Tuesday, August 19, 2014

War On The Caliphate In Iraq And Islamification At Home - Cameron Speaks

When Prime Minister David Cameron warned the British people about the poisonous ideology of radical Islam, their caliphate in Syria and Iraq and the danger the jihadis pose as they return home from the battlefields, one is bound to ask why now?

Where has he been for the last four decades when radical Islam was taking root in mono-cultural ghettos with the complicate approval of the political class? Successive governments have encouraged mass immigration from third world Muslim countries and allowed them to flourish in these welfare financed ghettos, while persecuting and smearing anyone from Great Britain who had the temerity to question this policy.

For those who are unaware, there is a general election due in 2015, where immigration and Islamification are high on the public's agenda. It is also worth noting that David Cameron and the other party leaders are career politicians who hail from a remote elite with an agenda of their own. They cannot identify or empathise with the ordinary people of Great Britain and labour under the illusion that they rule the people and not the other way around.

During this election campaign Cameron is reduced to making promises to act on the peoples fears over mass immigration with the full knowledge that he will be unable to deliver. The power to govern Great Britain was surrendered long ago to the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union.
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The passage of time, combined with alternative sources of information, have revealed the real agenda of the political class which they had previously gone to great lengths to keep hidden. Despite their constant denials, the public now knows that the destruction of the independent nation states of Europe and their absorption into a post democratic federal state was the real objective when they were hoodwinked into joining the Common Market back in 1973.

In order to create a distinct European identity and a loyal citizenship for the future United States of Europe, the national cultures and way of life of the member countries had to be destroyed and replaced. The purpose of open border mass immigration is nothing to do with the free movement of labour but to accomplish cultural and demographic replacement. Un-homogenising in politicspeak.
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It is not lost on the peoples of Europe that open border mass immigration is not confined to the member states, it is from every country on the planet, including the third world. Indeed, Labour party politicians have admitted that they sent envoys to all corners of the world recruiting people to come to Great Britain with the full knowledge it would have a negative impact on the job market for the British people.

In order to facilitate the replacement of British culture and its traditional way of life, successive governments have employed a dual strategy.

Firstly, using rigidly policed political correctness and intimidation, the government and its politicized institutions discourage or forbid anything that is quintessentially British and specifically English. This includes Christian festivals, the wearing of crucifixes, flying the Cross of St. George, alcohol use, animal welfare etc. under the guise that Muslims will find them offensive.

Secondly, they have given Islam and its adherents exalted status to the point where they constantly make demands that require the indigenous people to change their attitudes and way of life. Despite their relatively small numbers, their holidays, festivals and cultural practices are being forced on the British people without their consent. Even the centuries old British justice system is being adapted to accept the medieval sharia law.
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The resultant consequence of this exalted treatment has been the emboldening of a people who's core religious belief is the domination or annihilation of all other religions, creeds and populations.

It is no good Cameron and the political class talking about the dangers of radical Islam today when they have been warned for years that Muslims will not integrate with people they consider to be infidels and will not only seek to dominate but also want their own sharia law to be the only law of the land.

He should look at Norway where Muslims are demanding their own breakaway Islamic nation.
("We do not want to live with dirty beasts like you". Story here)

Cameron and the elite turned a blind eye as Muslims embarked on a program of Saudi financed mosque and madrassa building all over the country where radical Islam, including hatred of Jews and kafhirs was on the curriculum. They ignored the prevalence of hate preachers who peddled their murderous ideology at known hotbeds of radical Islam including Finsbury, London and elsewhere.

They have released one hundred and eighteen dangerous terrorists from prison in the last three years, including one who threatened to attack the Royal wedding. This chap was given sixteen months for using some else's passport and fifteen months for terrorist offences. What message this sends to Muslim terrorists is anyone's guess.
(See the story here)

They have given sanctuary to foreign preachers of hate and terrorists, such as Abu Qatada and Abu 'the Hook' Hamza, together with their welfare supported families.

They have allowed home grown hate preacher Ajem 'Andy' Choudary to spout his filth and incite violence, unmolested for years, indeed he appears to have been given immunity from prosecution no matter how dangerous his pronouncements.

Some five hundred or so British born and bred young people are fighting their bloody jihad in conflicts around the world including with ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

These were radicalized and taught to hate with the knowledge of the political class but political correctness and their cultural replacement agenda have always taken priority over the wellbeing and safety of the British people.

Despite being complicit in their radicalization, Cameron wants to bomb his own citizens in Iraq and Syria to prevent them killing their compatriots when they return home and amen to that, but he should also end the process that spawns these killers in the first place. This must include closing down the mosques and madrassas that are little more than terrorists training schools.

In order to end the radicalisation of young Muslims and to eliminate the threat to the British people in the future, there should be an end to all mosque and madrassa building - English should be mandatory for all immigrants, including Muslims, together with integration and adoption of the British way of life. These conditions must be non-negotiable.

There is no such thing as a harmonious multi-cultural society where different religions, cultures and peoples live peacefully with each other in mutual respect. This is an invention the political class use to justify the destruction of the traditional British way of life.

The current situation whereby parallel communities exist with their own systems of government and legal systems must be ended and never be allowed to form in Great Britain ever again.

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