Thursday, August 21, 2014

British Jihadi Beheads An American - British Politicians Are To Blame

It would appear that the British Prime Minister David Cameron is getting some kudos for cutting short his Portuguese vacation in order to respond to the news that a British jihadi has beheaded an American journalist and posted the video on-line along with threats to bring bloodshed and mayhem to the USA.

Before he is showered with anymore undeserved accolades it is imperative that people understand how the situation came about where a British citizen turns up in Iraq and commits an act of revolting, evil barbarity then uses it to promote his political agenda.

Cameron's return from the beach is not to deal with any crisis, current events demonstrate that things have gone much too far for any action he can take, his return is to appease American anger and to reassure them that he is at least going through the motions of doing something constructive.

His PR machine, spin doctors and media managers will be working furiously to construct a series of press releases and soundbites that will say a great deal but actually achieve nothing.

He can get what's left of the Royal Air Force to drop as many bombs as they like and he can get the remainder of our military men and women killed by the battalion, but it will not undo the damage that two generations of agenda driven politicians have done to British values and the very fabric of British life.

The subhuman beast that carried out this act of savagery is the creation of a political class who made the conscious decision in the1960's and 70's to destroy the traditional British way of life, together with their system of values and their Judaeo-Christian heritage, and replace it with a mythical 'multi-cultural society'. Consecutive governments regardless of party affiliation have been imposing this destructive agenda with a level of commitment and zeal that is surpassed only by the jihadis themselves.

Once the guiding principle of the political class is grasped then it is relatively simple to understand their actions and behavior. Their transformational agenda is an absolute priority and nothing will deviate any government from this path - it even takes precedence over the safety and wellbeing of the British people.

The British people have had to stand by and watch as wave after wave of immigrants, many of whom came from alien societies that were so backward and undeveloped that they had no chance of assimilation or upward social mobility. Instead with the approval of the political class and their armies of like minded cronies and useful idiots, they were herded into ghettos where they carried on their traditional ways of life. This included barbaric cultural practices such a female genital mutilation, that have no place in a civilized country.

While the political class and their politicized institutions were bullying, threatening and smearing anyone who questioned their agenda - and they themselves were spouting utter nonsense about cultural enrichment, celebrating diversity, community cohesion and shared values - the Muslim communities were doing the exact opposite and living as directed by their prophet and the Koran.

The British people were forced to watch in horror as Muslim communities made ever increasing demands that their religion get priority and to which Cameron and the political class were only too willing to accede.

They have watched in horror as Muslim jihadis bombed and murdered innocent people on the London Transport system, they have watched as Muslims turned up to insult the fallen as their
remains were repatriated through the market town of Wootten Basset.

Examples of Muslim hatred toward Great Britain and its people are too numerous to record here but all instances were ignored and excused by the political class.
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This acceptance of Muslim behavior and practices led to radicalization and subsequent bloodshed. It starts with forcing the British people to accept halal meat in the grocery store and it ends with the beheading of an American journalist in the desert.

The fact that Cameron and the political class have steadfastly refused to take action against mosques, madrassas and the preachers of hate, combined with their lack of action to promote integration and British values, radical Islam has been allowed to fester and spread like a contagious disease among gullible people with no history of civilization. The contrary is true,  they have consciously ignored the radicalization that everyone else was seeing and deliberately encouraged the creation of mono-cultural ghettos which they falsely use as evidence of a multi-cultural society.

The beheader in the desert and the hundreds, possibly thousands, of British born jihadis currently bloodletting and murdering their way across Iraq and Syria, are the creation of the British political class and the terrifying fact is that they have no idea of how many there are laying low in Great Britain ready to commit murder and mayhem on behalf of their prophet.

There are some four million Muslims in Great Britain many of whom want peace and security but if only ten percent have been radicalized and ready to start the jihad at home then that minority will pale into insignificance and irrelevance.

The British people will get little protection from their politicised police 'service' either. They are now fully fledged agents of the state and committed to imposing a 'multi-cultural society' on behalf of the political class by rigidly policing political correctness.

Indeed the head of the Metropolitan Police has demonstrated this by indicating that anyone watching the beheading video may be committing a crime. At the same time he allows the notorious hate preacher Anjem Choundary to promote jihad and even to recruit ISIS jihadis in London, unmolested.
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Anyone paying attention to David Cameron and his modus operandi will see for themselves that he is embarrassingly weak and totally dedicated to a federal European superstate which is the driving force behind the multi-cultural agenda. There is no slowing it down or changing course therefore there will be no action he will take to deal with the underlying cause of radical Islam.

This will require someone in possession of a spine who has the interests of the British people and civilisation as their main priorities as opposed to the promotion of an agenda dictated by a remote unelected elite who's only interest is their own power and influence.

In conclusion it must be noted that whatever action Cameron proposes to take in response to the barbaric killing of an American by a British jihadi, it will not undo the damage that he and previous generations of agenda driven politicians have done to Great Britain and to civilization itself.


  1. We must leave the EU before it may be possible to resolve the issue.

    1. Leaving the EU is the key to all our problems. Nothing will be solved until we get out.