Thursday, August 28, 2014

ISIS And The Caliphate - A Very British Creation

Anyone who pays any attention at all to the modus operandi of the British political class will notice one thing in particular - although they impose themselves into every aspect of life in Great Britain, when scandal hits they are never to blame. They are quick to claim the credit when something is spun as being positive but its nothing to do with them when one of their creations goes bad.

As the British people digest the report on the Pakistani Muslim paedophile gangs that drugged, raped and subjected some fourteen hundred underage white girls to horrific sexual abuse in Rotherham, England, together with the fact that they did this with the full knowledge of the authorities, nobody is being held responsible.

No one from the local council, the social services, the child protection agencies, the children's charities, the schools, the unions, the political class, and more disgustingly, the police 'service' is going to accept responsibility for allowing this abuse and resign their positions. Despite the report highlighting those who were responsible, no one has been disciplined or sacked let alone prosecuted and punished. The victims have been sacrificed on the alter of multi-culturalism.

The excuses that these appalling people give for turning a blind eye to these horrific crimes come straight out of the progressive handbook of slogans that they use to justify their imposition of the mythical 'multi-cultural society'. The British people have heard them a million times before, but like Josef Goebbels' lies, they get repeated so often that people accept them as truth. The pick of the bunch are cultural sensitivity, community cohesion, diversity, tolerance, shared values etc. etc. ad nauseum.

The truth is that the political class, both local and national, together with the establishment, their bureaucrats and their useful idiots have the specific objective of imposing a 'multi-cultural society' using rigidly policed political correctness.

Hence they routinely smear anyone who questions their agenda with insults such as loonies, fruitcakes, racists, xenophobes, Islamophopes, bigots and any number of phrases and slogans that denigrate and demonise decent, law abiding citizens.

As part of their agenda to destroy the British way of life and replace it with a so called 'multi-cultural society' the political class opened the borders to mass immigration from the undeveloped world, including populations with no history of civilization, some of which had cultural practices were barbaric to say the least. They proceeded to give them moral and cultural equivalence with no requirement to integrate or accept the cultural practices, religion, holidays, nuances, idiosyncrasies or way of life of the host people.

On the contrary, the host people were threatened, bullied and brow beaten into giving up their culture, religious symbols and national emblems because immigrants, especially Muslims, would find them offensive.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that this fawning acquiescence to what is a primitive desert death cult, who's prophet and holy book preaches dominance over all other religions and requires all the people on the planet to convert to Islam, to pay a forfeit or die would eventually produce a monster like ISIS.

The political class has re-defined what is it is to be British without consulting the people. Being British no longer consists of Judaeo-Christian values, Magna Carta, civil law, the Tudors and Stuarts,
William Shakespeare, Oliver Cromwell, Parliament against the Royalists, the Industrial Revolution, democracy, Sir Winston Churchill, Her Majesty the Queen, cream teas, cricket on the village green, warm beer or old maids cycling to Evensong on a balmy summer evenings.

According to the political class being British now includes cultural niceties such as Ramadan, the Koran, child brides, honour killings, sharia law, polygamy, female genital mutilation, jihad, the caliphate,

beheading, stoning, amputations, infidels, kafhirs and much more.

Despite the fact that Muslims were becoming more emboldened with their demands upon the host nation and despite the fact that their young people were being openly radicalized and taught to hate and kill these infidels and kafhirs, the national politicians repeated the modus operandi of their local counterparts in Rotherham and turned a blind eye.

The dedication of the political class to the destruction of the British way of life and its replacement with the mythical 'multi-cultural society' is so absolute they are prepared to stand idly by and allow young under age girls to be raped and subject to horrific sexual abuse by depraved, primitive adults. They willfully ignore the radicalization of young people by religiously fanatic imams who  openly preach their gospel of hate, domination, bloodletting and death.

One can only blame the political class for the rise of ISIS - at the same time as Muslim hate preachers and imams are openly radicalizing young people and encouraging them to join the jihad in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere,  the Prime Minister David Cameron, along with his Deputy, Nick Clegg and the leader of the Labour Party Red Ed Miliband were sending messages to the Muslim community that displayed their ignorance of Islam and the koran that bordered on the delusional.

While hate preachers and imams were filling young Muslims with hate against their compatriots, Cameron was setting up a cross government working group on Islamophobia, while proclaiming that Parliament is too white and needs more Muslims. As Israel defends itself against the murderous Muslim butchers of Hamas, his token Muslim woman Baroness Warsi, resigns from his government in solidarity with her blood soaked brothers and sisters in Gaza.
(Cameron's speech to Muslims here)
(Baroness Warsi puts jihad before country here)

While the government stands by and allows Christians to be persecuted at home and abroad, Nick Clegg is talking about fasting Muslims reflecting on Islamic values such as loving your neighbor and sharing their blessed month of Ramadan with other faiths. In a calculated insult to the British people, Clegg also claimed that Islam, with its hatred of its infidel compatriots and its penchant for beheading anyone who refuses to submit to it as 'compatible with Britishness'.
(Clegg statements here and here)

Without a thought for the beheading of a British soldier on the streets of London in broad daylight or the atrocities committed on the London Transport system, Labour leader Red Ed Miliband is blathering on about the incredible things Muslims do for Britain.
(Read Miliband's nonsense here)

While ISIS's British jihadis are bragging about beheading infidels in Syria, bought-and-paid-for media whore Fraser Nelson is penning an article in the Daily Telegraph about how the 'British Muslim is truly one among us and proud to be so'.
(Nelson's offending article here)

While Christians are being butchered in their tens of thousands across the planet, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is proclaiming that Islam is reviving British values while pontificating that sharia law is inevitable in Great Britain.

Despite their relatively small numbers, their religious duty to dominate or kill their compatriots and their stated desire to die for their prophet, the Muslim community still get indulged far beyond what they deserve or have earned.

In forcing the British people to accept illegally produced  halal meat, Cameron's government is also, extending welfare benefits to more than one spouse, adapting British law to accept sharia law, handing out British passports to potential ISIS jihadis and allowing Muslims to set up mono-cultural ghettos in England's green and pleasant land where white people and the police are not welcome.

Is it any wonder that Great Britain is providing the core of foreign fighters for the caliphate in Syria, Iraq and Somalia, they are after all a very British creation.

Unlike the local politicians in the blighted town of Rotherham, the political class will be held totally responsible for any death or injury inflicted on the law abiding British people by the murderous savages that they have created during their deliberate destruction of the British way of life.

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