Friday, August 8, 2014

Jihadi Flags Fly In England - Local Gestapo's Ban St George's Cross


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In order to demonstrate their support for the mass murdering terrorist organization Hamas, the local councilors hoisted the Palestinian flag above their Town Hall in Preston, England. Not to be outdone, the corrupt Mayor of the quasi autonomous Muslim ghetto in Tower Hamlets, East London planned to do the same and hoist the flag over his Town Hall
(Preston here, Tower Hamlets here)

Nearby the residents of the Will Crooks Estate near Canary Wharf went one step further and displayed the flag of ISIS along with the Palestinian flag and other jihadi slogans. A reporter at the scene was subjected to anti-semitic abuse and physically threatened until rescued by a fellow journalist.
(F*ck off Jew stories here and here)

If anyone doesn't know by now ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and they are a merciless army of anti-western Muslim fanatics who are beheading and butchering their way across Syria and Iraq with the intention of setting up a global caliphate.

They represent the vanguard of the jihad against western civilization and have thousands of recruits from Great Britain, Europe and America. The people of the west, especially those who support Hamas and other radical Muslim organisations, should be under no illusions, these people are utter fanatics and they will stop at nothing. Their declared intention is bring their jihad to the hated west and that means you and I are considered legitimate targets. But I digress.

It may seem strange but the flying of flags in England is a measure of just how far the country's local institutions have been infiltrated and taken over by a dedicated group of Common Purpose trained anti-English bureaucrats together with an army of like minded useful idiots.

The Union flag, the Welsh Dragon and the Scottish Saltire make regular appearances on various flagpoles in England and under orders of the new British government in Brussels, so does the hated star spangled blue rag of the EU.

The same Grand Burghers of Preston even fly the Jamaican flag over their Town Hall once a year to celebrate the island's independence. At this point one is bound to ask why the Jamaican community go to such pains to celebrate their independence from England then leave their palm fringed, sun drenched Caribbean paradise for a struggling post industrial town on a damp, windswept island in the North Atlantic? But again, I digress.
(Jamaica story here)

There is one flag that attracts the attention of the aforementioned anti-English bureaucrats and that's the Cross of St George. They hate it with a passion and oppose its display whenever they can. If they had their way they would ban it completely, but as this is not possible at present, they give anyone displaying it a hard time by using threats and intimidation.

Teignbridge Council in the English county of Devon has banned local cab driver Denise Said from having two small Cross of St George stickers on her cab and threatened her livelihood if she didn't obey. A council spokesweasel claims they are denigrating and offensive to foreigners. Councillor Mark Walters confirmed that only a single complaint had been received.
(Denise's story here)

Radstock Town Council in the English county of Somerset has voted to stop flying the flag of St George claiming it is offensive to the town's sixteen Muslims. (That's 16 out of a population of some 5,600 souls).

John Clements of the Royal Society of St George condemned the decision as did Rizwan Ahmed of the nearby Bristol Muslim Cultural Society. Nasima Begum of the influential Muslim Council of Britain states that they encourage the flying of the St George flag as it unites rather than divides the country.

Concerns: Labour councillor Eleanor Jackson insisted the flag could still cause upset to Muslims
Labour Councillor, Eleanor Jackson was unmoved and obviously knows best, she insisted the flag will cause upset to Muslims and plans to fly the LGBT flag instead. What did England do to deserve this kind of visceral hatred? What motivates a creature like this to ban the flag of St George but fly the LGBT flag.
(Jackson story here)

There are countless examples of anti-English bureaucrats and their useful idiots in the local authorities waging their campaigns to ban anything that is quintessentially English especially the flag of St George.

Cab drivers in Southampton, binmen in Liverpool, pubs in Croydon and so on and so forth have all been threatened on various occasions for displaying English patriotism but the weasels in Thurrock council in Essex take the biscuit.

On one occasion the cowards from Thurrock Council called the police to force cab drivers to remove St George flags from their vehicles despite the fact it was St George's Day.

The words from an anonymous spokesweasel demonstrates the arrogance of the modern day agenda driven bureaucrat and the assumption that they control the people rather than the other way round.  "In the spirit of St George's Day we are happy to let them display the flag but they will have to remove them after the event".  The use of we and they in this case should give cause for concern that the bureaucrats have a high opinion of themselves and assuming authority beyond their mandate.

These people are typical of the anti-English bureaucrats who are acting as the agents of the state and who are imposing multi-culturalism at local level. These are the Vichy France equivalents, the Judenrats who do their masters bidding by imposing the multi-cultural agenda on an unwilling people.

There'll Always Be An England - Not After The Ethnic Cleansers Have Finished There Won't.

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  1. We should have listened to Enoch......we didn't
    We should have supported the Nationalist Parties.....we didn't
    Our last remaining hope is Ukip, and Farage needs to grow a pair. He's very eloquent about East European immigration, but strangely silent about islam and 3rd world immigration. I just hope enough proper nationalists can join the party and influence policy.

    1. That's our problem, we just don't listen to common sense, we allow ourselves to be persuaded by the political class and the MSM.

      I think getting control of our borders back will sort out both EU and third world immigration.

      I think this is our last chance to save the country.

  2. I think its too late unless the army comes to our towns and start killing jihadis...and all police should be armed to kill them too..we should be given weapons to defend ourselves! From now on I will not be going anywhere without a knife on me but I wish I had a gun :-(

    1. You cannot trust the government to defend you, everyone has right to defend themselves. I personally believe we have a right to bear arms.