Wednesday, September 3, 2014

David Cameron Takes On ISIS - Public Relations At Its Very Best

Looking at the current news cycle it would appear that Great Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron is being exalted to the heavens for taking decisive action to counter the ISIS threat both at home and abroad. The anti-Obama news outlets in the USA are using Cameron's choreographed public performances and his spin doctor constructed speeches to highlight their own Presidents lack of action to deal with the same issue.

Before our American cousins get too carried away with David Cameron's sudden discovery that there is a Muslim threat in Great Britain and abroad, it would be wise to take a step back and analyse the issue, together with his response, in greater detail and in a wider context.

Whether Cameron wants to admit it or not there is a clash of civilisations brewing in Great Britain since the Blair administration opened the borders to mass immigration in 1997 - this was done to comply with a European Union directive to replace the British way of life with a so called 'multi-cultural society'.

David Cameron and the other legacy party leaders, Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats and Red Ed Miliband of the union controlled Labour party, are fully committed to this cultural replacement project but unfortunately for them the British people are most definitely not. They are abandoning these old parties in ever increasing numbers to the benefit of the United Kingdom Independent Party.

In order to keep David Cameron's public posturing in context it must be noted that:

a)  there is a general election in Great Britain next year where his party and his Premiership are under threat from the United Kingdom Independence Party, universally referred to as UKIP.

b) UKIP won the recent EU elections increasing their representation at both local and EU level taking votes from across the political spectrum. They virtually wiped out Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's ludicrously named Liberal Democrat party.

b) mass immigration, imposed multi-culturalism, radical Islam and the Islamification of Great Britain are top of the election agenda. UKIP stands for managed immigration and integration as opposed to open border mass immigration and cultural replacement.

c) there is a Muslim paedophile scandal dominating the British headlines whereby fourteen hundred under age white girls were groomed, raped and subjected to horrific sexual abuse by organized Muslim paedophile gangs with the full knowledge of the authorities, including the police.
(Muslim paedophile story here)

d) shocking and explicit videos of beheadings and the mass murder of civilians, including women and children, being carried out by British born and bred Muslims have gone viral on the Internet bringing their barbarity into every living room.

e) there is a credible threat that these jihadis will use their British or EU passports to return to Great Britain and carry out their threats to visit their savagery on the British people.

e) one of Cameron's Members of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, has defected to UKIP with the promise of more defections to come.

In summary, the British people have woken up to the Islamic threat in their midst and are taking action at the ballot box. As a manufactured politician with no connection or experience in the real world inhabited by the British people, David Cameron is operated and controlled by one of the most efficient public relations machines in history of British politics.

To appease American anger, to stem the hemorrhage of support to UKIP and to keep his Premiership and the EU/cultural replacement agenda on course, he has been forced by his handlers and spin doctors to make this choreographed response to the Muslim/ISIS threat.

The American media may be fooled by Cameron's supposedly tough performance but the British people are not - they have been forced to watch these performances with tedious regularity since his coup d'├ętat over the Conservative Party and its subsequent delivery to the 'progressive' left.
(Cameron's broken promises here)

Radical Islam and ISIS has been allowed to take root in Great Britain with the approval of the political class because of their dedication to replacing the traditional British way of life with a mythical 'multi-cultural society'. Their weapon of choice to impose this has been rigidly policed political correctness - the whole country, together with its establishment and its institutions, are crippled by the politicians craven dedication to multi-culturalism and political correctness.

In an attempt to appear tough on radical Islam and ISIS, Cameron's posturing and false promises are firstly a reaction to a born and bred British jihadi beheading an American journalist and the posting of a video of his savagery on-line. Secondly it revolves around the cancelling of passports, silencing hate preachers and de-radicalizing jihadis.

He has studiously ignored how radical Islam was allowed to grow in Great Britain in the first place and he has made no analysis of the history or the infrastructure of radical Islam. His action plan doesn't contain any measures to dismantle this infrastructure or deport any non British radicals.

Cameron's promises come after decades of caving to every Muslim demand while at the same time persecuting anyone who questioned his agenda or who promoted the traditional British way of life or their Judaeo-Christian heritage.

It was the bad publicity surrounding the images of an American journalist having his head cut off by a callous product of Cameron's multi-cultural society that forced his PR machine into action. Previous atrocities concerning radical Muslims on the British mainland only warrant a few days of faux outrage and a series of spin doctor produced press releases until the news cycle runs its course then it's back to political correctness and the cultural replacement project.

Similar action was not taken after the 7th July atrocities on the London Transport System in 2005. On the contrary passports were issued to the immigrant Muslim radicals from the 21st July gang despite some having a life of violent crime.
(Passport story here)

Cameron's insincerity can be evidenced by his promise to clamp down on hate preachers after Mr. Foley's unfortunate beheading but for a decade or more Abu Hamza was allowed to radicalize young Muslims on the streets of London in full view of the police 'service' despite originally being an illegal immigrant.

Osama Bin Laden's right hand man in Europe, Abu Qatada, was allowed to stay in Great Britain financed by the taxpayer despite being described by the police as a very dangerous individual and an actual threat to the safety of the British people. Lacking the courage to stand up to his bosses in the
European Union Cameron released Qatada from prison to walk the streets of London because his human rights were being infringed.

Great Britain's most notorious and loathed hate preacher Anjem Choudary is practically a protected species despite his incitement to hatred, his calls for a violent jihad and his radicalization of Muslims. One of Choudary's followers is the son of Nigerian immigrants, Michael Adebolajo. This beast is about as savage as it is possible to be. One has to bear in mind that both he and his accomplice, Michael Adebowale were the product of Cameron's multi-cultural society and they went on to murder British soldier Lee Rigby on a London street in broad daylight.

At time of writing Choudary is not only still free to promote his own brand of hatred he is also recruiting for ISIS unmolested by the police 'service'. He has become something of a celebrity and much in demand for interviews in both Great Britain and the USA.

In stark contrast to the leniency shown to the vile Andy Choudary, there is one example of David Cameron showing just how tough he can be when it comes to arresting people for transgressing the boundaries of acceptable speech. Paul Weston who leads a freedom group named Liberty GB was arrested for the heinous crime of quoting from Winston Churchill's book The River War. 

To conclude I would suggest that before our American cousins sanctify David Cameron for having the courage and fortitude to take bold action against radical Islam and ISIS, please bear in mind that Cameron is a weak, vacillating man who relies entirely on his PR machine to guide his actions. They should also bear in mind that despite violent actions in mainland Great Britain, Cameron has taken no action to stop the radicalization of Muslims or stop the rise of ISIS. It took the beheading of an American journalist by a British jihadi to force his PR machine into making some appeasing noises to calm American and global 'progressive' nerves.

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