there will be six and a quarter thousand people in Cardiff alone killing for the caliphate.

Extrapolating these figures to the country as a whole gives some idea of the potential disaster that British people are facing solely because the agenda driven political class and the multi-culturalists refused to listen.

(Read the full shocking story here)

From the comments - NHS punishment squad harrasses a Christian on behalf of a Muslim. See here.


    Typical, bloody typical. I could go off on a Victor Meldrew rant here!

    1. The NHS and the rest of the institutions are part of the multi-culti machinery. It does my head too. These politicians have got a lot to answer for.

  2. They know the British people object to this sort of nonsense being brought into their country therefore this posturing must be taken as a direct kick in the teeth.

    These three idiots are doing this to try and demonstrate that Islam is equivalent to other religions and its festivals are part of mainstream Great Britain. They are trying to prove that we are irrevocably a multi-cultural society.

    We don't have to accept this and I for one will not. As ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and all the other jihadi groups prove, it is a blood soaked death cult and nothing else.

  3. Daniel:

    'My fellow Welshmen Nasser Mutharna and his brother Aseel..'

    Not in a miilion years are those two Welsh mate. Accepting them as Welsh!?! That road ends in ethnic oblivion - which is exactly what the liberal progressives want for old whitey. Apart from that your piece was, as usual, right on the money.


    1. My apologies Steve, the passage in question was meant as satire and should have been in inverted comma's. I would sack my proof reader but divorce is expensive and I would have to make my own tea.

      Regardless of their country of birth and attempts to paint them otherwise by the politicos, these low lifes are Yemeni with British passports and nothing else.