Thursday, August 7, 2014

Token Muslim Baroness Resigns - Ummah First Britain Last

The resignation from government of the Baroness Warsi came as no surprise to anyone outside of the cloistered, incestuous world of politics. Her resignation does however raise many important issues each deserving of examination in their own right. It is the issues of tokenism and quotas together with the loyalties and self identity of the Muslim and Pakistani communities in Great Britain that will be discussed here.

The days when the British government represented the people and made their safety and well being the top priority have long gone, replaced instead by a remote, generic elite with an agenda of their own. This agenda does not include protecting the British people from their enemies, both foreign and domestic, or their way of life - on the contrary it's main objective is to replace the traditional British way of life with a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

Who gave them the authority to carry out this cultural vandalism is not immediately apparent as the British people were not consulted nor did they give their consent. Looking back in retrospect it is obvious why this was done by stealth - the cultural and demographic replacement agenda was long in the planning and the plotters were well aware that if this had been put to the people it would have been overwhelmingly rejected.

This was a risk they were not prepared to take, instead they opened the borders to all and sundry then implemented a policy of rigidly policed political correctness to impose their transformation.  Their agents in the institutions and the establishment threatened and demonized anyone who had the temerity to even question their agenda. In addition to this they stuffed the establishment, the civil service, the public institutions and the government-media complex with highly motivated, like minded bureaucrats, apparatchiks and useful idiots.

Without a thought for quality, performance or suitability, the criteria for any position in a business or an organization, especially in the public sector, was no longer academic qualifications, relevant experience or merit, but race, religion, gender and sexuality. Equality laws and political correctness dictated that quotas and token appointees would replace more suitable candidates.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that quality and performance, together with any other measurable criteria, would plummet as a result.

On his usurpation of power, the self confessed 'Heir to Blair', David Cameron, set about purging the British Conservative Party of its traditional values on the orders of the 'progressive' global elite and his masters in the European Union. As a result, political correctness and quotas replaced qualifications and suitability for political office in his modernized, detoxified party and later on in government.

On the surface Sayeeda Hussein Warsi was the anglicised daughter of a Pakistani immigrant who worked his way up into the middle class and made sure his daughter was well educated. Despite her unsuitability, an educated, non white Muslim woman was ideal for a quota driven Cameron to display his 'progressive' multi-cultural credentials.

Rejected at the ballot box by her own people of Dewsbury, Cameron appointed her to the legislature anyway by making her a Baroness, this entitled her to sit in Great Britain's second chamber, a festering den of iniquity known as the House of Lords.

He made her the Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party itself and according to the party hierarchy she was a complete and utter disaster. After a meeting of the 1922 Committee one party elder is quoted as saying:

"I though she was appalling, she's got no idea" he went on to say that "I genuinely think she is the worse chairman we have ever had".
(See story here)

Undeterred by any criticism Cameron was unable to sack his token Muslim woman, consequently she was a complete and utter disaster in every position gave her, including the shadow Minister for Community Cohesion. (After centuries of existing perfectly well without one, the British people suddenly need a Minister for Community Cohesion).

Despite her past record of incompetence and failure, and to the consternation of his colleagues, Cameron brought her into the Cabinet, the innermost sanctum of government, as Senior Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and he also made her the Minister for Faith and Communities. (As well as a Minister for Community Cohesion the British people can't now exist without a Minister for Faith and Communities)

By their own admission the Pakistani community refuses to integrate, even the second generation born and bred in Great Britain regard themselves as Pakistani as opposed to British. As far as the indigenous British are concerned it would appear that a majority don't accept these ingrates as British either.

Sayeeda Warsi gave the impression that she was somehow different from the traditional Pakistani woman. She wore western clothes and spoke English with a distinct local accent and for all intents and purposes was as British as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

The indications that all was not as they appeared was there for anyone who was not prepared to accept her official manufactured image. In line with the Pakistani community in Great Britain at aged fifteen she had an arranged marriage in Pakistan to her cousin.

On government business, Baroness Warsi was mainly photographed in western attire but in a demonstration of solidarity with the Ummah, she turned up for her first Cabinet meeting dressed in traditional Pakistani garb knowing the media would be in full attendance.

Despite her best efforts to portray herself as a thoroughly modern British wife and mother with a high flying career in politics, her loyalty to her 'own people' in the Ummah proved too strong for her to resist.

The British government's support for Israel defending itself against an army of ruthless, blood soaked savages, who have a declared intention to erase all Jews off the face of the earth, has proved too much for her Muslim sensibilities. She resigned her position citing
government policy in Gaza as the reason.

It is incumbent upon Baroness Warsi to expand on the reasons for her resignation by explaining what part of British policy in Gaza she objects to. Hamas is a ruthless terrorist organization, that uses its own civilians, including children, as human shields. It has fired thousands of missiles into civilian areas of Israel with the intention of causing mass murder. It has commandeered aid money and building materials that was intended for the people to construct tunnels into Israeli towns and villages for the purposes of kidnapping and murder of civilians.

She should let the British people know what she suggests the Israelis do in the face of such a murderous onslaught by medieval savages.

Like the majority of the Pakistani community of all generations, her undivided loyalty is to the global Muslim community first and foremost, followed by the Pakistani people, thereafter all brown skinned people and somewhere in the far distance comes Great Britain and her long suffering people. 



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